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  1. If the model is completely within their own half when deployed, how it is not when snapping? I'd say that snapping with a player on the center line is ok for the receiving team.
  2. Hi. On our a last game we had a situation, where we couldn't find a clear ruling. A failed pass scattered out of the pitch, but there was a player on the ball path. The problem we had, was with the wording of the Throw-Ins-rule, which says, that if the ball marker ever leaves the Pitch, it is immediately removed, and scattered from the center spot of the Pitch. Also the last paragraph of the scatter rolls only mentions terrain as an exception to where to place the ball. So if the ball-marker is placed outside of the pitch, should it be removed before there is an opportunity to intercept the scatter? We played it so that the player could intercept the scatter, but I would really appreciate an official ruling, to know how this should have gone.