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Entrox Licher

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  1. Exactly! SFG has put soooo much thought into all of this, and I for one trust their judgment on this and a lot of other things that have been tweaked and changed around. I really do think they know what they're doing with this, and have made the decisions they have as the result of rigorous playtesting. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  2. Alex commented on this I believe, he said from playtestesting it encouraged just hiding the host in a corner while everyone else did the fighting
  3. Going to just throw this thread out here so all of us here in the US can compare notes basically, see when people start to get it in, if you see it in any FLGS, etc. On my end, have been in avid contact with my FLGS (a retail backer) and they are telling me that they were supposed to have them by Friday and it's a bit of a mystery as to why they didn't. They've talked with a couple of other retail backers going through the same thing. They've reached out to SFG for official word, but with the weekend and hectic nature they must be in no word yet. Current working theory, but just theory mind you, is that they might have gotten stuck in Customs. That's all they've told me!
  4. Great idea! Here's some of the things I've had bouncing around in my head. A small little house rule, I'm probably going to make it so the character who has aggro the first turn of an encounter is the player who acts first. So the very first time, you can choose who it is, but if you follow the whole first activation token rules, subsequently, whoever has that token will also gain the aggro token. Also considering maybe nixing the first activation token, letting you choose, who goes first, it's really a matter of playing and seeing what feels right. Though I'm pretty sure I want whoever goes first to have aggro, because it just feels right. My word, I am now so incredibly excited to have a 4 Knights of Gwyn Gauntlet. I had kind of toyed with Sif & Artorias duo, but I absolutely adore that idea as well. Almost like an untold part of the lore...Artorias, Ornstein, Gough, and the crier (I'm sorry, she did nothing else ) back to back, dunking it out. Dodge Ornstein's Lightning Bolt and even Artorias's leap, only to get pierced by Gough's arrow, staggering you and allowing the crier to escape your grasp. I love it! I'm trying to think of a way to have a nice extra long campaign with the Core Set bosses, still not totally decided on how to do that. I do have a great idea for a campaign involving the fan made Lorian and Lothric boss (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1765909/twin-princes-unofficial-boss-expansion Huge endorsement for it! Looks awesome and even comes with the file to print a 3D model!). So probably similar to the Dark Souls 3 campaign in the rule book, but Inthink of adding in maybe a duo of Boreal Outrider Knights, similar to how it is handeled with the Gargoyles in the other campaign, and have the Twins as my final boss. Also really like the idea said in another thread of inserting five more legendary treasures upon defeating a boss, relevant to campaign mode, so you could have all of them in there at some point. Definitely going to do that one. Curious to see how much the bosses implement status effects in their attacks, given a couple of pieces of gear with immunity, since grunts don't have status effects. If bosses don't have them in their attacks, it would render those immunities kind of pointless. The only one I've really seen is the Boreal Outrider Knight using a lot of Frostbite (clearly haha), and I think I remember seeing stagger on either the Titanite Demon or the Winged Knight. Either way, I'd love to see some bleed and poison too! I think these conditions are a great little way of adding depth. Aside from that I really just want to play! So excited!
  5. I hate to be the bearer of bad news . It seems highly unlikely, given everything is arriving to fulfillment centers and backers now. Not saying it's impossible though, so you would really have to wait to hear back from SFG to be sure.
  6. Thanks a bunch Alex! That's what I suspected. Great to see you around!
  7. As long as we are all bashing our heads waiting for the game... Question for you all regarding this new card (Image comes from the Man vs Meeple review). It says 'One character within' <one range> 'gains(?) 1 stamina' Do you all think this could apply to the person actually using the weapon?
  8. I'd like to try it out, as long as you're offering!
  9. Another review just popped up, Polygon this time. Also negative, but essentially very similar to what Dice Tower/Tom Vasel said. It was extremely amusing to me how as he described what he didn't like as "An overwhelming sense of despair", that is was too hard, and you died a lot. I take all of those things as positive. It is Dark Souls the Board Game, not for everyone. I do think, as some people over on KS were saying, that he seemed a bit biased against it going in, he maybe didn't emphasize that is wasn't for him, rather labeling it bad. I cringed when he called Dark Souls a shooter...
  10. Great, that's what I though. Thanks for helping me clear it up guys!
  11. Simple question really. With some of the reviews out, I seem to be getting the idea from them that a class treasure can only be used by that class. I always just assumed that if someone else had the stats for it, and the party thought it better, than someone else could use it. Is that not the case? Can't find anything in the rulebook specifying one way or the other.
  12. Awesome! Also, my OCD is laid to rest... Just saw the Warrior Once per spark ability text missing the O--Fixed! Silly, I know, but nice to see they fixed it for the final print
  13. Thanks you guys! I like the idea of adding more legendary treasures as you beat more bosses. Also what was said about the discarded treasures is valid, likely you won't want/use them any more. Thanks for all the feedback! Awesome community!
  14. Absurdly excited for the game, almost here. I've spent the last 3 months or so pouring over the rules, and the rules clarifications thread here on the forums (big thanks to Alex and Replect for that one), just trying to soak it all in. Now I've come across somethings I'm not 100% sure about in regards to the Treasure Deck in Campaign Play. When do legendary and transposed treasures get added in? This is the big one. I'm not sure if the deck would just start with them, in which case you might see way too many overstatted treasures early on, or if you add them in later, but if so, when? After the first boss? Especially weird given the potential variable lengths of future campaigns. Where do you add those in in a 5 boss campaign? My gut still says after first boss, regardless of length, but I'm not sure. What happens if the Treasure Deck runs out of treasures? I ran some quick math, and I'm pretty sure it is actually impossible for this to happen in standard play (or at the least extremely difficult, requiring a lot of treasure chests, and virtually all souls spent on treasures). But in campaign play, since you can buy sparks, you can plausibly grind. Which means you could theoretically empty the deck, especially in longer, harder campaigns. I would assume it's just, oh well, no more treasures. But since there is the option to sell treasures back in campaign play. When a treasure is sold, the rules clearly state it is discarded, not added back to the deck. But if the treasure deck runs out, would the discarded treasures be shuffled to create a new deck? Not sure on this one. Especially curious because I envision plenty of grinding (great for me, core gameplay loop seems excellent), so I can definitely see this popping up. Just a couple a things I don't feel sure about, and want to get feedback on it, given I see myself sinking a lot of time into campaign play. Not long now!