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  1. Very, very nice. Thanks for the work you've put in! Really enjoying the videos.
  2. I've spent way too much time wondering what kind of mascot they'll have.
  3. Initially was running Shark, SEA WEASEL*, oSiren, Greyscales, Jac, Sakana, Gutter, Kraken, and Hag. Now that we're up to 10, I briefly considered adding Angel because, well, I have the model? I should note I don't have Corsair and don't really like his play style. So while I accept that A) he's good, and 2) I am wrong for not liking him, I'm going to politely cast a voodoo curse on anyone who says "TAKE THE FAT PIRATE!" However, after giving it some thought, I figured I might try Tentacles. Is the octopod something that works in a Shark team? *Salt. If anyone follows the Mirror's football/soccer twitter feed this makes sense.
  4. I've taken to just using pennies. Despite the fact that they're actual currency, I care less when I lose those than I do any fancy* glass beads or whatever. Plus they're fairly light and carrying around ~10 of them is easy. *using this term generously
  5. With the emphasis of master/apprentice relationships it seems only right to paint these guys up as Sith. Can see it now. "this is Anvil, Dark Lord of the Smith."
  6. I've gotten stupidly drunk with the guys in charge of Corvus Belli at a couple cons... Other than that, not much to add that hasn't been said other than thanks to those who have put together the stats!
  7. I mean, unless you think Sakana is so bad he's just dead-weight and it's like you're playing with one less roster spot anyways...
  8. Meant more why are you playing 9 instead of 10 . Was not a great attempt at a joke based on what I'm sure was a typo. Moving on...
  9. Handicapping yourself there for funsies? I'll be running Angel as the 10th because I want to like her. Odds of her ever seeing the field are slimmer than her waistline though.
  10. I think I agree. I'll point out, once*, that "hey, Greyscales has UM" at the beginning of the game. After that it's up to my opponent to A) remember, 2) ask "does that model have any shenanigans?" or iii) ask to look at the card. It's an open information game. If me or my opponent fail to take advantage of that fact we should live with the consequences. *I'm assuming a competitive/semi-competitive situation, not a demo or learning game
  11. Hmm. Wife's best friend is moving to Chicago. I think an opening to get to SteamCon just opened up. "Yeah, you go hang out with [friend], I'll roll some dice and play with my toys."
  12. As has been said, no need to feel bad about this. The ball could very easily have scattered favorably for your opponent, at least in theory. It's just using the rules fairly but unconventionally.
  13. About time. My cache of podcasts to get me through the commuting hell that is DC has reached dangerously low levels.
  14. This. That said the definitions of American geographical areas are hazy and unclear, at best.