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  1. Also, you may select multiple bosses
  2. What DS 3 boss do you want in the game one day. I did not include certain bosses either because they are already coming to the game or if the boss is impractical. I may miss a boss or two (i am human). Enjoy I left out the Deacons of the Deep b/c it is not worth it
  3. I can now proudly say that my copy of Dark Souls: The Core Board Game has been delivered, and in perfect condition.
  4. The game arrived at a Fedex facility only an hour away. They pushed the scheduled delivery though back from today to Tuesday. My shipping info still says it should be here today. I really hope it comes today, there is nothing going on and I have finals next week. Pray for a speedy Fedex man. If they can make it from pensivania to florida in just over 2 days, then they can deliver to a house just an hour away in no time.
  5. Ooh... That is cool. Do you have any plans to add a black to the armor or any extra affects to the sword.
  6. Here in central Florida, received my tracking number last night/ this morning. Says my label was created and the estimated shipping delivery is Friday the 12th.
  7. Wish you great luck and RNG my friend.
  8. Does anyone else love watching the changing poll numbers and responses, or is it just me. Also, hopefully everyone can actually see the poll results.
  9. This poll (hopefully it works) above is meant to show SFG how satisfied you are with them and their current process. This is a simple survey, so please try to respect each others' answers/ opinions. In fact, if you've replied to someone disrespectfully or rudely on this forum site, just calm down, breathe, and make amends with that person. It makes this site a lot happier to be on for everyone. Go into this poll with a clear mind and empathize with SFG's current situation. This poll hopefully will catch the attention of SFG and help them see what they need to improve upon. I am excepting any additional poll questions. The site only allows up to 3 poll questions sadly. BTW, your responses to the poll are private.
  10. Great news to hear. I am a Florida late backer. Unfortunately, I do not have that button just yet, but hoping. Happy to hear a fellow Floridian is getting their game.
  11. I just got through jumping out of my seat and rushing to the window thinking i heard the UPS truck, just to realize it was the recycle truck. Now I am sad.
  12. Here in Florida. Still no shipping info
  13. I'm surprised they still haven't responded. They used to be so good about responding. Sorry man. RyanL4, I apologize to you for my message in the last topic and I will no longer reply to that topic. I hope the others will do the same. I only ask that you empathize with Steamforge's situation. I have edited this message a few times so it is not misread. I want to view the forums for conversations with fellow gamers and friend, not enemies. I am sorry.
  14. Keep in mind that you are one of 13,471 backers in the U.S. waiting on their games. Also, if you can't find info of the KS page, check their website or their YouTube channel for events/ news. They have announced the events they are attending in the future. No one is special in this situation, not me nor you, so just relax and stay patient.
  15. great painting man.