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  1. The Symbol of Avarice Armour Upgrade When worn, after defeating an encounter, you may draw one treasure card. At the beginning of your activation you can only regain one stamina. You then suffer one point of damage.
  2. This right here. I haven't even considered that yet, but indeed this pose isn't just iconic, it also tells us about the character.
  3. There's no official answer to that, yet.
  4. While you're on the topic. Aside from the miniatures, we still don't know what'll come with the core game expansion, right?
  5. Oh yeah, in my usual games this happens too. One reason why I'm trying to cut down on that. I'm mostly into campain play anyway, so instead of hoarding everything, I'd often sell the unwanted gear to keep the inventory managable.
  6. I gotta say, having that many cards out up front gives the players a lot of strategic Options and ability to plan ahead. But it also basically adds a whole new phase to the game (let's call it the "Tactics Phase") where you don't so much play the game but look over all the cards, wage your options and such and so on. And I feel like this could easily go out of hand or at least take up quite some time, but that might just not be my cup of tea. The reason I try to come up with house rules is to streamline the whole process and not add extra steps to it.
  7. Lothric is holding on to his brother's back all the time anyway, so I wouldn't even call it a two boss battle. He simply provides some extra attacks once he heats up (maybe he could target the nearest player with Lorian's and the aggro'd player with Lothric's attacks). I'd like to see the Abyss Watchers realized, since they could do some fun stuff with multiple Watcher models attacking each other from time to time, turning the battle into a huge mess. Soul of Cinder as he is the final boss. Nameless King is a must. Sister Friede if she comes with Ariandel. I'll get the best Dragon with the Gaping Dragon already and if that's not enough, there's still Kalameet or the Guardian Dragon, so I don't really see Midir as a must have. Aldritch could be interesting too, since he is rather unusual as he prefers to strike from the distance.
  8. Played a regular round with my brother yesterday. Got lucky and drew a powerful weapon and armour for him early on, while I was mostly there to absorb magic damage if possible. Of course that lead to grinding the early encounters to be able to equip these items, which in turn started getting repetitive and after he was able to equip them, this in turn trivialised a lot of the following encounters as he could just tank anything, since most enemies only deal physical damage. First time facing off against the dancer, and I feel like, depending on which cards you draw and in which order, she can be a real hit or miss boss, since she often doesn't focus on a certain player and just wanders around the area. I like at least some random elements in my games. I mean, we didn't know where every item was hidden in our first playthrough of the videogames either, right? And my examlpe above is why I still find the tiered decks to be the most effective house rule, for me at least. There's still variety, there's still randomness, but also a semblance of balance. Which builds you can create during this certain playthrough stil relies on luck, but you don't have to grind for it or have it delivered to you on a silver plate. If I wanted to play a session with a specific build in mind anyway, I might just grab start the game with that gear anyway and slowly equip it as I level up.
  9. Sentinels can also smash your face in with their shields, or do a swiping attack, so there's that. And silver knight archers also come equipped with swords in the game, so just imagine as long as you're close to them, they use their swords to whack you. Wouldn't even be surprised if they just started to stab you to death with the arrows in close combat.
  10. The update where they mention hat the invader is getting cut from the core game says that invaders will be like a fight against grunts and a Boss at the same time, so prepare for that. But since in the game, invaders usually spawn a few odd steps away from the player, maybe the invaders will spawn on a node a certain number of tiles away from the players and move towards them whenever they activate. So you'd have at least some time to face the regular enemies before they arrive. Or run past to face the boss.
  11. I'm always happy to answer my friends questions about the dark souls universe when they ask me some. But I don't think they'd like me or the game very much, if I made them learn while we play.
  12. From the point of view of someone already owning multiple Artorias' it's a reasonable concern. But aside from one large picture frame on my wall, I don't have anything related to him, so I'd love to have a mini doing his iconic dangly arm pose.
  13. The picture they used is simply a player character wearing his gear, so I wouldn't interpret too much into it.
  14. Got myself some sleeves from Dragon Shield for the behaviour cards and some sleeves made specifically for the small pilot cards from X-Wing for the treasure cards. Both fit perfectly snug around the cards, though now the stacks are almost thrice as high, so I need to get some deck boxes next.
  15. Some time in the future maybe, I'd like an upgrade pack of sorts. With some more behaviour cards for bosses (or mini/main/mega boss variants), some higher tier encounters and stronger versions of regular enemies to ensure longer campaigns will still be challenging if you intend to include a larger number of bosses. Maybe also add some tiles that have some obstacles built in, like a pit where you could end up being pushed into and can't move across or some nodes acting as a swamy area where you have to spend additional stanima to walk across. New terrain pieces like explosive barrels, some f-ing poison spitting statues even, why not. Gwyn, of course, needs to be added in as a mega boss at some point. He might not be as huge as the others, but I won't accept anything else. Also Quelaag, thank you very much. Desert pyromancers sure sound nice., too. :3 Maybe come out with some official "house rules" or alternative ways to play the game, like a PVP mode (which I personally would not be too interested in).