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Retro Edge

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  1. Excuse me, is your country the country where all the English versions got manufactured, literally a few blocks away from the fulfillment center while, hilariously, you're still the only one who didn't got them yet? No? Of course not, this sounds ridiculous, but it happened. Its not the same situation with Canada. Another week done, still nothing happened.
  2. Lol. But people laugh when I say we will never get it and they (SFG) are scamming us. EVERY other country got at least a few copies yet while we got still nothing. It's time to call the police, this is ridiculous.
  3. I heard today that someone in France got an English copy, so that's definitely happening, in fact I heard from every single country that I can imagine that something either was delivered or at least changed at the backerkit status. But Germany, FN Germany still got nothing. We will be the last country on Earth who gets the English versions... :/
  4. I don't think we will ever get the game anymore, to be honest. SFG thinks we all have it now and they think the work is done while nothing happened in reality and if you try to ask them, they won't believe you. Like I said, we're getting scammed here, not intentional, but still. Maybe it's time to report them to the police, I don't know what else we can do anymore. They took our money and now they are like "F it, were done here".
  5. Where the fuck is the English copy for Germany? What the fuck is going on @Steamforged? I'm sick of this shit. ANOTHER WEEK, and still NOT ONE FREAKING PERSON in germany who got it. Lies, lies, lies everywhere, that's all they can do, what a joke of a company.
  6. Don't get your hopes up, they're just lying to you too. Sorry, but "address is now locked and it will be send"? Pfffff as if, that even sounds made-up. In the only answer I ever got a few weeks ago, they said to me clearly that they can't give individual informations. This is the quote. "Shiping is now being handled by the distribution centre so we are unable to give an ETA on your individual package." I don't know what to say anymore about this company. I'm speechless.
  7. I don't need more to say as what I already did. Ludopackt himself even said to several people that they don't have any order to send anything yet. They himself confirmed it. Thats proof enough. Therefore, Nothing got send yet while SFG lied in their mail and in that Facebook message again.
  8. I haven't heard from anyone in Germany that got an English copy now or even a sending confirmation, so no, English versions in Germany have not been shipped yet and therefore they are straight lying to us. Everyone still have the answered status which basically means nothing is labeled yet and no address list arrived. Ludopackt himself even said to several people that they don't have any order to send anything yet. They himself confirmed it.
  9. Holy F'N shit. They are still lying to us straight in our faces..... Not even that..... That's almost scamming... What can we do now as German backer of the English version? Ludopackt clearly said they don't send the English version, they don't have any order to send anything. What the heck is Steamforged talking about? Are we powerless now? I'm sick of this, I'm sick of all this lying bullshit.
  10. It's annoying, it seems like any, really any freaking EU Land has now shipping confirmations, every country except Germany, the land where this game got produced, it's ridiculous. I'm scared that something went wrong and SFG thinks everything is alright while Ludopackt thinks they are either done or waiting for more information from SFG. If that's the case we are still waiting until the add-ons come..... And SFG isn't answering anything again, it seems like they don't even have a clue what is going on here. I swear by God I will never ever buy anything from that company again, it's ridiculous what's happening here....
  11. Here is the German quote from Ludo Packt directly. I'm a little bit worried about that "probably" because if it's still not going into delivery next week I will be pissed off as hell... But I'm optimistic... Also, every German version is now in delivery.