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  1. Why's that?
  2. How does PV's legendary enable that? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around using it.
  3. So out of curiosity, why not run Chisel + Mallet against Fish? Maybe Farmers and Union are giving me too much love for 2" reach, but Honour, Marbles/Wrecker, oHarmony, Mallet, Chisel, Brick sounds like a pretty good beat down crew with some goal threat to me, but I don't have too much practice playing the Masons yet.
  4. Also, remember territorial. Hag hates when you take free attacks.
  5. Yeah, I get the feeling that Peck is your pick if you're against Brewers/Corsair, but otherwise it's all donkey all the time. The heroic is great when relevant and cocky on Millstone might be good into alchs, though. Jackstraw is my favorite model of all time, I think. He was the MVP of both games. Do any teams have similar repositions to him, or am I maining farmers forever?
  6. Oh right, Peck was also great. Was only relevant once, but standing up 4 people with one momentum helped a lot.
  7. I repressed a lot of my game against Corsair today. I think it was a 6-12 loss, running Grange, Peck, Harrow, Jackstraw (THE CHAMP), Bushel and Windle. Jackstraw remains an auto take in Fish. I think I should've brought Thresher against Corsair. Sturdy on him and no Sturdy on Grange was a bad time. Bushel scored a goal pretty well when she got going, I'm opened the ball off JS for a momentum at the start of the turn and walked up to tap it right in. Windle scored the other 2 by snacking on tentacles, but was otherwise kinda unimpressive. I missed Tater. Jackstraw is so much fun that he makes me want to try being a Smoke alchemist. Loving all the teleports.
  8. I could probably work with that. Thanks!
  9. It's definitely not to prove a point. I just hate her pose and have no faith in my conversion skills. Finding somebody to use as a conversion base is probably my best bet, though.
  10. In my experience, she's amazing at just about everything. Damage, scoring, defense. BUT. I hate her sculpt. Who would you run in her place if you happened to hate her aesthetically?
  11. Played Thresher into Shark just now. Lost 8-12, but it was close. Millstone, sadly, didn't do much other than stand by the goal. Jackstraw does SO much work on 3 influence. His power play was crop dusting, teleporting into Greyscales, tackling the ball away. I wanna play him with Bushel for I'm Open out of that, because he never has enough inf to pass. He did however, teleport into cover by the other guy's goal and get a great snapshot off Thresher. Thresher himself murdered Shark twice and made that pass into a snapshot. Every turn, he got 5 and every turn he did work, though I did forget to DFT at all after Turn 1. Harrow mostly provided crops and tooled up Thresher. I can't seem to play Buckwheat right, and may stick with Peck. Ummm... Tater, right. Tater spent most of the game chasing Siren. Would've scored a game ending goal, but Shark counter tackled the ball off him because I needed momentum.
  12. That's fair. I think I'll settle into liking Thresher more when I stop wanting to charge 24/7. 4 attacks and a kick/action is probably better than one beefed up attack and 3 more. And yeah, Grange does seem to play a slow game with a big pit of 2" melee zones so far. Thresher probably likes Jackstraw better than Grange too, and he seems like our best ball-killer/mover.
  13. Edit: Sorry if my comment offended anybody. I was slightly inebriated and figured it a harmless comment because it didn't offend my own thoughts on my own identity. A bit more sober, I realize it might have been upsetting to others.
  14. Yeah, Peck is the odd man out unless I bite the bullet and say bye to Windle. My only issue with Bushel is I bunched her up with Grange and friends and she couldn't do much other than play a (very effective) game of keep away from Skatha. My Bushel game will come with time though.
  15. Yeah, you're pretty much mirroring my thoughts on Windle and Buckwheat. I thought about dropping Bushel, but I hate the idea of not running a striker, especially one with an effectively 6/8 kick and all of Grange's pass support/I'm Open.