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  1. Hi, could you explain what you was requesting in your mail ?
  2. Additionally, maybe it is something that will be possible in next character expansion ?
  3. Hi, Good idea to create a 5th character, you just have to duplicate one and maybe remove a spark to increase difficulty. Someone suggested a king of pyromancer/sorcerer on this forum already. You might check his suggestion. Lastly, what about using a 5th character that will play the evil guy and lead the forces of darkness to massive destruction of characters ? See you ...
  4. Good idea ! Maybe one could add 1 stamina and 1 black dice to each attack ?
  5. About the same for me, I almost finished SW:Imperial Assault but the last mercenaries and rebels figure take me a while (almost 4h per figure) I use exclusively black primer, since this is the only primer I have. For SW it is maybe not a good idea, but for DS I feel you figure looking good !
  6. I really like the colour you used, it feel dark like the game. Very nice work I don't know if you have time, but could you please continue to make some videos or at least explantation of the colour/technics you used ?
  7. Is there any attack in video game that seems to be represented by this card ?
  8. Hi, Yes, there is an errata about this issue : https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58ed0050d1758e39150c58d6/1491927122180/DS-Core-FAQ-2017-04-11.pdf
  9. Fantastic work !! Could you indicate for us (me) beginners, what techniques you used or maybe a short video ?
  10. Thanks Gervill Froad ! I took the first key !
  11. Hi, it is not used for the moment. Maybe in a future expansion or mega boss
  12. Maybe you can start by several play sessions before going to campaign. As suggested by others, a normal session would last 3 to 4 hours for first play, and then goes down to 90min to kill final boss. I think you will be more efficient this way, else you may spend a lot of time at making a campaign video
  13. Yep, that a good point. That last year that had to develop 23 miniatures. Now they have 6 expansions + mega bosses ~ 70 miniatures. According to updates, maybe 5-6 are ready, mays be more. We'll see
  14. Thanks Mako, very reactive