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  1. Or something R-rated. Touch the demon inside me.
  2. It's not about getting the game now. If there were circumstances that it takes another two month, then I would be fine. Just be honest about it But I don't agree with false statements. Once a company has made them it will not be trusted by me until they've proven to be trustworthy again. But that might also be something from my childhood. In the end for me it's just another game. But for @Steamforged it is more.
  3. English versions have been shipped. But we don't care about test shipments. We want @Steamforged to let Ludopackt ship all english copies. Is it so hard to send one message to a business partner? Obviously once they have the money they stop caring.
  4. I stop caring about it a little more every day. It most likely will end up still wrapped among my other boardgames. My gaming group already decided against starting guild ball as well. Too many good board and tabletop games out there. Looking forward to the new Imperial Assault stuff and the new 40k edition.