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  1. You're largely right in that. The S3 changes have given Midas some news tools that enable him to setup others as well. Make no mistake about it, he does it for his own glory He's still good old Midas, it is about him being the shining beacon of gold, the savior and all around scheming focal point of the universe. He's just that kind of lovely guy.
  2. With Smoke I tend to not play her into certain teams, Brewers being one, mostly as large part of their lineup can clear conditions with ease and have in general too much health to really damage. Still, if you want to make Smoke the one and only, all the power to you. For a 10 man centered around her you'd want conditions galore all around. My normal 6 with Smoke is: Smoke Naja Vitriol Calculus vKat Harry In addition I add these 4 for situations Compound oKat Mercury Crucible Compound is a nice trick in the bag and is generally useful with little influence (1). He can put Odour or Chemical resist as needed and keeps a nice zone around the goal. oKat is for matchups when vKat can be shutdown too easily, for example ranged snares, knockdowns or clone/ high def 2'' models. oKat also can take more damage and dish out in general almost as much as vKat. oKat's easier access to an momentus KD and damage results should be a consideration. Mercury can also come in as another fire AoE and make even more templates and movement debuffs. Crucible I still haven't quite figured out, but she seems to be nice as a midfielder supporting a beater. I tend to use Harry for this to setup either of the Katalysts for kills or as I've done multiple times. Run people off the table with his pushes. Last victim was everyones favorite bear. Got a a massive charge off and wrapped like a boss double, double pushing the bear halfway to the sausage stands. Play it your way man, have fun and keep the Smoke strong!
  3. As many before me already have said, Alchemist captains are two different animals. It honestly comes down to how you want to play the game. Midas is for the fotballer that wants the glory and goals for himself. As one mentioned before he's close to a one-man team at times. Smoke is very different and more works like a force-amplificator on the exisiting force-projection style of play the alchemists are defined by. I have tried both captains and I am more a Midas kind of player, but I do like to have fun and whip out Smoke in some matchups, against Masons in particular. It is a strangely fine experience to blanket half the field in AoE's. At the same time this means you need to play a control and passing game with often Vitriol as your only defacto goal threat. Smoke can get some cheeky goals too, but don't count on it too much. The Captains of the Alchemists are both fun and really guys, just play the one you like to play, don't think too much on the META or whatever. Just play the game and kick and poison people to your hearts content!