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    Guild Ball doesn't have a mission system, so SF can't work on adding new missions to the game. I'm guessing this is their way of experimenting without adding missions.

    That's intriguing... I'd run that at my club, but I'm not sure the other players are experienced enough to play to that limit. I think you'd need a bit longer though, possibly 3.5 hours, so players have time to prepare between games (move, setup, etc).
  3. Furnace!

    That seems to be the very much the flexibility of the Guild. If you are playing a beaty team, you'll want to take Anvil as he can give out Tough Hide, whereas teams with high armour, you'll want to take Furnace.
  4. Snapping after being placed

    A "place" does not count as a reposition, so I'd say no to this.
  5. Furnace!

    He wasn't when I posted this. This makes me sad. I'll have to wait until Steamcon
  6. @Noodles That's still not been announced. You'll have to wait and see I suspect you'll have to declare a Captain and an Apprentice during that phase
  7. That isn't the question here... The question is: Can the Kicking Team snap the ball? The kicking player can't snap the ball in either situation.
  8. Furnace!

    Another Master has been announced for the guild: I really like Searing Strike - not only does he set people on fire, but he also reduces their armour! The model looks awesome. If you were on the fence about Blacksmiths before, you won't be now
  9. Collected Blacksmith Spoilers

    New Blacksmiths blog post. This time it's Furnace http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/blacksmith-guild-furnace
  10. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    Greede can potentially do more damage, plus his results are momentous.
  11. Does anybody know when Steamforged are going to be accepting Pundit applications again? I was in the process of completing my application when the pundit section was removed.
  12. It doesn't look like the 'Smiths are getting a Mascot, so I doubt they'll get an animal, even if the Hunters did.
  13. GB events london

    But if you are based in South London, these are all a couple of hours away
  14. GB events london

    You can also find events on the Guild Ball Supporters group (again, Facebook) and sometimes in the events section.
  15. GB events london

    Where are you based? There are several events around and near the M25, such as Staines and Woking. A bit further out there's places such as Chelmsford.