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  1. Furnace!

    He's got 2" reach and he's throwing 6 dice looking for 1 hit to apply a condition, a debuff, dmg, and gain a mp. That's exactly who I want using Searing strikes. It's consistent, reliable, and turns 1 inf into 1 mp. Tough hide does cause problems for him, needing likely 4 hits on 6 dice isn't going to be reliable except on 2+ def. He does luckily pay 1 inf to ignore tough hide, so the tools are there to make sure a model takes the debuff. Corsair under dread gaze is going to be one of the few models that he can't get easily. I do see the merit in stacking 5 onto what is essentially tapper's playbook and beating up someone that has -1arm... Only that can't happen. Because Furnace has to activate first to pass his buff out. So he doesn't even feel like a very effecient 5 stack. I will say that his apprentice's ability to apply searing strikes from 6" away might be interesting. If there are a couple of people in faction who make unique use of the legendary like Cinder, then it might be worth it in the end.
  2. Corsair vs Fillet Help

    I love A&G with Corsair pretty much all the time. I have been wanting to swap him for Jac in this matchup though. My general plan when I think Greede will die in the scrum is just to fire off an early goal and take a 4-2 trade. Averisse is the only offensive buff in faction and a rare source of momentous dmg for fish so not having him is something I really feel Everytime I try someone else. I will put Greede into scrums sometimes though. The extra crowd out, plus the fact that he's sitting in a circle of friendly melee ranges, and dread gaze, keeps him alive annoyingly long. I usually go for 2-2 with Corsair as he just naturally gravitates that way. 1-4 and 3-0 are definitely options if they present themselves. But the 3-0 is usually the result of some mistake by my opponent, and the 1-4 is usually the game plan if I make the bigger early mistake. (or if either player misses a high percentage goal). I'd say that Fillet is top target priority but thats obvious because basically every captain should be the target. Meathook and Harry are important pieces to target too. Focusing them down early does a lot to disrupt their game plan as those 2 pieces usually look to activate early and set the rest of the turn up. You have to remember that butchers are more of a glass cannon faction. Their strength is in having 1-2 players isolate and remove a guy. Because they don't have a ton of survivability themselves, they can struggle to stand and trade blows with you. If you keep a tight scrum, keep their cheap charge models engaged, maybe rearrange the scrum with hag, and then keep the ball safe, you should be okay. Make sure tentacles is crowding people out. Having him counter attack boar and Yahtzee 3's is a hilarious way to ruin his activation. Just keep in mind their overall goal and yours; they are looking to cut you and speed around, you want to build a grinder and drag people into it. Play your game and not theirs and you should be off to a good start.
  3. Corsair vs Fillet Help

    It depends a little bit on the rest of the models both teams are taking so which butchers are giving you trouble? Corsair makes boar and vet ox feel bad. And if you leverage siren2 into a scrum, you actually will out fight them. She's amazing into that matchup, you need to win the mp race once, dread gaze 1st activation, win the mp race again, profit. I'd definitely play Corsair into butchers over shark and feel good about it.
  4. Furnace!

    See I dont think this is a great plan. Searing strikes doesn't apply the -1arm at the start of an attack like anatomical precision. This means that the real benefit it provides is as a set up attack for another piece, and Furnace has all the set up he needs on his card. You are rarely going to be attacking a bunch of enemies in a turn, especially on a legendary turn, you are likely going to look to focus down 1 or 2 people. And he applies the debuff that he needs, all on his own, without the need for the feat. It doesnt even free up order of activation issues cause Furnace would still need to activate first. What is the actual benefit to Sledge having searing strikes? You are probably hoping to set up a charge and he wouldnt get any benefit for the charge attack. I dont think its useless, I just think Furnace is already doing the job that his legendary is designed to do, and the legendary isnt doing it a ton better. And then the opportunity cost of not having a different legendary makes it seem pretty unhelpful in practice. I would actually rather have Anvil and a turn of tough hide into a high Arm scrum, and then just have furnace set 2 people up to get killed.
  5. Furnace!

    His apprentice. They have to be taken as a pair i thought. Its essentially his rules as well if thats the case. If its just any 3 masters and any 3 apprentices though then i apologize.
  6. Furnace!

    How do people feel about him? I know we have a lot of the guild left to see, and essentially the other half of his rules, but I like him. I think he will be a good candidate for the non-canptain slots. I don't really see the function of his legendary in practice. His ability to very reliably applies searing strike to models on his own, plus the value of just being a 3+/3 for a turn, with his free aoe, makes it seem like he does just fine being the guy to go in first and prep the enemy scrum for cracking. Giving other people the chance to cut arm out after they make 1 attack doesn't even seem as strong as the tough hide bubble, and we presumably have 3 or 4 more yet to see. I also think tooled up is an ability you'd rather not have to activate your captain to use if you can help it. I guess he'd have to do a ton of work with 5 inf for me to think he's the captain model. We'll see how he fits in with other stuff for that I guess.
  7. How to deal with mash

    Siren is the most obvious solution. Try to set your early game up, either kicking or receiving, so that you score the first goal before mash can reliably get the ball. Deploy siren 1 towards the outside of where mash is, probably around 8" from the edge and set her up first turn so that she can seduce him turn 2. Remember to keep her out of tapper range as best you can. Should net you 2 goals just fine. Then some combination of your captain, siren 1, and your striker, either greyscales or sakana (this is a good example of why angel doesn't cut it) need to be ready to dislodge it from him again. Or you just need to knock two people out.
  8. How to deal with mash

    Whats he doing to you? If he's killing the ball too much on you use Siren1. Also dodging greyscales is an option or launching sakana from cover will usually make sure his arm is useless and you will tackle it away from him. If he is hurting you in combat he's easily reigned in with gut and string or the legendary. He is also one of the squishier models in brewers so if you're bringing some fighty fish he can be killed. Remember he is slow and you are fast. If he can't catch you he cant hurt you. If he is scoring on you.... I'm not sure how to help. He's not very good at that. It certainly shouldn't be backbreaking.
  9. Big League Advice

    Yeah but those werent the options that he asked about... Protecting Kat in the scrum and giving him tons of crowdouts will work fine. And lighting an entire scrum on fire is great for corsair. Kat is helping Corsair, not the other way around.
  10. Big League Advice

    Take Katalyst1 with Corsair. He's a great bash buddy to stand to stand next to corsair, that fire will make the scrum very tarpity, he wont die with all those 2" crowdouts helping out, and he's a good source of momentous damage which corsair wants. Corsair is already a strong play into Shark and Kat helps the most with his playstyle. You might be able to take mash and use him in the scrum early and just push him forward as as snapshot turret under the corsair feat. He's a bit easier to kill but 2" reach is always appreciated into fish. Silence isnt necessary. Sure you can mess with activation order but im pretty sure its a better plan to devote resources to landing a drag and killing someone.
  11. Sakana...why use him?

    Sakana is the best non captain striker in Fish. He does literally everything. Too risky to fire Shark off for a turn 1 goal? Sakana will do it. Corsair needs to scrum with masons? Sakana will fix that armor. Someone on the wing is setting up for a goal? Ending Sakanas activation in b2b with them will do wonders to shut that down. He's a safe crowd out and a counter strike threat after an opponent goal. Counter attacking off a def stance charge for 1 mp is great. Tac 5 on 2" reach with that speed and playbook is just really strong. I think Sakana is the best non-captain striker after Vitriol. It took me awhile to get used to him, but now i wont leave him at home. He's a full toolbox for what youre looking to do in Fish.
  12. Captains

    Yeah but those things just make her more like Tapper. I'd actually rather trade her glut mass for a couple more boxes and momentous inspiration. That plus a heroic that says something along the lines of "you may use your song again this turn" and a legendary that cleared conditions and healed 3-4 in a pulse. I think she would be able to facilitate a spread out brewers team. She'd have a place in a couple matchups and be different from Tapper. And to try and remain on topic... Esters can sort of try and facilitate a spread out game now, but she can either choose a turn of super speed or extra damage. And her heroic is situational at best. Compared to Tapper who brings the speed he need in spigot and has a heroic thats basically always helpful. Plus his multi-player dmg buff isnt tied to a legendary.
  13. Captains

    I dont mean to say that Esters cant ever win a game or isnt fun, just that if you are looking for a matchup based choice, the answer is always Tapper. And specifically because their games dont differ enough, forcing a choice over which is better. To stray from the original topic a bit... Striker Esters is a fun team. Until a goal run gets jammed up in a dumb spot when every other team's striker would just dodge away. I'd really like to see Ester's heroic and legendary switch. Add the healing factor back in. Make it so you can use 2 songs every turn. I think it would make her a much more supporting captain and give her a different game than tapper.
  14. Fish v Spooks

    Im not sure how good that advice was. Your opponent should avoid cosset at all costs into Corsair. She is incredibly killable in that matchup, to the point where it sometimes feels like you kill her accidentally on the way to do other things. She should also never leave graves1 on the bench. He is the best regular player in their lineup and provides a ton of value for them. Silence is good when you want to stop goal threats or otherwise want to mess with teams that are heavily reliant on order of activations (Tapper and it would appear future blacksmiths are good examples). This has some value into Corsair because it can target both aspects of his game. Playing into Silence you just need try and spread out your possible threat vectors for the turn so you dont have the effectiveness of a large of stack of inf greatly reduced. Dont put all your eggs in one basic basically. He's certainly a better option than cosset. Morts will also usually take one of the two big guys. They have different things going for them. Casket is always a threat with his legendary and heavy burden can help stop drags. Also tough hide is probably the single biggest drain on Corsair's dmg output that you will commonly run into. He relies heavily on wraps to get kills and Fish have no +dmg. VetSiren greatly reduces the danger of getting coffined and her activation should be prioritized to cut his offense out. and Luckily one tough hide model won't break your back. Remember to abuse you 2" against him. Ghast is pretty good at trying to disrupt your scrum. He has all this front end tech to discourage attacks against him but the solution is essentially to sell out when you decide its time to kill him. KD, singled out, a couple gang ups, and he will go down. (Same for casket really). You may want to drag another target early to mark for death and then kill ghast when he comes into you willingly. There's still one slot left in that list and im assuming its filled by a striker. You should have Corsair, sakana, maybe siren1, maybe Averisse w/Greede in his pocket, and even tentacles to deal with a lone striker. The amount of options you have for stealing the ball is silly. The biggest threat to you holding the ball yourself is puppet master. I would recommend making obulus the number 1 drag target. If you keep him tied into the scrum as much as possible, he will have a bad time. And remember to play around the legendary a little bit. Don't be afraid to spend your momentum to keep your team healed and play for that attrition.
  15. Captains

    Esters feels flat out worse than Tapper. She has no effective kickoff, she steals a valuable 2" reach model from your team, has a less effective damage buff, doesn't do as much dmg, glut mass isn't as good as tough hide, she doesn't make as much inf, she cant be given as much inf, and she's not even the mediocre goal threat that Tapper can be. I honestly have never even seen a comparison between the two.