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  1. Hi, first of all I think you did a good job with your figure. What I would suggest is to put a wash over the highlights, that they dont pop out this much and blend a bit more with the dark clothes. The bones and arms/hands could possibly also benefit from such a wash. Just take a yellowish/brown colour and add lots of water and brush it over these parts and let it dry. Then see how it looks and perhaps add a few highlights afterwards if it became too dark.
  2. You seem Canadian and i think that might be the difference Germans have a weird high sense of expectation to some things and freak out very fast if these things dont get fulfilled, their patience is so low, while Canadians are much more relaxed in general in comparison and also much nicer to eachother and in their communication. I´ve been there many times and observed it. There are lots of reasons why it is like that. So yea, I think its a cultural thing and thats probably why its hard to understand. The brains grew and are programmed in so many different ways by how we grow up and many other circumstances... but thats becoming far off-topic now... ENGLISH DARK SOULS, WANT!!!
  3. @Mako: I agree. Btw. Do you Admins have any more direct connection to officials from Steamforged than us and could maybe ask them about this issue, and then communicate any answer to us? Seems like the normal email contact just causes tons of emails for their support and then a huge delay for those who sent them out, while if you´d be able to get an answer in which are many interested, it could reduce the emails sent out to Steamforged and perhaps reduces some stress for everyone. Thank you.
  4. I voted for them all!
  5. That they lied is an assumption. Perhaps not all people in Germany, who ordered an english copy of the game, get their game from Ludopackt. So please lets not overdramatize whatever is happening. All the cursing and accusing isn´t going to help at all, might just get this topic deleted. But anyways, I also didn´t hear from anyone in Germany getting their english copy of the game. And my status is also still on ´answered´
  6. Wow, they look supercool! I love the colour palette you were using, and your attention to detail. Also nice dreamy photo effects
  7. I´m still excited, already got paint and brushes for painting the miniatures.... Yeah, the waiting is hard but also exciting at the same time. Lets try to be positive, humans are not perfect and who knows what happened to our english versions. But we´ll most likely get them, sooner or later, and then have all the fun with it.
  8. Yeah, that is weird. To Retro Edge they said the game would be probably delivered this week, and now to you they say that they have no informations about delivering the english versions. Sounds like two complete opposite statements to me. I guess we´ll have to wait and practice patience some more
  9. My status looks the same, but some people posted that they still had the same status and then suddenly got their game. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!
  10. You should probably ask Fantasywelt this question Hope our english versions will arrive this week... I barely have any skin left to bite off on my fingers with all this excitement.