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  1. Marbles without Honour and without Brick is basically just a Goad machine, with an easy momentous tackle result. Giving him regular counter-charge would be something to try out, as he can become hugely annoying to deal with. I actually am surprised I don't see anything said about Wrecker, though. Defensive stats of 2+/3 against creatures that usually have only 2 or 3 TAC just makes him impervious against anything but charges. On top of that, he has very easy to tackles, pushes and knockdowns, and has the second-furthest movement range due to Rollerball (10"). [Salt has the furthest, with a 9" sprint and 4" WtG dodge making 13"] Makes him a pretty good ballcarrier, right? And as @tehlon already mentioned, this game of mascots would be heavily based on getting crowd-out bonuses. Guess what Wrecker is good at breaking or setting up using Rollerball's free Ramming Speed...?
  2. Lineups against specific Guilds

    Hey there, Interesting question! I for one am rather interested to hear about what other people might have to say. I for one have no idea what to play against Midas, but usually I just pick Honour's Kick Off six. Against Smoke, I usually like to play a Hammer team, as he and Minx can pose a serious threat to the backline of the team (usually Smoke, Calculus and Mercury). If Vitriol is played, I also like to play Wrecker. He's really been a pain in her arse from time to time! If you really want to get rid of the conditions, bring vHarmony. I wouldn't bring Granite, as it is WAY too easy to slow her down for a Smoke team, or you should be prepared to use a lot of MP to clear her. Against Butchers, I usually try to dance around an Ox-centered team with Honour, oHarmony and Flint, but against Fillet, I try to outmurder them. Hammer is quite good against her, and a block of Granite, Marbles and Brick should be able to bog them down quite a bit. Add in vHarmony for the bleed removal, which is usually Fillet's biggest damage amplifier, and you should be good to go. Just watch out with Boiler, as his Anatomical Precision (-1 ARM) really makes the Masons a lot less tanky! I really dislike playing against Brewers. Usually, I just pick Honour with Flint and try to outscore them, while constantly trying to keep away, or to wait for some missteps. Get close to a Tapper line-up, and it's over. Esters is somewhat more forgiving damage-wise, but is way more adept in killing off goal threats, together with Stoker and Harry's Molotovs. Usually I start out quite good, with a 6-0 or 8-0 lead, but then lose it all due to some mispositioning and then losing too many of my team to get back into the game. I wouldn't know how Hammer'd fare against either team, but it would be interesting to practice. I've never played against Engineers, so I wouldn't know. I love playing Honour, Marbles, Brick, Chisel, Mallet and Flint against Shark. If I really want to go more killy, I guess I'd also bring Minx instead of Flint, or maybe oHarmony for the Linked 10 INF activations. Fun stuff: if the Shark player kicks off with Siren, just get the ball with Marbles and dodge him away. A Shark-team without the ball is usually useless, and if you can use Marbles and Brick in such a way, that they constantly keep the bubble to deny them possession, you're golden. Honour, Chisel and Mallet can just go to work and kick in some teeth! Fun fact: last time I've won against Shark, Flint scored 3x... I've not yet played against Corsair, but I've heard he's actually better at the KD-game than even Tapper, so I guess I'd really dislike it. I've only yet played a single game against Theron Hunters, which was one of the first games that I actually played. I think I'd be able to pull out the win nowadays. The only thing that I actually remember from that game, is that I have grown a hatred for Jaecar, and for the snared condition. Not played against Skatha. Mirror matches are very much about who of the players understands their team better (and sometimes dice rolls, of course!). I've actually only played two mirror matches yet, which were very interesting, and taught me a lot about positioning and timing, which are key for the Masons. I've only played against Obulus Spooks once, and that was at the same tourney as against the Hunters. Once again, I would do a lot of things differently. Sure, I've also played some Vassal games against them, but I feel like I've not yet the amount of experience required to give meaningful advice on playing against this Guild. I've actually never played against a Union team, so there's that.
  3. @HuggyTheBear Have you tested Decimate enough to provide some insights? Would love to hear it! And how about Snakeskin? As is stands now, I'm still figuring out two picks in my 10. Honour, Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Tower, oHarmony are set in stone. Last slot will be Wrecker, most likely. Wrecker can do some decent work in making it hard for strikers to score, pushing people into range for Hammer to go to work and breaking up unfavorable scrums. Chisel and vHarmony are just too niche, and Granite really feels too slow. Especially when I'm mostly going to be up against speedy teams, like Alchemists, Fishermen, Butchers (and Union, I think). I'm thinking a Union pick would be better, but... Union pick is still totally unclear. I see pro's and cons in all my possible picks and it's unclear to me as to what I really need to round out my 10-man roster...
  4. @HuggyTheBearI guess we'll be able to discuss it to some length upcoming tourney in Hasselt in late June. What, in your opinion, makes Decimate also a good pick? Is it her ability to deal decent damage ánd be very mobile? Or maybe is her Second Wind ability so hugely important? @Lord Antoine @MechMage All of the mentioned teams are played once, and the League will be a double round robin, so I'm going to play Fish only twice. I don't think that's enough reason to bring Chisel with me. Thanks for the insights, though!
  5. The following 7 players are those that are auto-includes for me: Honour Hammer Mallet Tower oHarmony Flint Brick At the moment, I'm torn about who to pick as well for my upcoming Big League. My meta will consist of Midas/Smoke Alchemists, Tapper/Esters Brewers, Shark/Corsair Fishermen, (I think) Ox-Fillet Butchers and someone who's going to play either Union, Engineers or Morticians for the first time. Do I go with only one or both mascots, and if I pick only one, which one? I can see merit in taking either Marbles or Wrecker, but with Marbles I'm too concerned with háving to pick Brick to make him viable enough as a pick. Also, I'm thinking of going full beater with Hammer and playing the footballing game with Honour. Wrecker has merit in both, while Marbles (and Brick) aren't really the footbally types, so I'm thinking of just picking Wrecker. Will I get a Union pick, or choose to stay pure-Guild and pick between Granite, Chisel and vHarmony? And if I do pick a Union member, which one? In my opinion, Chisel should only be playing against Shark Fishermen, as against any other team, she'll hit the dust way too fast. Granite is very slow, but can easily hold the midfield on her own, which can be useful in a Hammer line-up. vHarmony might also work, but she's very situational and required loads of setup. The Union picks: AnG can be used in both the Hammer and Honour line-ups dependably, Mist can work as a nice third striker in the Honour team, Minx is the ideal setup piece for Hammer, Snakeskin is a very nice ball-carrier and Decimate can really get some work done damage-wise, while still being hyper-mobile. When only picking Wrecker, I'm thinking of taking both Granite and Minx with me for the Hammer line-up. With both Marbles and Wrecker, it might just end up with me just picking AnG for both teams. But I'm just not sure. Of course, there's also the fact that I've never even played a serious game with either Hammer, Wrecker, Granite, AnG, Minx, Decimate and Snakeskin. Any thoughts?
  6. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    @naiconn1981Oh darn, I misread that part! My bad!
  7. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    It's actually 2+/2 to 3+/2 with Determination.
  8. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    Wow, @Slothrop, I think you've actually hit the nail on the head right there. I've actually never realized the Masons have so many activation-shenanigans, or defined them as such! I guess the Masons can better be called Time Lords then? Banter aside, thanks for giving another helpful view on the matter and I hope it'll induce some healthy discussion in later posts/threads.
  9. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Hey guys, I'm thinking this thread is going a tad too off-topic at the moment. This thread was initially started to discuss the Vengeance 2017 statistics, but has turned into a "who-is-the-better-company"/"is-SFG-doing-good-or-bad" debate. Please make another thread if you're going this off-topic and thereby just changing the entire topic of the thread. On the Vengeance statistics, I'd like to agree with @HuggyTheBear, @malladin.ben and @Stephen78 on saying that this game is excellently balanced and that most of the higher ranked players can just play any guilds and perform well. Skill and insight are a huge part of these sorts of games. Sure, Alchemists, Brewers and Hunters seem outliers, but just adding some errata without any expansive testing is bonkers. I'd rather wait a couple of months and receive changes, that actually fix or at least decrease the significance of the problem, than receiving some quick, improvised stuff that just creates other problems.
  10. First turn goal, sure! But what then?

    Oh, forgot Howzat also has KD. Still though. TAC5 against 3+/2 (Honour) or 4+/1 (Flint) or 5+/0 (Harmony/Mist) means rolling 5x3+'s (13,2%), 4x4+'s (18,8%) or 3x5+'s (21%), while I have a 89% (TAC4) or 98% (TAC6) chance on getting a good tackle per attack. But sure, I agree, Mallet is the most surefire way of getting the ball back without any repercussions. UM doesn't activate, no counterattacks. I guess taking Mallet over Tower is still the better way to go then. Then I'll have 5 ways of getting stuff off of Mash! And when receiving, it's even easier to get those momentum-generating passes off!
  11. First turn goal, sure! But what then?

    This should not be a huge problem with Honour, Harmony, Flint ánd Mist in the team, who all have dodge abilities to counteract the UM, are all faster than him and have easy access to tackles on their first column, of which only Mist's is non-momentous. With Mash's only KD result being on column 4, the only thing he might reliably be able to do is tackle the ball back. Sure, this'll be pretty INF inefficient, due to the INF costs of the dodge, the tackles and the pass out, but when you're only going for goals, not having the ball is even more inefficient.
  12. OMG, I've never really thought about it in that way. That is awesome! xD Congrats on the 29th position, @Mullered! I was also quite surprised of the 50% winrate, but I'm guessing this is mostly due to no new players picking up Masons, and therefore the Mason playerbase at Vengeance was already quite experienced. Of course, I wasn't there, so you could easily debunk my statement if not truthful. Yes, it seems that that particular feeling has been going on for a while now. You can see it in the random banter on the Facebook groups, when they're casually joking about Masons players. I've also noticed in the last couple of weeks, that the activity of this subforum is quite low compared to other already established guilds, and that the discussions are almost always the same 5-6 people. I, for one, am trying to liven up some of the topics with some of my own views, and starting new threads on issues I find myself coming up against. For someone that has only played 10-something games, I still consider myself learning-in-progress, but I've already learned quite a lot just by reading the opinions of more experienced players. [Shoutouts to @Stephen78, @HuggyTheBear, @kryzak, @Lord Antoine, @naiconn1981 and @LunarSol for all the great information in the last couple of weeks! ]
  13. So, the stats for Vengeance 2017 came out today and I was absolutely shocked to see only 8 out of 116 players playing our beloved stonecutters. Is it just me, or are other people also starting to get worried? Even the Brewers and Hunters, who are notoriously famous for performing badly at tourneys, had three times the amounts of players. What could be the reasoning for this low turn-out? Maybe Masons having such a strict possibility of rosters, as I usually see Granite, vHarmony and Chisel just being left out of the 10? The Masons' playstyle being so clearly known, as their new players are hardly ever being picked up, so other players know what other guild members to expect just from seeing the captain? What I've also been hearing quite a lot is that the other guilds have much more 'flavour'? I'm also very much worried about the new guild, the Blacksmiths. Sure, there are only two models spoiled for ~75%, but their [Master]/[Apprentice] mechanic and the "slow MOV / high ARM" stats can easily be compared with what the Masons are known for: synergies between players while standing near each other and high ARM values. So basically, I'd think they'll attract the same kind of players, which might dilute the Masons' playercount even more. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite psyched about them, but I guess that was to be expected from a Masons player, right? Of course, watching the BlackOrifice data of the last year, the Masons have a respectable game count of just 500, so Vengeance might just be an outlier, but still... 8/116... Damn... I'd like to see what'll happen for the rest of the year at major tourneys.
  14. First turn goal, sure! But what then?

    Thanks for the quick response! The thing is, I actually really had no say in who to sacrifice, due to Stave's excellent barrel placements. He just kept on separating my entire team, while bringing one in range of his death squad. Stave really messed up my chances there. If I recall correctly, he picked Stave fifth, which only left me with a single pick left, which was Tower, as I needed his aura to not get KD's on my whole team from a single barrel, as Masons like to stick together and buff each other up, before going for a scrum. What would you think of a line-up of all fast characters with decent kick stats to just try and pull apart his group? Something like Honour, Wrecker, Harmony, Flint, Mist and another Mason (thinking of Tower for his decent speed, easy tackle and pushes in the PB, Tooled Up for Honour/Harmony shenanigans, 3/6" KICK stats). If someone gets caught out, they're instantly dead, but all of them have decent-to-good possibilities in getting the ball back, while the rest is killing the sacrificial lamb. The problem with this line-up, I think, is that it's pretty INF inefficient, as everyone actually wants some at some time. At least 1 INF to be able to sprint and keep out of the drunkards' range. I'm not sure if I'd want to take Mist in my 10, though, as I'd get far more done with either AnG or Minx, I'd think. Ideas?
  15. Hi all, I've got a strategy question regarding what to do after getting your goal. I'll use a match I played last Wednesday as an example. Masons: Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, Flint versus Brewers: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Stave, Mash He kicks off and the ball ends up perfectly for me to get with Mallet and I start passing the ball around to gain some momentum. In the meanwhile, my opponent is just setting up his pieces for turn 2, already expecting my Superior Strategy turn 1 Flint goal. He positions Scum and Hooper in such a way, that I have to go through the middle to score, which succeeds. Turn 2 starts with me at 4-0 and I win the initiative roll. The ball is positioned on Spigot, but Flint can easily reach it with Where'd They Go?! and a sprint. My idea was to momentous tackle Spigot, hope for him to not get 3 results on the counterattack for Ball's Gone and make another goal attempt with 3 dice, as I was within 8" of the goal. I know it'd be a death sentence for the striker, but I'd go for a 8-2 VP trade any day. Sadly, he gets his Ball's Gone result and Flint dies soon after. 4-2 Now the Brewers have the ball, but have shown no intention of trying to come and score. His team was fully built around trying to isolate my squad with Stave's barrels (of which I could lessen the impact with Tower's aura somewhat) and just killing the ball around the sidelines, behind his defensive line of Tapper, Hooper, Stave and Scum. Moving up my pieces one by one would be a death sentence, as they'd just get deleted before the rest of the team arrives. Scrumming against Tapper Brewers is never a good option, by the way... So basically, I tried some stuff with pushing Spigot out of the field with Mallet, after Spigs got too close to the frontline, to try and reset the ball, but I misplayed and couldn't reach Spigs on my Sup. Strat. activation, due to one of Stave's well placed barrels. (I jogged on the first activation, but should've sprinted. I came short 1,5"...) One by one, my guys just got caught out by barrels or pushes into their lines and I wasn't able to get the ball back. And trying to just go into the scrum would've been certain defeat. By the end, my entire team was positioned around my goalpost due to all the pushing and trying to hold off their attack as much as possible, but it all just felt really useless after losing the ball in turn 2. Lost the game with 5 take-outs (of which twice Marbles) and he just scored with Spigot on his last activation, due to everyone in my team being engaged elsewhere around my goal-post. So here's my question: what am I supposed to do when my opponent kills the ball with a superior brawler team?