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El Cid

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  1. Hello from Germany

    Thanks for the welcome. I was also at Vengeance and yes our Community is really fun to be a part of
  2. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Why is nobody playing Esters into Fish? She seems a good Choice against Sirens plays and can buff Speed against Sharks legendary.
  3. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    This is one of the stats I want to adress, as it is even more interesting when you consider that both of these brewers players are from Germany and score good to average tournament results there. So if you subtract these 2 from the Win Total you get 22 Wins from 9 UK Players which is an average of 2,44 while the German players go 5,0 in average. While I have to say that 2 guys are not really representative, I am not sure if it still implicates the Meta is simply not as strong as it could be for this guild.
  4. Hi, I just registered here as you may figure Mainly I play Brewers and Masons but also got some Alchemists. So hello from Bonn Germany Greetz Martin