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  1. It says nothing about it being during the parting blow it says a parting blow can't trigger it period shouldn't matter that the parting blow is over the parting blow caused the damage the should not be eligible to trigger a reposition
  2. I could be wrong I am often but if a parting blow causes damage then damage causes swift strikes can't happen because a partying blow caused the damage one degree of removal, then this sinaro can't happen no matter how many degrees of removal from the partying blow otherwise where do we draw the line
  3. It doesn't matter if it is one degree removed or twenty a parting blow can't cause a reposition
  4. I see your point but with all the requirements for swift strikes being meet as read on the card isn't this a case of the rules on the card overiding the rule book
  5. Is it possible for salvo to use swift strikes after a parting blow I know a parting blow can't trigger a reposition but if he chose to do damage would the damage itself not trigger swift strikes