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  1. I'm not familiar with Butchers but I'm surprised Boiler doesn't get talked about more for exactly this reason. He's alot less high profile than Fillet and is easier to get within Jog + attack range once the scrum starts near turn 2-ish so influence and buffs are fairly safe on him. Tac 5 with Momentous 2 on 2 hits and Anatomical Precision makes him deadly with only a few gang ups (let alone assist), crucial artery puts nearly everyone he pokes on the back leg, he's got a cheeky as hell knockdown, and most importantly, he can hold a full 4 Influence.
  2. Can't really hold a candle to some of the other examples here, but this is the first miniatures game I've picked up, making these the first models I've ever painted. They've been in transit a bunch making the paint flake off too which is triggering me super hard. I haven't got around to Ulfr or Snow yet.
  3. I had written up a concept a bit ago for a Mortician/Hunter model based of the Native American Wendigo. Beyond that, I think Hunters/Fishermen would be a strong pairing as they hail mostly from the same provinces. I honestly think any combination of guilds can be done with the right thematic concept. Maybe even.... TRI GUILD MODELS!
  4. He targeted an ally outside her aura and healed the guy inside it with no tax.
  5. The games I played with her I found her weird. I was really worried about my opponent laying into her because most turns I wanted to go with someone else before Crucible, so I found Nimble wasn't up most of the time and she's fold like paper. I elected not to clear poison/burning most turns because only needing one hit to apply both felt really powerful, but after she was done making her 1-3 attacks I wanted to dodge out to not be in range of retaliation given how squishy she is, but also wanted to stay nearby to make use of her Aura. I did have my opponent get around her aura by using Field Dressing which sucked...
  6. I don't think changing something as central as KICK so drastically this far into the game's life cycle could possibly be healthy for it's playerbase, unless that change was entirely compatible with the current number's printing, then you have to ask if it's worth changing at all, and if it's compatible with the current design, as has been pointed out.
  7. I've been ever so slightly irked by Millstone's art, because she seems slightly... unhinged. Shadows over her eyes, head cocked, blank look, I was expecting some kind of Cosset crazy, or bloodlusty something for her charcater. Whereas in the book she's got a really spirited portrayal. No real complaint, just something I noticed.
  8. organised play

    I haven't played into a competitive environment that often. With that said, not being able to plan around Kicking/Receiving makes it more interesting to me because there are now Tradeoffs to taking a model like Shark banking on T1 Goals from the Kick-Off, it also encourages practicing with both kicking and receiving for these models. It certainly benefits the models who aren't concerned with either, but I think that this killing off entire captains from rosters is just doomsaying. Perhaps in the most competetive rings. If it really turns out that a model can't thrive without reliably kicking off, then perhaps that's room for tweaking and rebalancing. Either way I think revealing captains at the same time is a positive change for the stated reasons, it eliminates the ability for multi-cap rosters to switch strategies entirely solely based on the cap choice which can be saved til the end.
  9. Okay, so I got the idea for free snap fires from someone else, but it's actually a great idea. The aim of this one would be to give Egret damage options she didn't have before while preserving her striking weaknesses and making Snap Fire actually integral to her playpattern rather than striking it from her card and pretending it didn't exist (like what we should do to Sun Strike). Her damage cap with Blessing and Last Light, assuming every play she uses hits successfully, sits around 12 DMG, 14 if poison resolves. (That's also a potential 8" worth of dodge, but realistically between 2" - 3" for a full 4 Influence Then + 1" reliably for Blessing and Last Light.) The obvious worry is that it makes her much more difficult to interact with as she only needs to be 8" away to begin interacting.
  10. Just a quick one, Salvo or Egret charges and wraps, selecting two 1 DMG results, do they get two triggers off of swift strikes for a 2" dodge or just 1"?
  11. From the games I've played against and with the Brewers. Moving only as far as their movement. Once their movement is spent, they kinda anchor themselves to an area. In fact this seems true for most of their stats save for Damage related stuff. Brewers have less tricks up their sleeve and are much more, what you see is what you get. I dunno how to describe this one too well, it certainly doesn't sound true when CA, Floored, and Gang Ups turn Spigot into a TAC 9 Attacker. Overkill, Tapper, Hooper, and Spigot aren't very subtle when they decide to delete someone, between all the buffs and wraps, that model is thoroughly dead. Momentum Economy. All of the models seem to like spending momentum as often as earning it, and they usually earn enough as they need. Then the obvious, Knockdowns, and Pushes. I may be bad at describing it, but I'm pretty damned impressed with how consistent the Brewers identity is. Even if it's spelling hard times for its players. The similarities between models like Friday and Stoker, who fill entirely different roles is astounding, and I think it's just really cool that they're all designed to be able to fall into the same game plan. To lay into that one poor unfortunate knocked down motherf***er. The Brewers have a thematic/mechanical cohesiveness that I can't help but envy.
  12. My changes are a lot more wishy washy, a collection of potential nerfs/buffs to problem areas. They're all different solutions targeted at what I see as the same problems. (E.G Hunters have consistently poor playbooks save for Jaecar) All of them should be taken as "This is one possibility which in tandem with XY or Z might make this model more viable or have a better defined role." Obviously adding all changes at once would make every model OP as shit and I don't feel like adding question marks to the end of every suggestion. Fahad - Unchanged Jaecar - Unchanged Chaska - Unchanged (Although it would be thematic for him to have Tooled Up, and giving him a decent MDamage result to fallback on couldn't hurt that much) Theron - Retooled playbook, just make it better at damage in line with Balista as opposed to Fillet or Scalpel - 3 DMG on Pinned - Make Pinned 2 INF like Deadbolt - Add another cheap ranged damaging play - Momentous Inspiration - Remove Sun Strike - Make Sun Strike, 0 INF, OPT - BOTSF can target self - Add Tooled Up - Still don't know why he lost Forest Sight when Shark 's Timewalk was unchanged - Remove Placement Restrictions on Forest AOE so it can be placed to accomplish very specific purposes - The obvious worry is that Theron's design would tread too closely to Ballista's in general, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing (which is to say that I think Theron should be like Ballista). Ballista in the Engineers is a very different captain than Ballista in the Hunters by the nature of scoring vs killing. Hearne - BOTSF change above - Tough Hide - Sturdy - Momentous Singled Out - More accessible KD & Tackle Egret - 8" Snap Fire - Snap Fire can trigger from the playbook (Preferably with momentum) - Arrow to the Knee - Talisman - Momentous Damage on PB - Ignores Tough Hide - Extra Dice on Character Plays (To add reliability to Snap Fire) - Anatomical Precision to help get to her new Snap Fire ability Seenah - Fear - Forceful Blow - Berserk - Rising Anger +1 TAC - More Pushes & Damage on Playbook (Like a bear flailing around an enemy with every attack from its massive f*ckin claws) - Bear Hug isn't required to land killing blow to get +1VP (Like applying Gravedigger) - Bear Hug IS required to land killing blow, but gets +2VP's - Whatever you do to this bear, do NOT add a single Influence to it, make it earn the 0/2 statline because right now she is sorely lacking especially next to vKat, Boar and company, and a far cry from the terrifying Avatar of the Old Gods that we read about murdering Ghast. Zarola - I don't know what the hell Zarola is supposed to be... a support piece? A striker? Ball Retrieval? I got nothing, I certainly haven't given her enough games to get a feel for her and her rules entirely contradict her lore so I'm drawing blanks every time I try to think of something, but she sure as hell isn't in a good enough spot. Minx - Make her Hunters only. - *sigh* I'm mostly kidding, but it definitely feels like it kills our uniqueness when most other guilds have access to a player who is dripping with Hunter unique mechanics (or formerly Hunter unique) even if they often would opt for Harry or A&G. - Obligatory make Minx Dual Guild Skatha - Snare AOE lingers like pain circle/fire blast - Snare AOE deals 2 DMG - Remove terrain placement restrictions on Fast-Ground - 5/8 or 6/8 MOV - I don't actually think Skatha sorely needs any of these buffs, but I just don't see why she couldn't have one or the other. The Bleed on Pain Circle accounts for a greater damage increase for the Butchers than the defense reduction on Cold Snap does for the Hunters, and that's before factoring in its lingering effect clause. Not to mention Skatha isn't exactly a prodigy in damage dealing, pinging for a bit more, and through tough hide wouldn't be broken OP for a captain striker while Vitriol is still running amuck. I got curious actually and found that Mist with sBrisket (or the First Light) has the same raw threat range. Considering the conditions that need to be met to utilize Winter's Night, and Snowball, (Motivated +2, CoverofDark +2, MOV +8, KICK +8, Acrobatics +2) vs (Chill +2, MOV +7, Gn'G +4, KICK +6, Legendary between +1-2) It's not a lateral comparison I know (Nature's Chill and Snowball can both buff allies.), but I still think there's something to be said for what Skatha doesn't provide and how that falls in line with the Hunter's overall design. Pre-nerfs for every strength ensuring that the most we can receive is parity.
  13. Considering how much better Meathook, Graves, and Cosset became this doesn't sound like a terrible thing. Watch out boys, Venin's gettin tooled up!
  14. Venin's definitely not the model you want 4 on. He feels very bleh, but in my game he only ever got 1 Inf and was able to hold up the midground pretty well. His role was as mentioned in another thread, to die slowly. 4-2 Defensive values are nothing to scoff at. Starting the turn off with Coagulate pretty much guarentees that the opponent needs to spend theor momentum to clear conditions, which makes them pretty much free game for the rest of the team to apply them. I'm sure that someone like Boiler would be able to drop him pretty quickly however, and he definitely likes to be healed on his turn. I'd definitely see taking him out for Crucible, but it's so fun to see 3 condition tokens on 3 models after a coagulate.
  15. Send Hearne or Jaecar in first assumedly, you probably won't be winning initiative most turns either so it won't hurt to spend your starting momentum and one can use Heroic Landing to preserve MP when it comes around. There are ways, but Theron himself sure as hell ain't spending 3 of my team's precious influence to get a single momentum. Again, I haven't played the matchup and I did preface it with this is what I would try.