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  1. I've been giving this a lot of thought but the question I keep coming back to- What would need to happen to oHearne to make him useful in a Skatha-led team? I feel like Natures Blessing is so much a part of the effectiveness of the model that losing Theron's forest makes selecting new Hearne over old a given.
  2. And as such, it gets removed right away. Hunters have something of a reliance on Snared, which is why I think it would be nice to create some sort of disincentive for it to be removed. Then again, maybe it overpoweres Minx. But at the same time, Gut & String gives all the same benefit, an additional [-2"/-2"], and can't be removed.
  3. As a Hunter, if you telegraph your intentions to your prey, they escape. If you're hunting another predator, and you can't stay one step ahead of them... well, now you're the prey. So consistent with that theme I feel like Hunter's "identity" wants to revolve around tactical flexibility, exploiting terrain, and lots of options to outmaneuver your opponent (through reposition). This will naturally make them more difficult to play- but reward players who carefully plan and use that flexibility to make the right move at the right time. This could mean more access to abilities like "Back to the Shadows"- which give free reposition- or abilities like Midnight Offering and Skatha's snowball + Teamwork which have an out-of-activation component. And more damage. The payoff for all that careful setup should at least equal the investment. So- leaving out playbook changes- I'd like to see more of that. For example: More access to "Swift Strikes", "Shadow Like", & "Unpredictable Movement" Add tactical flexibility to BotSF by allowing out of activation Character Plays. BotSF: "Target Other Friendly Model within [6"]. That model may immediately perform a Character Play of COST [3] or less without spending influence." Better bonuses for engaging opponents in Rough Ground/Forests (+DMG? +TAC? BOTH?!) And lastly, buff Snared so that it does some Condition Damage when removed. Seriously- if you set off one of Chaska's Big Game Traps, you should not be brushing it off for a paltry 1 MOM.
  4. So yeah, about Snow... Unless I'm mistaken, it seems like he Auto-recovers the ball after a Goal Kick as long as he's within 10" of your goalpost. Even if he's not, it seems like he has a fair chance of grabbing it back with a favorable scatter. This seems like a good tool for getting the ball moving in the right direction again after you've allowed a goal- and all the more reason to activate him late.
  5. 5/9. But I think you've convinced me to start running Hearne in place of the Bear for awhile. Not sure if I have it in me to drop Chaska, though. Which means if I wanted to run Zarola I'd have to drop... I don't even know. Minx?
  6. He's about to excel at being brutally taken out of my team
  7. My bad- I must've missed that link
  8. First impressions: I cant wait to give Seenah Anatomical Precision. Having your entire team potentially start the game in Fast Ground is beast. Oh wow! With his totally amazing lone hunter ability, Ulfr has... TAC 6. Up from 4. What a beast. According to SFG, He'll be wrapping all day long on that 5 column playbook. *end sarcasm*. Honestly though, I can't help but be worried about Ulfr. He's another case of having a bunch of nerfs out of the box (he LOSES a TAC ganging up with a single player, he's a printed 3"/6") unless you meet special conditions (i.e. doing damage). As others have observed, Ambush probably won't see much use. Skatha's snowball ability boils down to it's CP cost. If it's 1, then that's an amazing tool to reposition herself and others. If it's 2 or more, it's a less reliable Midnight Offering (4" dodge if she makes the pass vs 4"-7" jog 100% of the time) or an overpriced Sun Strike (2 INF for 1 MOM)
  9. What about a character trait on Theron that would punish the opponent for clearing snared? I.e doing condition dmg. or generating momentum for us
  10. I think a cool ability for her would be to get a free Snap Shot after making an attack, or a free Flurry (or two Snap Shots) after making a charge. Sort of like, "After this model spends influence to make an Attack or Charge, she gains an equal amount of influence that may only be only be used to perform Character Plays." Keeps Snap Shot on the card, but avoids having to waste influence on it by making it free as long as she's attacking. It also gives her a chance to apply poison and get another inch of push-off if she takes a playbook result that didn't deal damage. This is assumes her targets don't have tough hide, of course...
  11. If V. Hearne hit someone with Skewered who didn't already have Snared- would it trigger Lunar Eclipse?