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  1. First Round is all set with @MechMage's Doppelgangers starting with a slight lead in Net Points!
  2. You are going to need to earn that "Not bottom" spot. The league is mainly for fun and learning, don't sweat results.
  3. 1st Match in the Books! @Valorci's Engineers 12 - @Ebice's Butchers 8. Great Ballista/Fillet Brawl with a goal from Salvo for the win.
  4. This League is LIVE! Members and fans can join our discord channel by the following link https://discord.gg/dE56gBS 1st match is due before May 15th
  5. One of these threads sprouting up? I won't feed into this.
  6. Hello Gore League Coaches and Fans, and welcome to the first season of Highlander Guild Ball. We have every single Guild represented here in this Round Robin tournament, looking for Blood and Bounty! @Rvianarpg's Aclhemists! @Ebice's Butchers! @LinChaiMing's Brewers! @Valorci's Engineers! @Beltizar's Fishermen! @Zeige's Hunters! @Spinsane's Masons! @teamcass's Morticians! @Ziggy's Union! and a special shoutout to @MechMage's Doppelgangers! Mirror matching each of his opponents! The Rounds are Set and Posted! Discord is Primed and Ready! Good luck to everyone! First match is due by May 15th.
  7. Well I wasn't expecting to get two unions teams submitting within a minute of each other... @MrRebates, I have you on facebook as well and if a spot opens up while doing the league, you will be the first person I offer the spot to. Thank you for your interest. I will be doing more of these if this first one goes well.
  8. All Rosters are up to date and we should have a Union player posting here shortly. I will send everyone a PM with a discord channel that can be used for scheduling games and Voice as well. First match up will be available this Saturday night or Sunday morning.
  9. Still looking for just a Union player. @teamcass and @Zeige, Please have your rosters in today.
  10. @LinChaiMing Welcome to the League. Only need a Union team now and I can start scheduling.
  11. @Rvianarpg I was waiting for you to sign up. Almost PM'd you. Looking forward to playing your Alchemists again
  12. Welcome to the League, @teamcass. Please edit your post with your roster by Friday if you can. Same for @Zeige.
  13. @Spinsane Welcome aboard. 4 slots remain.
  14. Hey Mechmage, Thanks for taking up the task as Doppelganger. Please create your rosters as you are matched. Let your opponent know your roster while scheduling your match.
  15. The new hunters are listed here http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/tactics-of-the-moon-goddess You can have a while to look over the new choices and select your roster.