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  1. Can I just say that the mimic in update 100 had me laughing a little. When I saw it my first reaction was "It's teeth look like crayons" lol. Cant seem to be able to un-see it.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I agree with you that you could go the route of simulating 1000 rolls. If you want to take my sheet and apply your thoughts to it I would encourage you to do so. However this is the goal of the sheet in just a few words: character effectiveness based off YOUR gameplay. In its essence the excel sheet was made in mind to keep a history of your personal luck. Also I thought it was important to keep in mind that you will play the game and lose the game at different point in that specific game's progress. Meaning that every time you play the game you aren't going to win or lose at the exact same time. This means that the armor and weapons that your character has throughout the game will change. The excel sheet could show you exactly which character is the best if we did a simulation and we assume that all characters are holding the best combination of armor. I agree with your stance but i was trying to avoid that direction because I care more about how I play rather than what the simulation states. hopefully that makes sense, but I have based this whole sheet off of the rule book and with no real experience with the game. So maybe the sheet is entirely useless, it's hard to say. -Ryan
  3. Okay will do. Do you mean put the excel file on my Google doc and then share it as a URL or do you mean transfer the excel sheet to Google's own type of excel and share it that way? Or am I completely misunderstanding you? I'd like to get as many people on board so we can develop this workbook as a community.
  4. Could not get it to attach to the original post. Here it is. Dark Souls Effectiveness.zip
  5. Hi everyone, I was referred to the forum by a redditor names serendipity (reddit username). I shared my idea of creating an excel sheet that would keep a running history of the rolls each profession of character makes. Essentially it breaks down to the effectiveness of each player for their rolls of the black, blue, orange, and green dies. It also keeps track of the deaths of the human players and even so of the NPCs! It goes without saying that this is all manually entered data and simply will allow you to see which characters you are most effective with. I have the preliminary excel sheet already created and ready for distribution to you all if you are interested. My goals are to share it with as many people that would like to get involved and we can fine tune the sheet as a community rather than me alone. This is all based off the rule book that I downloaded from the website and was created to the best of my knowledge of the gameplay explained in the PDF. Maybe after a while of using this Excel sheet we can all die just a little less. Let me know what you think guys! Ryan