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  1. Yeah, as soon as I hit "submit" I realized that. Oh wells. And I'm too lazy to fix my mistake so I've accepted the [deserved] ridicule my comment will engender.
  2. Can't see that happened so quickly on the heels of the s3 book. Here's a new book! Ok, it's obsolete now.
  3. I can see SF going with a "cool" guild like assassins, but I'd love to see something like "plumbers" or another more traditional medieval guild. Also, and this could be my relative noob-ness showing, where did the assumption/hope of a second non-farmers' guild come from?
  4. I fully support this endeavor. I've been working on "cheat sheet" for my fish. Not quite as in depth, but made up of stuff I usually forget (for example, that Jac has Tough Hide). I feel like I'll be copying your format.
  5. Oh, yeah, this would be great fun if that's the case.
  6. I see where you're coming from, but this assumes people want to play more than 1 guild at a time. This severely hampers anyone wanting to focus on one guild.
  7. But it has a major weakness, in that it's Pittsburgh*. *Full disclosure: I am both a fan of the Washington Capitals and the Bmore Ravens. So totally, 100%, not biased at all.
  8. This might be the first time in the history of the internet where a forum goes from "OMG YOU'RE ALL WRONG AND STUPID" (massive exaggeration, but you get the idea) to "Oh, hey, that poster makes a good point, I think I will change my mind based on new information and a viewpoint I had not considered"
  9. At this point we're in Season 3, so other than being a completionist there's no gaming reason to get the s2 book.
  10. Not to be a PitA, but this was addressed by @AllElf. Nashville is not far from the vast majority of the population in the US (with apologies to those on the west coast and Maine), and it is easy to get to. As a tourist destination there are plenty of hotels, as well as a large enough airport that makes flights into/out-of the city fairly easy.
  11. Yeah, basically my thinking. Quick google search reveals plenty of distilleries and a couple breweries in Nashville. Plus I hear they fancy themselves a music town... The more I think about this, the better this idea sounds.
  12. Have to say, even as a DC resident, I'm almost sold on your idea. Flights aren't even that expensive...
  13. It'll be a mascot. Watch poor Salt get taken out by Avarisse and/or Greede. Fans riot. The Second Century Wars begin.