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  1. Received against Alchs last night and used the Cat Strat to great efficiency, blocking vitriols charge lane and then pulling an unsuspecting Harry in to threat range. Vitriol goes and hits friday a few times and puts up clone. Tapper burns the clone with a Bonus timed marked target (whew) and then puts her into the dirt start of round 2. Very interest pressure that the cat provides.
  2. @Slothrop that is a really interesting strategy and I will definitely have to give it a shot. Friday has scored 3 goals in 4 games for me and isn't terribly hard to protect (but then you have two vulnerable players in one area is my only argument) I digress, thanks for the cat strat!
  3. I agree that she is way more versatile but i am finding in most of my games that the scrum is happening at the mid-line and I am killing 2-4 people and scoring a goal either to get me to 8 or to end the game. Most of the time though I send tapper (while in football legend) or a bonus timed harry, or even super shot mash for that goal though. Friday is a great choice for the team, and I should probably get more table time in with her before I say she isn't an auto include, but for me idk where to take other players out for her.
  4. Find where siren is, know shark probably kicked off towards the middle and decide after the kickoff where the ball needs to go to be safe. Then setup for the next turn trying to generate MP off anyone who comes too close. Kill ball until you get some take outs then shoot the opportunistic goals to get you to the 8-10 mark. I completely agree with your assessment and feel like having tapper in the center of the plan is a great idea as well. I'm not sure why Friday is an auto include. I have Mash and OSpigot as my auto includes to make my 4. As a matter of fact, Tapper, Hooper, scum, oSpigot, and Mash are all included in my fish line-up. The last slot being either Harry or Friday. That is my competitive line-up into fish and it is 4-0 at the moment against shark.
  5. Unless shark has knee slider, you can still get to him. Kick the ball out, pass it around to generate MP, send in fully loaded tapper after he passes the ball to make a 4inch dodge. Every game I have played into shark has started 4-2 or 0-0 after first turn. I can either get it to mash and hold it, or I give the ball to tapper and go for the KD. The shark player will then typically have 2-3 momentum at the end of their goal run. Kick the ball out and proceed with the rest of your turn creating momentum and then last activation go in with tapper. Shark will normally be left with 4-7 boxes depending on when you get CA going. This will give you a even or +1 advantage on the roll for next turn. Finish off shark proceed to middle of board and dominate the area. Edit: Also, player skill has a lot to do with what Steamforged considers balanced i'm pretty sure.
  6. One thing that our group has talked about is "long shot." To match how easy it is to score from within 4 inches, it should be an automatic +1 TN for any shot 8 inches and higher. So in essence from 0-4 inches is tap in, 4.00001-7.9999 is normal and 8+ inches is a long shot. This would make Shark, Midas, and all the other threats at least consider moving in for shots. Just a pipe dream though
  7. NEVER FORGET!!! Mash is a BEAST
  8. Tell me some of the coolest, craziest, most fun situations that you have had as a brewer player in season 3. I had spigot balls gone shark passing to mash within football legend aura for a 5 dice snapshot for the win! Super fun and hilarious to play out.
  9. I completely agree with you, it is almost always going to be tapper and hopper, i even like mash in this matchup.
  10. I find with brewers that putting people in a bad position that there is only one real option but leaves them with losing VP's is the reason I have been so successful. Tapper, hooper, spigot, in the middle and and you have 2-3 knocked down players to activate. A player with the ball and a KD player on medium health is another tough choice because the right brewers have momentous tackles and can make opportunistic goals. I agree with you that knowing when to score and when to cage/ kill the ball is probably the most important factor that a brewer player can learn. But if I can get 2 kills and then goal to go to 8 points, that is the magic number.
  11. Out of curiosity, how many other teams have people run as a main team before brewers? I have run butchers and fish in season one and two and I feel like having learned how to deal with 2 inch melee (butchers have a tough time) and dealing with chasing a ball (fish obviously) I have learned how to become a more opportunistic goal scorer with brewers or how to cage and force them to over commit. I was just wondering if trying other teams will lead to success.
  12. This is exactly what our meta has been thinking! This is a perfect way to buff Theron and the original hunters! Great write up!
  13. @malladin.ben do you warn your opponent every time they are about enter counter charge or an UM? I ask because i will warn my opponents before the game and as well as I can remember once for each trait/ character during the game. I always feel like I have done my fair share.
  14. As a brewers/ fish player i am a little curious about these picks. Corsair with 2 inch galore should cause midas a problem as well as the crazy ball control he has. Shark plays the quick and dirty goal game which idk if smoke can keep up with, where as Midas has a better chance. Tapper would much rather see midas across the way imo because with the right lineup, the entire brewers team could be on fire and slowed even more against smoke. Smoke shines in the late game almost as much as the brewers team does. Also if Brewers are spending all of their momentum clearing conditions, that means that they are not putting up as many heroics. Just my 2 cent