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  1. Game Recap for Zeige vs Ebice (Hunters vs Butchers) Final score 13-10 Skatha and Egret pepper Boiler and Fillet for snares and poison Brisket rushes in for a turn 1 goal. (4-0) Chaska almost forces brisket out of bounds, but not quite. Herne goes oposit field for a goal. (4-4) Brisket retreats to safety Boar pounces on Herene, Nearly taking him out. Chaska Boom Boxes Boiler into the dirt before getting Filleted His bleeding stops just before he colapses (1 HP) Boar finishes off Herne Egret steals the ball from Brisket and moves towards the goal. Fillet execute Chaska before falling back to defend. She steals the ball back from Egret, and gets it up to Brisket. Brisket and Skatha steal the ball back and forth, preventing Brisket from running away for another goal. Herne and Chaska return to the field, blocking Brisket's line of advance. Fillet blood dances the ball away from Ulfr and almost drops Skatha (1hp and bleeding) Boar cuts down Snow Ulfr dodges his way in to tap in goal number 2 Fillet cuts down Chaska and Scatha for the win Final score 13-10 Hunters had 2 Goals and a take down Butchers had 1 Goal, 4.5 take downs. Thank you Zeige for a great game.
  2. I could not come to grips with slippery fish 12-2 for the fishermen, Not quite play of the game: Siren has the ball alone near my goal (After some fisherman shenanigans) , but she is at one HP. Fillet has to take a parting blow from Jak. It only scores 1 hit, avoiding the push into Kraken. She gets in range for circle of pain, despite Siren's Beauty. Only to miss 2 dice on a 4+. Siren scores the second goal on the next activation
  3. I had Ballista down to 6 HP and bleeding, and his bug was down to 3. Good Game.
  4. Coach: Ebice (Sam) Time Zone: EST, (GMT - 5) Guild: Butchers Roster: Fillet Princess Boiler Vet Brisket Meathook Vet Ox Harry 'The Hat' Tenderiser Ox