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  1. Class-specific weapons are only specific in that they are added to the deck only when that class is being played. Aside from that they can be used by any player as long as they fulfill the requirements.
  2. You are correct. Three weapons as a whole, wether they are in your hands or backpack.
  3. Just noticed in the german version the translation on page 19 is a bit unlucky concerning the amount of souls you get from defeating a boss. It reads less like 1 soul per character times sparks, but rather 1 soul per character and spark. Which would leave a group of four people with 2 sparks at 6 souls instead of 8.
  4. Maybe some cards have the main boss icon printed on. The skull with the crown.
  5. If that were the case, then I don't think Ulisses would have pulled all advertisement from their site. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any Dark Souls-related info in their Website, but that dispute was the reason. It doesn't ruin the game for me...not entirely, but I disliked it when GW did it with Warhammer and I dislike it even more now. It just takes me out of the experience. Like... The three Fürsten went out to fight the Immerwährenden Drachen, during the Zeitalter der Altvorderen, using the power of the Erste Flamme.
  6. Like I said, I mailed the guys who did (or were suppsed to do, at least) the german Translation. And they were told not to translate any of the names.
  7. I don't like signing up to a Forum just to complain, but this translation issue really bugs me. I can't even get past the introduction text without switching from german to english every two seconds because they didn't even translate stuff like the First Flame or the Age of Ancients, Flame of Chaos and so on. And bonfire is translated as campfire, oh my goodness. So I hit up the company that stepped up to translate the rules and I promptly got an email back, saying that they wanted to translate everything, but were specifically told not to. Because of reasons. The videogames are translated completely as well, so I don't see the problem with the boardgame. This probably isn't even your guys fault, but I just had to get this out. Especially now that my order is locked and I can't switch to the english version anymore. Cheers, anyhow.