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  1. Wow can't believe I've been playing that wrong for so long. With no one calling me on it. Well now I know and can correct my group going forward. Thank you!
  2. So I was reading the new trait list thread and found that crazy can only be used on a models activation. But since I've played this game last November no one from my group has called me on "cheating". Though when I'm counter attacking Harry becomes the active model for the counter attack but it's still not his activation. In the steps for the attack sequence 2.1 it says you generate the dice pool. Is this where crazy would activate if I chose? So can you go crazy on a counter attack or have I been doing it wrong this entire time?
  3. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Thanks for explaining all this I never really thought of Benediction as a ball killer. But a defensive stance and braced Benediction would be insanely hard to get any results on. I really have to study my opponents cards to see what they can truly do even though I've had a goaded shark still end up 8 inches away from Harry when we were base to base. Thanks again for your breakdown on Benediction its given me some new ideas on different setups I should be doing.
  4. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Is he really that strong I've been using improperly then. Do you activate first with Benediction and have him cast braced and stand firm on himself and wait for people to attack him? Or do you just move everyone out of reach with his 2" push on 2? If you can explain further I'd appreciate it Fish is my toughest match up atm.
  5. Is scoring goals too easy.

    Why not give bonus influence for every four victory points instead of just for goals? That way everyone gets more to do at the same amount of points. Also make a union goalkeeper that works for all factions. So teams can have at minimum one goalkeeper if they chose. Or create goalkeepers for every guild to keep that union slot available.
  6. Tournament list with less used Union models

    Good luck at your tournament hopefully it went well! I agree that alot of models get the shaft with union as those three are the "Most important" or the strongest. My plan for my casual games since I finally scored a limited Mist to go with grace and benediction is to have a completely randomized list for my union in casual games. That way I can learn more combos etc I found out the hard way today that I can't out kill the Butchers if Fillet gets first activation but I'm assuming that's more of a positioning problem on my end. Let us know how your tourney went!
  7. Thanks for the ruling! My friend was hoping he could still use the harvest token rules from the season 2 card but this clears that right up!
  8. Interesting thanks for clarifying the Snap shot rules didn't even consider that it must be out of activation.
  9. Thanks Mechmage, I was trying to create some shenanigans but before doing so I like to prove myself right. Because a TN 2 snapshot would be great using her as a scoring turret. I'm glad this got clarified and thanks for the tip of "I'm open" to do what I wanted
  10. Greetings, I was reading over the "Scores for fun" ability with Seasoned Brisket. "When this model makes a shot during its activation the TN is reduced by [-1]." Does this mean that if I passed the ball to Seasoned Brisket and she was more than 4 inches away from goal she would have to roll 4's or would she need 3's? I may just need a better understanding of the keywords "activation" and "active model"
  11. So does that mean he can't be used in the big league anymore because his now standard model is almost available?
  12. Greetings, Me and my friends were talking about the big league Tater and were wondering if his harvest marker rules would supersede the current rules for harvest markers as his cannot be destroyed if an opponent moves on them. Which rules would that Tater use?
  13. Thanks guys! I thought I was right but wasn't quite sure I appreciate the prompt responses from everyone I've gained a whole new appreciation for Snakeskin now!
  14. Greetings, I've been looking over my characters and noticed with Snakeskin that she has Clone. Clone: The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2"] Dodge. If I charged someone with her and they declared a counter attack. If I selected Clone as one of my results would they trigger it or because I'm charging would it not be triggered until the next enemy attack? My logic is I make my charge my movement ends and then I make my attack so I'm no longer moving. I'm sure this is to prevent her getting free dodges from parting blows.
  15. Greetings, During one of my last games my opponent was passing the ball to another friendly. He had a straight line of site beside an obstruction. The ball path had approximately 10 mm of line of sight an the other 20mm were going over the obstruction. So my question is would the target number go up for not having a clear ball path? Or would it all be negated because he has line of sight?