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  1. where the ruling is stated in the rule book? thx
  2. @Ashraam excellent!! pretty clear, complete the missing part! a bout the 'cornered" ennemy/boss, before his last move?
  3. Hello everyone, do your bosses minis(dancer, boreal knight) had unstick from the boss's stand? actually, i'm scared to death to break them when I remove them from the plastic case... what is the ideal glue to use? vivement the box organizer!
  4. so, every move an ennemy does 'push' instantly all characters? then, if a 3 move ennemy gets 'cornered'... the player is pushed on adj node, and the ennemy does what actually?? thanks again!! jp
  5. Hi, in a solo game(or, all characters are on the same node that a Large Hollow Soldier, What he does?!!? his only action is an attack push of 5, the rules states that a push attack does not trigger on the starting node of a character... thanks!
  6. so, it is yes, depending of the position on the figure vs boss's weak arc.
  7. since you 'shoot' in an exposed weak spot of the boss, you'll roll an extra black die.
  8. there is 2 leap attacks in the list of boss cards in the original post, this is where I may get confused?!
  9. this mini boss push a lot, BEFORE attaking, this is where we can move to node nearby his weak spot, outside his arcs of attack & range. I've wrote the cards in case if it was a weak loop that I've got. I fight the gargoyle also, the fight was REALLY HARDER.
  10. helps a lot, thx!
  11. Hi, in a playtest game, a solo game, I was the Warrior. I faced the mini-boss Boreal Outrider Knight with this sequence of attack: 1- Leaping Frost 2- Backhand Slaches 3-Overhand Slash 4-Chilling Thrust the main point, I only suffer 2-3 dmg during the whole fight(even after the heat-up card were added). I was managing his pushes as described in the rules, using some stamina to reach weak arc, but the mini-boss were mainly attacking air. then turnaround, and pushing me again. ok it was a solo game, I suppose that a multiplayer game he would hit the players pretty bad, but, still... Was I playing OK?? thx!
  12. hi all, quick question on weapons. I add 2 add-on items adding +1 dmg each, if after my dice roll, i haeve no pips of successes, did I still count the extra dmg granted by the weapons? Just to be sure, can we equip an Add-On card on 'ANY' single hand equipment(such as shields allowing extra slot(s)? thx!
  13. good topic here, here a situation that I could encounter yesterday(solo play) I have the Warrior Battle Axe, I use the [2] 2x black dice & 'node' attack, since all the enemies still alive after that, could I have use the 'Fireball' or an attack from a shield or simply a 2nd single hand weapon? depending the equipment selected at the start of my turn...
  14. thus far, after a boss push or second attack, may it be possible that [the boss] swing in a miss??