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  1. Well. Masons or Brewers, he seems mostly 'armless.
  2. Does anyone know who they work for yet? Or will that be announced somewhere?
  3. I think my nine is actually that core, Blackheart and Gutter, Decimate and Rage until the new guys are out, so that works out! Got a 3-0 (well, 3-1) game done. It was a bit dicey but I need to learn to use A&G for scoring, since all my instincts are yelling at me to use them as beaters. I think if I'd focused on Greede being mobile instead of damaging, it would've gone far quicker.
  4. Thanks again for all the list-building help, guys! Finally signed onto a Vassal league with her and Blackheart. I'm still not super good at focusing on football, sadly. Any tips (play-wise, I understand what models to bring, just not how best to use them) for playing the ball game with these guys? I'm going ahead with Brisk3t, SB, Harry, AG and Mist as my core, I think. I'm just so used to the beatdown game and trying to break my habits.
  5. Coach: Ziggy/Ed Timezone: Arizona (GMT-7) Guild: Union Roster: Veteran Rage Brisket Strongbox Mist Avarisse & Greede Harry Minx Gutter Decimate
  6. Half-squid/Half-donkey! I knew the Fishermen/Farmer collab was a bad plan.
  7. I should hope not. Dude's got a serious case of squid eyes. It's terrifying.
  8. More importantly, I wonder if metal Tater will be in the locker room at Salute.
  9. Tell that to Nintendo!
  10. The Jackstraw goal threat lives!
  11. I'd think that, but the harvest markers specifically say "When a moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a sprint or charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the pitch." Whereas Ramming Speed only says the bases need to be touched. I feel like that distinction might be important.
  12. I want to start 'proxying' them on Vassal (there's no local scene here, sadly), but I just realized that I don't know of any models that even come near their health pools. Also, in Ziggy's neverending rules questions: Would having Jack sprint his whopping 4" from a marker that he was in base with destroy the marker? And can he crop dust an area with no enemies?
  13. Someday I'll stop asking constant questions, maybe. But do we know which 6 are gonna be in the starter?
  14. It has to be a sprint or a charge.
  15. Can you put Cocky on Millstone and use her to draw, then ignore conditions from whoever within 6"?