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  1. If colossus put singled out on some one would rage get plus to tac when attacking or does Maverick prevent this
  2. If I have a model that is returning to the pitch is this done on the clock or is the model returned then the clock started before influence is assigned
  3. Me to but we've all been in that match where someone sets up to charge someone with unpredictable movement because they forgot your model had it then it becomes a thing just wondering what the proper way to do it is
  4. In the organized play rules it states all markers must be in place or the effect is not there so fire, second wind, ect have to be marked but do things like unpredictable movement or close control have to be marked prior to use or do you simply mark after use
  5. I did not realize reanimate could trigger at all if taken out buy a condition in the maintenance phase
  6. Or if you wanted to bring something back through creation so it would come back at full hit points ( the criqet)
  7. At what timing step does millstone check for the condition would be my only concern does mow down finish before millstone checks to use take one for the team
  8. Do you have to pay momentum to use knee slider the first part of the card says to make a doge the second says instead of run the length it never mentions paying momentum I may be wrong
  9. The fact that they mentioned the first 10 Inches as the max starting length makes it different than the rest in a normal foot ball game you have the 2 halves of a field though they share an edge the the 2 halves are different because of the mid line
  10. The problem i think is your trying to consider the entire edge as one piece instead of several parts of a broad the edge inside the deployment zone is not the same as the edge outside of it
  11. You must be placed in base contact with a edge of the pitch within the deployment zone . Meaning the edge of the pitch you are btb with must be within the deployment zone otherwise it would say place in base contact with the edge of the pitch and within the deployment zone a and b are correct c is not
  12. That's the way I read it to