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    Played two games using alternate deployment. I played engineers and my opponents player masons and butchers. I played ballista(kicking) hoist(mid) velocity(mid) colossus(deployment) ratchet(goal) mother(goal) both games as kicker. First game opponent played hammer(deployment) mallet(mid) chisel(deployment) granite(mid) flint(goal) wrecker(goal). Enjoyed the changes overall. Game felt to go by quicker. Kicking felt strong in the fact that it was easy to put the ball in a place where they couldn't score this turn due to flint being on goal line while threatening to score. Not a good game to judge format, but initial thoughts put kicking as really strong. having 3 hard to kill models up front gave me a lot of good options while Colossus on the follow up punished any advances into my area of control. 12-6 towards engineers. Personally felt a gap in skill. Butchers had Fillet(mid) Boar(mid) Meathook(deployment) Vet Brisket(deployment) Tenderiser(goal) Truffles(goal). My deployment was pretty much the same in this game(didn't really see any reason to change). Again kicking felt strong being able to put 3 models closer towards his goal. After the kick and deployment, opponent didn't have a good option to kill the ball and do damage due to tough models up front. Tenderiser was slightly easier to play around in this format due to being closer to the goal. Fillet tooled up and Boar did less damage than expected, only being able to kill ballista with bleed. Bad dice rolls were part of this though. Not sure if killing him outright would have changed anything though. 12-6 engineers. Both games first activation both had the same choice of receiver could sacrifice first activation effectively to prevent a goal on my part. Masons chose to deny goal while butchers chose to focus ballista. Overall I felt the kickoff itself set the pace for my opponent more than what models were where. It seemed quite easy to aggressively pressure the goal while having a defensive stance that could easily punish pushes into my weaker models. Giving up the center of the field in both games felt trivial although this may be due to the strong engineer models that can easily be placed front and outward with little regard for their safety.
  2. Cinder!

    Hot Shot makes me wish it was a hunter trait.
  3. Adding Missions to Guild Ball

    I don't think any of the setups should give VP for acheiving their task. None of those things are hard to do and punish teams that can't fight directly or are not good at controlling the middle. Momentum would be worth considering.

    I still don't see how getting your pick of where to place models in the midline changes how any beater team destroys those two players placed in the middle. Does having the two players closer together let them do something I'm not aware of? All I see is you place models they place models then the same thing happens regardless, only you picked the spot you prefer to die in.

    I must be missing something cause I don't see how that changes anything.

    granite gets a free jog after kick off. That doesn't stop the receiver from saying "i'm fillet and i kill this model" first activation. I don't even think that stops shark from legendary goal turn one either. It just forces draft order, which doesn't change much. The most important player spots are the front 2, and if you force the receiver to place there then they don't care cause they know exactly where at least one model is which is more or less the same as before where you just place the back 4 first then the front 2.

    The paragraph before clears this up. "What more, we encourage you to do so! A full Pre-Match Sequence can be found in the documents linked below, but for those of you just wishing to try this out in a more casual game, a match using Pitch Formations is set up as follows:" So you pick 6 in casual games when you dont care, but for competitive and testing purposes you use the linked Document at the bottom of the webpage.

    yes it does, you must place base contact with the line you are starting on. which means you are starting with 2 models probably within 4-7 inches of an opponents model.

    the reciever can avoid this by setting up a player sorta wide on the midline and just giving that player the ball with someone else. how are you going to manage a one activation goal that way? and one activation goals are the ones we are trying to avoid most of the time. with players so close momentum will come no matter what. Or am I missing something obvious?

    I just dont see how the kicking player can avoid this. Maybe if during deployment you place the kicking model then the reciever must place 2 models? the Kicking team also needs Mom turn 1. There has to be some drawback for getting a free 6 stack into a player first activation if these things are to much. Maybe captains must start on the back 2 lines?
  11. We are the champions of the World! :)

    The point I wish to argue, is besides models like Siren and Obulus. Who can actually disrupt that setup without saying "I want you to kill this model instead of your choice of my models" I feel some teams have no answer so they just suffer and deal with the aftermath.
  12. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    Since I prefer the 3-0 game with ballista I've been having troubles with Tapper brewers, Farmers in general (although I think this has less to do with captain pick and more to do with their outragous strengths, millstone can go to hell), Honour masons, and the mirror matchup. So I'm starting to practice pin vice into those matchups to see how that goes.
  13. Basic Cog Tactics - What To Do?

    I kick with Velocity just to threat a counter goal if they get to close before their own attempt. She is also unlikely to die to anyone but a diehard beater team unless they throw all their activations at her. Colossus is there to break up the scrum with unexpected arrival or seting up a kill on a model with singled out and KD. He is great at ball retrieval late game also with Long Legs and 6/8 move. I personally only ever bring Harry with Pin vice. Ballista doesn't get much value out of him and his 2-2 game is not nearly as strong as his 3-0 pressure compared to pin vice who can deletion herself to, well, delete a player at will. I would not worry about union players at all until you feel comfortable with your in guild roster. Harry will feel his best when you can be the most efficient with your players without him. Engineers are all about efficiency after all. Every Cog has its place! Except locus. He's just Pin vice's weird experiment.
  14. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    I've been using ballista exclusively for a while now. But I have been noting the matchups where I'd prefer pin vice. That being said I do have both since with 10 model roster I can bring all the in guild models I need.
  15. Another Fun Survey! Player Power Rankings

    I personally don't like it due to the fact that team has three 3/1 models. Either trade out harry or ballista and its ideal for most people IMO.