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  1. Totally agree. I think that Brewers are probably the Harry guild who care the least about the fact that they have access to Harry. I think the Brewers are equally happy with A&G and could also play pure guild without giving up much at all. I also think that Harry and A&G are sweet models which are happen to be overtuned and so would recommend that either of them make it into the 10. I prefer Tapper, Scum, Friday, oSpigot, Stoker, Hooper as the base lineup into Alchs though so I definitely don't think Union is mandatory for them. And I think the next player I'd want into that matchup is Mash before either Union option. I think the core of the Guild is Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot. The last two slots have a ton of viable options.
  2. Definitely don't think Hooper is a required model. He is a very straightforward model. He's good because it's easy to do reliable dmg with him. But he doesn't do the most dmg in guild, he's not the fastest, takes a lot of inf, doesn't play the ball ever, and is one of the few models in faction that has very little support. +1 arm is cute i guess but easy access to 2" KD is more of what he does to help. The issue isn't that Hooper isn't good. Just that he's neither particularly unique nor versatile. Calling it an "issue" may be too negative too. I'm not saying don't take Hooper. Just don't think he's autopick. Certainly not even close to the autopick that oSpigot is.
  3. The cards are available on the Vassal Module. I know a couple of the free apps have included the new rules after pulling them from there.
  4. So for a normal faction I would agree. But since Brewers are the synergy faction I'm not really sure I want to approach my games with a "buffs are just gravy" mindset. Its good to know in a pinch what everyone's output is, but if you're trying to get optimal work out of them you have to focus on getting your combos off. For brewers specifically more than any other guild. If a lot of my brewers math is worst case scenarios over the course of a game, I'm just going to lose cause they are subpar without buffs.
  5. Sorry youre right. I do most of my brewers math with commanding aura taken into account. If spigot gets his set up he just wants to swing out. And if he gets a little set up he does more dmg than any player in guild. So its usually worth it to kd someone in aura for him to just slaughter. And the aura is usually enough on its own.
  6. Ummm no? He does more damage in almost every situation if he spends that inf to make another attack.
  7. Thank you. That's a good thing to know. Mildly off topic, super interested in the homelands team with Theron and spigot/graves so you can tooled up for 1mp. Think it's going to be a really fun use of TU for mid game.
  8. Is tooled up really necessary or even an option after turn 1? It's a ridiculously obvious tipping of your hand and oSpigot deals more damage then anyone on the team in proper circumstances. I have sort of found that in brewers, each player has a bit of support they can play, and they have a bit of cleanup they can throw down. Its nice for order of activation because everyone can help set everyone up a little bit, even if its just a valuable KD. Along the same lines though, I think that every player can only afford one other player to help set them up. Like I don't think Tapper needs to put up Aura, Spigot tools up hooper and kds someone, and then Hooper goes to kill them. Either putting up the aura or throwing out Tooled up and Kding someone is enough. You dont need both. I think Brewers players often take a couple activations trying to set up one massive one, and outside of the 1st turn I think this is very frequently a mistake. Its also one of the reasons I really like A&G with them. The big guy has singled out and easy KDs so sets up your whole lineup. He has momentous dmg with a brewer tac/playbook so he cleans up too. And he adds a much desired goal threat to the team. I just think he fits nice.
  9. I think oKat is a huge issue too. The problem is that they have access to numerous players who are arguably in the top 5. And I mean players not captains. It also helps that Midas is quite good. Virtiol is the best striker and possibly best overall player in Guild Ball. Her goal threat is insane, her def states are above average, and she is actually capable of applying some reliable damage. Now someone in the game has to be the best, and I'm not trying to argue for a nerf, but the truth is she's really good. oKat is a serious beast. One of the few brawler 40mm with a 2/4 inf stat. He has a functional 8 tac on 6 columns, some situationally useful ball skills, and an absolutely beastly number of boxes. Oh he also moves fairly quick and debuffs your opponents. His new incarnation is possibly a Top 5 player, definitely a top three 40mm player if not just the outright best. Harry is over-tuned for sure as is evident by that fact that he's almost universally seen as the best Union option available. That's not what makes him good, but its a product of how good he is. 2" reach, momentous dmg and pushes, high tac, decent mov, free mp generation, and 2 situationally useful plays means that he rarely has nothing meaningful to contribute in a turn. Oh and that final slot in alchs can also be filled by the best goalie in the game. The reason alchemists are strong is because each individual player in that lineup is a star at their position. The players are so good at their jobs that the Midas team is capable of winning 3-0, 2-2, or even 1-4 in a pinch. I don't want to comment on what I think needs to be nerfed to magically fix the entire guild, but certainly I feel like their strength is not tied to one model, but rather is product of having that many good players on one team.
  10. I know in the games where I really stick it to brewers I find that they fail to get more than one model even over the center line. The benefit of freely occupying the middle of the table with the best scrum guild is powerful. Unless they burn knee slider on a turn 1 goal, chances are someone will be in range of tapper if they try to score. And if they play very passively, you just occupy forward space on the board. Its certainly better than durdling up to 2" short of the center line and waiting for a 1st turn goal to put you down 0-4.
  11. So my friend and I first starting employing greede as a 1st turn missile to generate some mp to get Tapper into someone turn 1 with times called. Tapper's threat is actually a little nuts and his dmg + mp generation are tops. It was a good start but it killed greede frequently and sort of ignored half of what makes that pair so good. Friday launching the cat is perfect. He's weirdly hard to kill and offers little value for taking him out. Setting him up turn 1 in the general vicinity of where Tapper is going lets you put 6 inf on the captain turn 2. He's a great enabler and getting Tapper and the cat into someone on turn 1 is usually enough mp to get the initiative turn 2. I know I saw someone on here say it sometimes take 2 or 3 turns to get Tapper into people but honestly the man should fairly frequently get into your opponent on turn 1. You just have to get creative with making Spigot's heroic go off.
  12. So Stricly the Worst ep 17 has a battle report where Nach beats up on Fish 6-0. Now I think that neither I nor most people reading this have the level of talent equal to one of the best players in NA and probably the world, but i think there are some good things to takeaway. The first is ball killing. I spent the first half of this thread arguing that using mash to kill the ball was a poor use of resources...and maybe i'll have to eat crow now. Nach attributed his success to killing the ball immediately on turn 1 and keeping shark out of scoring position for the first two turns. The first model he managed to remove was oSiren. From there he was able to push and smash his way to 12-0. I think the keys to this matchup are ball killing and target priority. You dont have to kill the ball forever, just long enough to remove key peices like siren and occupy forward space on the board. Using the cat and tapper properly to leverage dmg spikes and build an early mp pool seem central as well. Also, on a more general note, I think the brewers first 4 picks are basically set in stone. Tapper, scum, friday, and oSpigot are all auto-includes in every single matchup IMO. I think the last 2 spots can be filled by Mash, Hooper, Stoker, Harry, Pintpot, and A&G as you see fit. And i dont mean to say that other models shouldn't be played for fun, theme, aestetics, or a challenge, just that if your top goal is winning, those 4 models are better than every single alternative option available to the guild.
  13. Cause esters is objectively worse than Tapper.
  14. Yes. Definitely. Im not sure how to phrase this other than, when blind is good its usually quite good. He is a nice cheap crowd out. And sic'em lets you get a surprise tackle or some pushes. Salt is a goal threat, Tentacles is board control.
  15. Is tater not an acceptable backup kickoff model? He's got decent jog and kick plus you can give him counter charge with your first activation? Regardless I think Grange might get stuck in this position a lot more frequently than under the old rules.