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  1. Furnace!

    Ah. Yeah it is any three but it definitely feels like they are making pairs.
  2. Masons / Brewers reboxing?

    Not sure it makes sense given that they would just be metal repacks of what is in the Kickoff set.
  3. Furnace!

    Other half? The preview shows both sides of his card
  4. Blacksmith Guild - Anvil and Guild Special Rule

    I could see them requiring you to pick a Master/Apprentice at the beginning.
  5. Furnace!

    Well, Furnace doesn't feel footbally. Maybe there is two beater pairs andca striker pair?
  6. Furnace!

    Interesting that he has Sentinel as well. I wonder if this is going to be on all the Masters.
  7. That looks like it is concerned about final position. I am asking about an intermediate position.
  8. Question. Can you start a ball on an obstruction as long as it scatters off during a goal kick?
  9. Can Butchers play football?

    I know this is probably a weird question, but can you build a Butcher team that reliably wins 2-2 instead of targeting 1-4?
  10. Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Another place to start might be Secret Weapon Mini's Fields of Scream bases: http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=79_33_123
  11. I just want to make sure I am reading this right. Intensify and Chemical Frenzy both apply to a character who is Knocked Down the same way they apply to a character that has the fire or poison conditions. Also it only applies once correct. For example if Lucky is Knocked Down, is on Fire, is Poisoned, and is Bleeding then then he only takes 2 points of DMG from Intensify and not 8.
  12. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Just theorizing but Bennediction expands oRage's Tooled Up range by 2" and gets a free Counter Attack so that might help increase his perceived threat.
  13. Always two there are...

    But it does imply that the Blacksmiths are going to want a pile in the middle to give overlapping Master auras.
  14. Changing Tide with Corsair

    Thanks. To be honest I had been thinking about swapping her out with Hag but wasn't sure.
  15. Changing Tide with Corsair

    After trying Morts and Brewers I started watching some videos and I think Corsair fits my play style. Would the new six player starter set be a good team if I swap Shark out for Corsair?