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  1. I don't know. pintpot is crazy efficient as a battery and still gets work done. I also think that a pintpot team might dish out more damage then a Hooper team because of that efficacy (if there the either/or this discussion has taken). I don't need another big beat stick because I bring Tapper and I have not been disappointed at him no matter who I though him at. you have scum and og spigot who clean up whatever if left in tappers wake any way and they both do insane damage on KD models in commanding aura. I usually play Avarisse because singled out is dumb and when you through that on someone that cat and spigs catchup real quick to Hooper in the damage department just with there short playbooks. also pintpot brings some different things the to the table like getting around Hags "fear" and also being able to apply bleed. beating up a model with reanimate and letting them bleed out in the maintenance phase the next turn so you can actually kill them is super helpful
  2. I think she is because goals are worth 4 victory points. after all the fighting and killing if you find yourself at 8 points its a lot easier for her to make moves and close out a game then anyone else the team can bring (again because were keeping OG Spigot) she's got the distance and tools to put in a game winner and brewers need that. plus if you take harry you have very little counter goal threat. now early you may not want to use that but like I said if you get to 8 and there at 4 or 6 then who cares let them score and counter right back with Friday. after her it falls to spigot whos got a 4 dice 15" threat which is way down from Fridays 4 dice 20" threat. if near spigot its 5 dice 21". point is she give the opportunity to get into tap in range or blast an 11" shot. she's just more versatile.
  3. 1" melee.. it just makes shark hit her once before he takes the ball away from her. still don't know why people take her ever, even more so vs fish were the team is 2"melee.
  4. yes its a perfectly reasonable strategy. the real question is what are the shark players your playing doing? there's no reason to kick off with any one other then shark. there is also no reason to receive as shark can basically just go take the ball and score no matter who you get the ball to. this is the case unless a scatter really goes poorly for him. do they use terrain like obstructions to get the kick off stuck or kick it behind a forest so the brewers have a real hard time even getting to it? the kicking team chooses there side I just can not see how they are not taking advantage of it. also if they get knee slider he can steel the ball score and get away which is just insane. I agree if there using the legendary super early its not always a bad thing but if its done right and your down 8/0 after turn one I am not sure what the answer is.
  5. the biggest issue with even considering teamwork plays with passing vs fish (especially after shark legendary) is how do you have the ball? maybe shark just scored and you kicked it out to one of your guys so maybe you get to do this once but then your almost certainly giving it back to them. I still have no idea where to put people where sakana or siren aren't just taking it even after shark goes. every good shark player is going to ether use tapper to bounce off of meaning you counter attack does nothing or just avoid him entirely and find your 1" melee guys to abuse. because there all the same poor defense there is very little reason for them to even risk dealing with Tapper unless the just need the boost to get by him and they only need one hit to get past and 2 hits he's really gone.
  6. shark, the sirens, greyscales, and sakana are all 4s naturally. I think one of the sirens has charmed so she's a 5 all the time vs the shot I guess but the rest of them are totally 4's on a 3 dice play.
  7. there basically all 4s. that's just average I think.
  8. only thing better then 2 Fridays would being able to take both spigots at the same time.
  9. avarisse & greed are so good in brewers. I try to get them to launch greed to attack someone and get two momentum right away. it helps set up a sweet first turn with times called getting everyone up the field and you can put ol jake's out there too. just so helpful.
  10. I have played some other guilds but brewers have been my main since getting in at the end of season one. one of the beautiful things about this game is the guilds play differently. a smart fish player can manufacture all kinds of scoring possibilities where a brewers options are pretty straight forward I think. with the exception of Friday no ones coming out of no where to score. no one has dodges so everything is a straight line and your either in range or your not. I suppose sometimes you can try and push an opponent out of the way but that's about it. sure playing other factions probably helps general understanding of the game but I don't think it helps find ways to score. I usually don't have a problem scoring but when to score and not give up a counter goal is probably even more important. once Friday makes her goal run its very hard to defend the counter goal, one cuse were slow and two because we like to fight and if were not doing that were not doing much. killing the ball and waiting for the right opportunity to score is really the more important thing and I think you learn that best by practicing and giving it up a bunch. chasing the ball with fish is something that would make people stop playing brewers. there hole line up moves like 2" or more faster then the brewers and its on there card meaning there not waiting for set up. if you factor in the hag (which they obviously needed) there's no where on the pitch they cant retrieve the ball from and still probably make a run on goal with. its crazy.
  11. I don't want to change their identity at all. I love what the bring. I just don't think slow speed (arguably the slowest) and low defense (arguably the lowest) need to be a part of the identity. I certainly feel that having both is a huge problem. the low defense goes with the tough demeanor and the take a punch and punch back attitude so I get that. I love that. but it leads these 2' melee dodge guys running all over us. I really feel speed is where we could gain the most traction. just cause there drunk does not mean there not an athlete. NFL players get DWI's every year, Mickey Mantel was a freak of nature in Baseball and played plenty of games hungover or still drunk as day games were way more prevalent back then. you mean Hooper and Tapper don't look as athletic as Ballista? I'm not talking about a big change and I'm not talking about every one. stoker has more armor slowing him down and ranged plays, he's good. I can see stave lumbering around, fine. though I would love a faster Mash he's a giant dude, I get it. just a couple tweaks to a couple players I really think would help. they have not evolved enough with the meta I agree. they are also in the kick off box so new players are encouraged to play with them though I think figuring out the placement for all there buffs is not the easiest point of entry guild ball has to offer. I really do okay with brewers but it takes a little bit to go right and very good placement/order of activations to get desirable outcomes. there identity is bar room brawl team on team fight and when someone decides to let me get a scrum I do not usually loose.
  12. personally I think this sums up what people are feeling perfectly it shows that are stats are at the bottom of the guilds to start but if we get all are buffs out there were the best around. perfectly reasonable interaction to have in miniature games but what is not accounted for is the back and forth playstyle in guild ball. Don't get me wrong I love the way guild ball works but for this type of playstyle its extremely difficult. basically brewers need set up to excel and because your opponent always has a chance to intervene its difficult to pull off because most other guilds are using there naturally better stat lines to do it. once they disrupt your set up your stuck with below average stats. for example the stat I think most hinders the brewers is speed. besides Friday and the cat we have no plus speed guys at all (Friday kinda does not even count as she is average for strikers basically everyone has one) and spigot is are only average speed guy. we have no 2" melee that's faster then 7" . cool so are sub par speed needs to be buffed. what speed buffs are available in faction: Esters- empowered voice. Tapper- Marked target? Quaff- second wind? Spigot- Time's called well that's not a hole lot and two of them are very iffy at best to be considered a consist speed boost but they affect movement of others so I put them in there. times called is fantastic and really does what we need a bunch of the time with its only down side being it basically means spigot is always taken (which is fine, most guilds have one). both captains have one so there never on the field at the same time. at best these buffs bring are speed to average or slightly above, but then you opponent goes and moves spigot back changing the bubble location or puts fire, rough ground, or a trap right in front of the bubble you just made. worse yet a forest that you cant see though cause that's something that could happen. or they see what you maybe going for and just move it out of the way. now if your caught with out a speed boost and no momentum to shake a condition or the effect is unshakable (gut and string, sharks legendary, hamstring) your really in trouble. teams that felt fast before are really running circles around you sometimes literally. this is before factoring in there own buffs. with no dodges to speak of (except oddly enough pinpot) there is nothing to do but maybe run 3 or 5"ish.
  13. so your saying to take mash solely on the premise that the shark payer will kick to that side and the ball will skater so that mash can retrieve it and get far enough away to cause him to tidal surge and then still most likely take the ball? mash moves 6", there are times on kick offs hes not even fast enough to go get the ball that's essentially in front of him. seems like an overflowing amount of eggs in one basket. also capturing and killing shark usually is not an issue but when he comes back in and legendry's your usually in a bad way as a brewer
  14. I just feel that the rule lacks consistency. For example Friday is a pretty good lookin girl both in the art and model wise, hell in fluff she seems most likely to grab a beer and hang out after the match. one could argue "dream girl" so why aren't these big dudes taking it easy on her? obviously her gaining the defense from being near Spigot is why they can not give her that rule. so they wanted her and Brisket to end up with the same defensive stat line I think, but Friday got the short end of the stick because fluff wise she pals around with spigot.
  15. season 3 is hard times and we are definitely bottom half of guilds right now. I don't think its all doom and gloom though. Saturday I finished 3 and 1 in an 18 person tournament. my only loss was to the Engineer player who won the hole thing and do to tie breakers ended up in 5th place. not a bad showing for my first tournament. the only problem with this is the teams that give brewers the most trouble have 0 issues getting the ball in either of these situations any way even if all of this goes off without a hitch for the most part. shark is just taking it and if not Osiren or corsair are doing it from range. Sakana has anatomical precision and access to weak point. for engineers ballista is just going to KD from 8" away and see where the ball goes or velocity gets in there takes the ball on one hit and puts up nimble wile in cover with close control. the alcs can send in whatever kat is there and I'm pretty sure vitriol or Midas would still get it as well. Mist actually gains a tac if you get to cover and only needs one hit to get away. 14" sounds fast but its not. shark by himself has access to 13" with enough to make an attack and 2" melee so he like 15" all the time. add the hag in for her movement nonsense and its not even close. for 3 influence ballista shoots the dog form 16" away. personally I feel using all those resources and not generating momentum (which is what the brewers run on) is the biggest trap of all. all of this being said I can not beat my friends shark team for my life so who knows. I think I want a goalkeeper.