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  1. Copied from the FAQ, which covers any situation where a target has to be determined: Behavior cards/icons A behavior card contains a combination of one or multiple behavior icons (movement, attack, etc.), determining the behavior of an enemies activation. Each of these behavior icons is resolved as its own (isolated) action, from left to right! This distinction is even more important for boss behaviour cards, especially with repeats. Determine Target ("nearest" or "aggro") The very first thing you do with a behaviour icon is determine who they're going after (before resolving any other actions like pushes and such)! That's not something that happens at each step of movement or a single time for an entire behaviour card. You do that at the start of each behaviour icon (start of movement icon, start of attack icon, etc.). For more details like enemy movement after the target has been determined, check the "ENEMY ACTIVATION - ENEMY MOVEMENT" section in the FAQ:
  2. You are welcome!
  3. Yes, if you have 2 one-handed items with attacks + an item that specifically says it can be used from within the backup slot, you could do 3 individual attacks in one activation.
  4. @mitchav66 As long as you are not on the boss's node, there are no restrictions, you can move (walk + run) freely. The only restrictions are: "When a character moves onto the same node as a boss, the character must remain in the arc they were in before moving." (which only means that 1 specific move from an adjacent node onto the boss's node!) and "If the character was in two arcs before moving, choose which of the two arcs to move into." While on the boss's node the only relevant thing is: "When a character on a boss’s node would move 1 node as part of a walk or run, they can instead choose to move around the boss to an adjacent arc. When a character chooses to dodge while on a boss’s node, they can ignore the normal rules for boss arcs and instead move to any arc or onto any adjacent node."
  5. For any movement the ENEMY ACTIVATIONS section should help, this part of the FAQ: And this general rule of thumb (from FAQ - ENEMY ACTIVATIONS - GENERAL - Behavior cards/icons) explains why for example the Sentinel still moves, even though it is in range for the attack: "A behavior card contains a combination of one or multiple behavior icons, determining the behavior of an enemies activation. Each of these behavior icons is resolved as its own (isolated) action, from left to right! This distinction is even more important for boss behaviour cards, especially with repeats." In case of the Sentinel it means, the movement is the first behavior icon, while the attack is the second behavior icon. Since both will be resolved as its own action, from left to right, to resolve the movement icon, it doesn't matter what the following icon (attack here) is saying...
  6. You can't move from back to front arc or from left to right arc with 1 move. If you want from front to back arc, to have to move to right or left arc first, so it will cost you at least 1 stamina, i.e. walk (free) + run (1 stamina for each node)...
  7. It has been a couple of days since I've linked to it the last time, so here we go: No matter how specific the scenario is you are looking for to be clarified, if it's about enemy movement and probably including pushes, in the FAQ the part "Enemy Activation" in combination with "Combat Basics" (and probably also "Tiles and Nodes") should cover any of them! If something in there is not clear, I would like to understand what exactly, so we all can figure out how to make it clearer!
  8. Basically, the first time you attack an enemy, bleed won't trigger, since it's the moment you apply bleed the first time. Every following Blood Gem'd weapon attack that makes at least 1 damage, means the previously applied bleed token will trigger and you'll apply bleed again right after that... And so on...
  9. Yes, I haven't been surprised... This was the official response: "It works the way it says it does in the rules. When you roll towards a boss, you reach the boss from the direction you rolled from. When you're already under the boss's feet, you have more tactical flexibility of what direction to roll." So, no, dodging only gives you that freedom if you dodge while being on the boss's node...
  10. The distance doesn't matter at all, but you always only attack the side of the arc you are standing in (minimum on a node along the arc line basically).
  11. @Ashraam Hehe, I don't feel like I "own" this, so, feel free to publicize it! Probably a good idea, considering that there will be less and less updates necessary, assuming that the most common questions have been able to be clarified here in the last weeks...
  12. As stated, enemies can always attack at range 0 basically. And the Sentinel actually would never run into the situation where he attacks with you on it's node, since it pushes before it attacks (and If I remember correctly the items/upgrades that resullt in you being immune to pushes is only related to attacks, isn't it?). Anyway, as long as you don't find that shaft icon on an enemy card, the enemy will be able to attack at range 0, which currently means: All enemies can attack at range 0.
  13. You add the additional damage to your roll and THEN compare that total number against armor and health of the enemy. Also, as long as a weapon (any item that fits in the hand slots) has a free upgrade slot, you can put in any upgrade (modifier), but be careful: From my FAQ... Modifiers to weapon's attacks If a weapon ability does not have a die roll (such as healing, a move, a push, a condition, etc.), then you do not apply modifiers to its damage. You just apply the listed effect.
  14. Page 22: "During an activation, a character can make up to one attack with each weapon they are holding in their hand slots." So, no, what you've said is not possible. If you dual wield, you can do one attack with each weapon, but there never is a situation where you can attack twice with the same weapon (obviously apart from weapons with the "repeat icon").
  15. Yeah, as @Taitu and @Ashraam said, all understood correctly! Half the strategy is how you decide in all the situations where "player decision" comes into play, even though it's the enemies turn. If you move them, push certain models in certain directions etc. so all ends up in a position to your advantage, then you just played good strategy and won't rely that much on great equipment. But to be honest, I think that described specific situation by you only is an advantage in specific situations with certain enemies and certain equipment and usually needs a couple of turns/activations before you are able to have this positioning to be finally set up. Considering that apart from Hollow Soldier and Crossbow Hollow all enemies do node damage basically, I think in most situations it can be a rather risky plan to stack up all characters (and enemies)!