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    What's the mark-2 deployment? Is it just kicker gets a momentum? Never mind I just found it!
  2. Match Fixing & Taken Out Models

    Gah, I did miss that. Thanks Rozyncrantz
  3. While playing a practice game with my brother, we came across a situation. Tentacles had a ball float to him and he held on to it and paid dearly with his life. The ball scatters and we were wondering who was in control of the scatter for purpose of Match Fixing. We ended up ruling that since Tentacles was the one who held on to it that I controlled it so Match Fixing could be played, but we'd like to hear official answers. Thanks!
  4. Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Name: Will Skype Name: William Maldonado Guild: Fishermen Shark Corsair Tentacles oSiren vSiren Sakana Jac Greyscales Kraken Hag
  5. Playing into Fish/alchs?

    Don't I know it. *shakes fist* Honestly, I'm enjoying our Farmer - Fish fights because they get closer and closer every time. If I even sniff a Peck and I'm running corsair then I have to focus fire on one or two guys rather than doing the bubble of knockdown I like. Thresher is also quite capable of murdering whatever he wants against Fish. I'd say that going into shark that if the net legendary is gone, that Thresher should not always go first. I do agree that tooled up isn't necessary past turn 1, but I'd say the threat of Thresher is what counts and focusing on the tater charge is easily forgettable if I have to worry about the old father. I'd say that, barring running Angel for Tackle on 1, I HATE dealing with Jackstraw since the dude's tricky, But Ziggy's highlights are all absolutely correct. I've NEVER had a curb-stomp fight against the farmers and when I'm not playing Fish, IF I win, it's usually by 2 points. Generally speaking, Buckwheat feels like he is always the right choice unless you see at least Jac, A+G, Corsair, and Kraken in the opposing lineup/roster where Peck becomes the safe/discouraging choice.
  6. I filled in for @Spinsanemasons and played against @Valorci's Engi and @Zeige's Hunters. The Game against Zeige came down to 12-10 his way. He scored an early goal and blocked me from mine, so I spent the game trying to play catch up. Flint got a goal and I got three player takeouts and revved up the sister engine to take out Skatha for the win...but failed to stick the landing. So with no influence anywhere useful, Zeige shoved everyone out of the way so Skatha could glide on in for a game winning goal. Against Valorci, the game was wrapped up pretty much from the start and ended 12 to 0. I knew he'd go football so I attempted to shove pain down his throat. But he played around the double counter charge expertly so I only got one chance to do it (against compound so nope) and kept surviving Chisel Missiles. Well played game and I may end up switching the roster to better suit me.
  7. Sledging

    *blinks* *rereads Anvils card* *Facepalms* Drat. Well I guess luring him out of position so he gets away from Anvil might be better. Unless the smiths have some low arm targets (I have a hunch they're going to be soak tanks as a theme). Was talking about these guys with my buddy and we agree that they're going to be scary. Edit: Leave it to Lion Clan to claim strategy before I read tactics. Should I be Matsu Harid? Hmmmm...
  8. Sledging

    Well. I'm going to long for the day that I can Seduce Sledge to beat up his master. *happy sighs*
  9. Recent Hunter Win?

    @AnudemThanks I did notice that post. I was curious about the missing two that we don't see. I'm tempted on cutting Theron, Hearne1, and Minx from my list since Minx has been increasingly failing me, but I'm curious about other's expectations. My hunch is that the Hunters are a 1captain, 2mascot guild at present, but I'm still in the learning phase.
  10. Recent Hunter Win?

    Any idea on the roster?
  11. Odd Man Out

    I remember this game. My hunters still want revenge. But I do feel like I've never seen Bushel be awesome outside of killing the ball by screaming "I'm Open" and getting out of dodge while the scrum exists. At least, barring the existence of Benny and Grace being selectable, you won't have to worry about a 10.
  12. Share your paint jobs

    I'm loving the paint jobs in this thread. That Skatha is inspiring what I'll do with the one I recently inherited. I am sad though, because I just realized Theron and Egret would make a perfect Rook and Alette from the Banner Saga. Might even see about stripping the paint to make that happen.
  13. [spoilers]Season 3 fluff

    welp. Looks like I"m all in for this. I will also accept "Oh Angel" from the Fatal Fury movie.
  14. [spoilers]Season 3 fluff

    I second this. I doubt she'll be a captain barring someone karate kicking Corsair in the heart, but it would be cool to see a more experienced Siren. Hell, maybe wielding Greyscales' spear.
  15. wait wait wait. How on earth did I miss the sharknado. Sorry guys but I think we have a winner.