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  1. I think one black die would be a fair addition, and in line with the damage bonus for hitting a weak spot. You give up a lot of defense or versatility, but in particular this would let the assassin and herald kill Silver Knights without relying on the dice.
  2. My pet theory is that the stats on the Scimitar and Murakumo cards were switched. The Murakumo is a Str/ Dex weapon with a powerful heavy attack and no defense, while the Scimitar is a Dex weapon with a very light attack and dodge, just the opposite of their in game counterparts.
  3. After finally getting to introduce some new players to the game, the general reaction on reading the bonfire spark rules was "Can we just skip to the boss?" Many reviews echo the sentiment that the boss fights are the best parts of the game, while fighting the same few basic enemies in the same patterns is boring. So why not fix it by combining the best variant ideas? Boss Rush Rules: • Lay out only two encounter tiles between the bonfire and the boss tile: one level 1 encounter and one level 2. • Start with half the number of bonfire sparks. • After defeating an encounter, the party receives 8 souls per player. • After defeating the mini boss, the party receives 4 souls per player per remaining spark. Flip the tiles over and deal out one level 2 encounter and one level 3. • After dying or resting at the bonfire, deal out new encounters of the same level on each tile. Any chests start opened. • You may not purchase Luck at the bonfire. • After the Dancer of the Boreal Valley heats up, her physical defense increases to 3.
  4. Hi everyone! I recently acquired a copy of Dark Souls and I'm thrilled with it. I'd love to find some friends to play with in the Washington DC area.
  5. Nope - the Titanite Demon only has two treasures, since the Titanite you get is about twice as good as a regular boss loot drop.
  6. I read that as meaning that if the character is standing in a weak arc, they gain a black die. You can still shoot the boss to death with soul arrows, but you need to be at least vaguely on the right side.
  7. For NG+ mini bosses, you should be able to fight 2 at once, without changing the decks or stats. For NG+ encounters, just increasing enemy defense and damage by 1 will make the game much harder. Silver Knights with 3 physical defense, attacking for 6, are more dangerous than most boss attacks. For NG+ main bosses, start with all the heat up cards shuffled in. For O&S heat up cards, the other boss does nothing and has no weak arcs.
  8. I played an honest, as-written two-player game... and it took upwards of six hours, because we had bad RNG. (No good starting treasures, Sentinel's Wrath as the first level 2 encounter, Pit of the Dead as the first level 3 encounter). I will say that getting slaughtered by basic enemies, then eking out a victory, then dying to the boss, then beating the boss feels a lot like Dark Souls, but it's not a process that translates well into a board game, because each iteration is much slower. It's night and day with the house rules, which give you just the "skin of my teeth victory" experience the whole time.
  9. OK, I was wrong. I just finished a game in 83 minutes, not counting setup. Granted, this was with the double souls half sparks rule, versus the easy bosses (Gargoyle and Dancer) and was a solo assassin playthrough with incredible optimal draws (Effigy Shield + Winged Spear in the first 4 treasure cards, five chests, and 2 of the 5 easiest encounters in the game by my stats), and I was using all the shortcuts I could like only filling in the last cube in the stamina bar and not moving enemies if the position didn't matter anymore, but still, a 90 minute game is possible. My final equipment: Gargoyle's Halberd with Sharp and Blessed gems Exile Armour Effigy Shield Heal (because of course I drew Heal, it wouldn't be the luckiest game ever otherwise) That just goes to hammer home the point that the 90-120 minute playtime on the box is ridiculous. It would have taken me at least 15 more minutes to farm the initial encounters for souls, since it took 11 with double rewards. It took 17 minutes to reset after the mini boss, since I did all the setup and shuffling myself, but realistically the average buyer is in that position too.
  10. After 5 games, 4 solo and one 2 player, I have to say the play time is a total lie. Expect 4-5 hours, not 2, and that's with double souls to reduce the grind. I don't know how it's even physically possible to play to the boss in 90 minutes, unless your players are tag teaming to have one rolling, one moving pieces, and one taking their turn, and nobody ever disagrees on who should get the souls (yeah right). The grind is also completely ridiculous, and goes against the spirit of Dark Souls, which is not a game about grinding at all. It shows disrespect to the player's time and shows off the worst part of the game, fighting basic guys with basic weapons, until your friends get bored. Spelling errors are also embarrassing. I'll spell check your content for free! That being said, the boss fights are super fun. The variety is good, and the balance is quite close to fair (Silver Knights are undervalued in the encounter deck). I'm excited to play more, but I shouldn't have to house rule a game just to make it take less than six hours.
  11. When a Large Hollow Soldier has the Frostbite condition, does it do any damage? It pushes characters at the start of its movement, then moves 0 and deals 5 damage for each of the zero nodes it moved. In other words, can I stab one with an Irithyll Rapier for six turns until it dies?