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  1. If you haven't, read Replect's FAQ, which is basically a compilation of answers by the devs to questions made by users:
  2. Blinging up Dark Souls

  3. Blinging up Dark Souls

    Can you point me in the direction of this thread? I'd love to take a gander
  4. Dark Souls Painting Blog

    I'm very curious of your thoughts on the model material
  5. A more likely scenario: the Winged Knights like toasted cheese sandwiches but make a big old mess whenever they try to eat them
  6. Best Images for Painters

    This is my favorite paint job I've seen of the Titanite Demon so far (stolen from the DSBG FB group):
  7. How are People Liking it so far

    That's a very interesting idea!
  8. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    In my experience, all fandoms have subsets of people who, to put it one way, go a little bit overboard and forget to be respectful. Unfortunately that's just how internet anonymity works. I implore you not to write off the thousands of respectful and intelligent fans in the community for the handful who take it too far.
  9. Unique Custom Bosses (Batman)

    Hahaha, nice! Now I'm curious about what a Joker boss battle would look like
  10. List of Errata

    I did, so maybe it's different for me because I have the lore background to supplement the game. With some board games, usage of flavor text feels like an attempt to convince me that the game is better than it is, and immerse me superficially rather than through unique mechanics and fun gameplay. Usually it's innocuous enough to just ignore. But sometimes a game's rule book will be peppered with it such that it obfuscates the very mechanics it's trying to communicate; now that drives me nuts.
  11. List of Errata

    tl;dr one of Smough's attacks has a Nearest Target icon with an attack arc. Normally boss attacks either have specific attack arcs (green) with the Area icon, or normal arcs (black) with the Nearest Target or Aggro icon. It's particularly strange because this is, afaik, the only instance of this occurring. Given that attack arcs are supposed to be used with the Area icon, I'd lean towards this being a misprint. I'm assuming that second "Scimitar" was supposed to be "Murakumo." I would agree that thematically it would make more sense for the Scimitar's attack to be represented by 3 black dice (multiple rapid, weak slashes) and for the Murakumo's to be represented by 2 orange dice -1 (a single powerful slam). In general I tend to find flavor text annoying/distracting, so I'm pretty happy that SFG relegated it to a single page in the rule book.
  12. Two hand a single handed weapon

    Maybe it was a mechanic that got cut last-minute. Or perhaps because the Knight's original pose looked too similar to the others?
  13. Clarification needed: Enemy Targetting

    Somewhere in the FAQ thread's OP this is mentioned, but yes, the "nearest character" is determined at the start of each sub-behavior (that is, at the start of each movement or attack). Ties are broken first by the holder of the Aggro token, and then the character's Taunt levels. So in the scenario you describe, the Sentinel will attack the Knight as the character with the higher Taunt--unless the Herald has the Aggro token.
  14. List of Errata

    It always struck me as strange that one of the Titanite Demon treasures is called just "Titanite" instead of "Large Titanite Shard" or "Demon Titanite."