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  1. New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    I mean o Spigot is like the brewers best player. basically everyone up there with the exception of Tapper is a good swap for him. do not leave him at home.
  2. Who Dis.?

    I meant playable people in season 3. vet Spigot would be fine if he didn't have the name "spigot". vet spigots push dodge is in the same spot as Lucky and is also nonmomentous just in case we were looking for more invalidation.
  3. Who Dis.?

    personally I'm very excited. with out knowing any thing else he's tied for second fastest ( non mascot) brewer behind Friday. he is also already way above the normal defense curve for brewers there are plenty of ways to get him extra tac to get some damage results going. momentous two on two is amazing as we all already know and he KDs as well as mash, stoker, hooper, Harry, and spigot who are all tac 5 normally with a momentous KD on 3 oh and he has a push dodge. the first brewer ever! I am not upset thus far.
  4. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    I just think they were over thinking it by a lot. I'm not sure why the fix wasn't as simple as removing the -1 def from gut and string (sorry Jaecar but you have enough snare around to get -1Def anyway) and making caught in a net a 6" pulse that says apply the character play gut and string to enemy models in the pulse. this obviously helps the -8 move that was, if were being truthful with ourselves, absolutely egregious regardless of what Steam forge says was there reasoning. thematically its just Shark the wonder athlete tripping people up and once per game he gets a bunch of his opponents to bite on a trap. there. done. I fixed it! this all coming from a brewers player who stopped playing Hooper because I'm now sure he's card reads -4/-1 mov
  5. New A&G a must have now?

    agreed. I used to run them more then harry and I may still but they defiantly will be a little different then how I was using them before. I am excited to see what there damage output is for sure.
  6. Esters is Besters

    Great joke article.. just hilarious. Haven't laughed that hard in a wile. You almost make it sound like it's a good idea to use her.
  7. Union

    A&G are so much more then a striker. Look how aggressive brewers playbooks get when singled out is applied. Gets silly fast.
  8. Captains

    as above said. I don't even bring her in my 10. makes the captain/mascot reveal extremely easy
  9. Is scoring goals too easy.

    sure the 3rd goal is difficult to come by now but would it still be the case if the goals were only a quarter of the points needed instead of 33% . would everyone need to kill the ball like they do now, or would it be incentive for them to try and playing some soccer as well? as a player of flighty teams I would love the opportunity to play more soccer without insuring my quick demise.
  10. Is scoring goals too easy.

    I don't believe I'm overlooking opportunity cost at all. the reason everyone's trying to kill the ball is because if the ball scoring teams get an opportunity they win. as far as commitment I don't know of anyone getting take outs without a full stack so I'm not sure what you mean there. its pretty much a guaranty that take outs need more resources then goal scoring. yes there are 6 players but one of them is only worth 1 point and there also 6 potential goal scorers. there not even close to all the same level of commitment either. a full health corsair with tough hide and sturdy is a very different target then Jacar by himself. there's to much variance with take outs to even quantify it. the question was "is it to easy to score goals" not whether kills were on par with scoring goals(which I don't even think is close either). I think what @Slothrop suggested would be a lot closer to bridging the gap between goals and take outs were every player would be unique.. I'm definitely leaning towards its to easy to score goals right now but I also think that maybe some of the people I mentioned earlier are just to good at it and after some adjustments maybe the rules and plot cards are fine . I'm not claiming to be expert level here and I certainly do need to try and kill the ball better but its just a relentless string of shark, sakana, siren, oh ya and then I'm blind from the freaking squid.
  11. Is scoring goals too easy.

    as I stated originally I'm not completely sure scoring is to easy but I don't see how any of this helps make that case that its not. your whole first paragraph about the ball is true but its true for everyone. the ball is a resource just like influence and momentum. fight teams arguably need passes and the presumably fewer goal shots even more then the footballing teams who usually have the speed to recover the ball and get back on track with there game plan on top of having multiple goal threats. bottom line is when shit goes bad with the ball it dose not matter what team your using it just bad. kill teams generate momentum is a nice idea but goals generate influence. most strikers love to be loaded up and with the exception of some brewer strikers and Midas most strikers do not have a heroic meaning if they get there full allocation they can do a lot of what they want and were designed to do. modifiers apply to both goals/passes and attacks so that's a wash. now if I declare a goal shot what can your reaction be, nothing because no reaction exists. if a charge or attack is declared you can defensive stance or counter attack sometimes both. if you look at the percentages for each its not even close. a 3 dice goal shot has as a crazy percentage of being successful, you bonus time that sucker and it goes up even more, your within 4" it jumps up again. all this with no interaction from your opponent and double the victory points. season 2 is gone and it needed change which they provided. I don't see why this shouldn't be evaluated also now that it rules the roost so to speak. and just because you or your local fish team doesn't use tap in doesn't mean they all don't. I wonder if my friend even knows the players full threat ranges as with all there movement and dodges he's almost only shooting from tap in range. I would say your a pretty good player but based on what your bringing it seems like your only lining up to fight. not all the guilds have vet rage or fillet to champion there killing cause. glad your finding success with it though. if knee slider was instead slide tackle and read " when an opponent declares a goal shot, a friendly model may make an advance up to its max move" I think we would be a little closer to the middle.
  12. Is scoring goals too easy.

    What guild are you using? Were all 12 of your opponents at Momcon the scoring guilds? Were the 4-5 victories you won 6-0 vs the footballing teams? Were the 1-2 clock outs vs the footballing teams? It sounds like you just kill the ball vs everyone.
  13. Is scoring goals too easy.

    I don't see how it kicks the goal scoring teams in the nuts at all. Its basically all any one can do to mitigate them right now. look at the weapons they bring. I mean how long can you keep it away from a good player with shark vitriol sakana mist A&G the sirens velocity hoist Midas ballista. there faster or have better range then most. they dodge in or have 2" melee to avoid falling victim to UM. the 2" melee helps them avoid 1" melee counter attacks completely and even vs 2" melee they always seem to be able to tackle and dodge away. they have all kinds of movement shenanigans on top of defensive tec to hold the ball once the get it. I mean there are plenty of other support pieces like mother and the hag that add to this and I wont mention them all but I absolutely do not feel these teams are ill equipped to handle the tactic being presented to them. as for scoring to easily I think maybe right now it might be. I would like the teams to be finalized I think before I say for sure one way or another. I think the goalies ended up in strange places with the exception of tenderizer who just seems to be lacking a little something. I think if some other fighty teams get one and there just good it could help balance the gap a bit.
  14. All Stars Game

    I agree. Midas is dumb and I forgot about his touch which would only add to the pain if you were ever so inclined.
  15. All Stars Game

    I was think the same thing only swapping thresher for OX. If OX, Tapper, and Grange are not the 3 amigos of death I don't know who is. it wouldn't matter who set the others up and I don't even see anvil standing around very long. having corsair just drag people in.. I almost think Spigot would be better then Midas for times called to launch these dudes and if necessary just burry someone in range of the auras. its so silly I stopped doing the math.