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  1. At a glance the Union is fairly squishy so I'd go for Skatha and Seenah as comfortable picks. Seenah can threaten 11" turn 1 with fast ground and more if you snowball him, and I'm usually comfortable running Skatha up as a sacrificial lamb to draw them into the Bear's threat range. Generally, be careful with overextending either of them though.
  2. Playing other guilds definitely made me appreciate the play style that I enjoy out of my Hunters, but aside from the Brewers, it also made me aware of how distinct and unaddressed most of the Hunter's problems are.
  3. All game companies wrack their brains over how to make money and continue making money in the most sensible, and non-intrusive way. Unless they're a triple A video game producer, then it's all about the squeeze. Ultimately it's SFG's call, and I trust they're going in the right direction because holy fuck guys have you played this game?! I think the current lull in new releases isn't helping guild loyals like me feel excited about any new stuff, but if you pressure more and more frequent content the quality will take a dive, if you look for changes to the game's rules (E.G. Rotation) then that's inherently going to alienate existing players, either by a little or a lot. I definitely agree with the first argument though, it feels a lot like there's nothing to really head out and grab. I mean, I did buy 2 entire teams for some close family last christmas, so I'm not exactly a fish in the whole monetization strategy, but I don't feel particularly compelled to head out and start up another guild. (Is it cause I have 4 I can't possibly play enough of already? Maybe.... maybe(I'm seriously still baffled how it came to this)), and I can't express how little enthusiasm I have for the Blacksmiths. Don't get me wrong, they look well designed and everything... but they just don't resonate with me in any way. I will say that this game is the only miniatures game that I've ever picked up, and because I started with the Hunters, only having to pick up a single box to start was a huge contributor to my willingness to give it a shot.
  4. She's better than many give her credit for. As a Striker Hunter she presents a serious threat to models with low health pools, especially if tooled up. You won't be 1-turning like you can with Cosset, but she can reliably strip the ball from high Def Strikers without fear of counterattacks and then put up feel my pain, to further punish them for trying to get it back. This damage accumulates fast. She's also capable in a pinch of laying into bigger targets, especially if they have low defenses. Don't go chasing her painful rage though, that's just asking for her to be taken out.
  5. It may be easier said than done but I did a first turn kill on tapper by PM-ing Tapper into a tooled up Cosset. Dirge charged an applied singled out and you know how that song and dance goes. My opponent spent the rest of the game on the back foot due to his low movement speed. He still managed to slog it out fairly well and I had to give up Obulus Graves, and Cosset, but I ended up getting the kills I needed before scooping up the ball with Obs. I'd say try and break up their scrum, and lure players in, exploit their low speed to isolate targets with Cosset and Graves, and force them to take targets that either take too long to kill or force them out of position and into the hands of a crazy bird lady.
  6. Homogenizes the design of an otherwise perfectly functional and diverse model type. This is practically what all mascots do besides. Compare the power level of Dirge providing assists and Singled Out to Marbles second Counter-Charge and Fahad's free charge, or Tentacle's ball killing potential. They're not quite all the same power, but they're consistent and they're unique.
  7. It's not that he kills the bear, he farms momentum off of the bear and drags every other player you have into the scrum and kills them. The bear won't ever get out because he can't disengage himself from the Corsair/Jac/Kraken cross-section melee's.
  8. Never, ever bring Seenah into this matchup. He can't deal damage to save his life against the amount of tough hide/2" Melee models and he's going to get the rest of your team dragged into the murderball.
  9. My first outing with a friend's Fillet saw her murder a cluster of 4. At the end of Turn 1 Fillet charged a Hooked Spigot and hit 4 DMG/Dodge + Blood Rain, one more attack and he was dead and she was laying into Mash. Exsanguinate tagged Tapper, Mash, and Hooper. Mash died to bleed. Fillet chewed through the rest in short order and picked up the ball to unceremoniously end the game. In the following games I've consistently been able to kill 2 Brewers from full health in a single activation as Fillet so it's hard not to feel a tad too powerful, but maybe this is the problem of the Brewers and not Fillet, certainly sounds terrifying when I consider S2 Fillet.
  10. Corsair is the bane of my existence. Just spam all the 2" Melee you can and make sure to have 1 or 2 backup goal-threats so that while Corsair and Jac/Kraken are tarpitting the center one of them can close out the game when you need to. I'd take Tentacles over Salt, and Hag to buff the team's speed. Those are also both 2" Melee models. Kraken is super enticing to free up some Influence for Corsair to just pull beatstick duty, but I think you're right in that that's now a very Inf hungry tarpit. All in all, I honestly think it's hard to build a bad Corsair list, give him plenty of play and you'll figure out what you want to be doing. Edit: Sorry though, to answer your original question, I can't find many decent videos either. There might be a few good battle reports hanging around with pictures.
  11. I'll just give another commendation to Hoist, the guy can do everything and is damned impossible to kill, being able to copy his team's plays makes him a near auto include for versatility's sake. Double Dipping on Salvo or Ratchet's OPT abilities is really fun, but his goal-threat with Velocity's Acrobatics, or his survivability with her Nimble is where things get pretty real. If you're a fan of jank he can copy Singled Out or vVelocity's Aggressive Defense for a bizarre amount of Tac increases.
  12. I really like the ideas behind your solutions, spending more MP for a better shot on goal is a pretty neat idea, but it needs some help. Strikers should still be fundamentally better at scoring than non-strikers, and I don't know if there's a way to smoothly integrate that system in a way that isn't too punishing for the teams that are super reliant on goal-scoring. As MechMage and others have pointed out, adding a random delta of failure is a VERY poor way to fix the problem. In terms of small tweaks I've got a short list. Remove Knee Slider. No MP gain for Tap-In Goals. Take a Breather heals for 3HP (I could take or leave this one). Rework bonus time so the floor isn't a 2 Dice shot on TN 3+. (I think there also possibly needs to be some re-evaluating of the value of 2" Melee models in the game as a whole.) If we're looking at something a bit larger, I think the 15VP games, TO 3VP, Goals 5VP to make kills an entire kill faster. Game wide goal-post models with unique, guild specific effects.
  13. I've found both captains to be firmly lacking, but I've come to prefer Skatha because once she's done her piece (place fast ground, snare some people and dodge someone 4" up) she's happy sitting far away from the enemy team not giving away any VP's, which is more than I can say for Theron. I like Theron, but he's underwhelming at everything. Pinned has a great effect but it just doesn't contribute enough to the kill and players can find ways around it. Compare to Ballista's deadbolt, which even if it didn't Knock Down or Push, deals 3 Damage for 2 Influence. And that's before factoring in its chance to miss entirely. His forest is a great ability if you're not playing with terrain. Once you are it's nearly impossible to place it in a useful position to block off line of sight or charge lanes in the way that doesn't simultaneously block off your player's line of sight, charge lanes, or impede them with rough ground. Arrow the the Knee is a fine ability but for a captain I've found it's usually best used so that Theron can take 3 Inf, snare someone at range, and get a momentum instead of needing 4. Theron goes extremely well with Chaska so I'd try benching him if you're gonna try Skatha. She also makes Seenah capable of threatening 11" on turn 1, which is not bad. My Skatha lineup tends to look like this. Skatha - Fahad - Jaecar - Egret - Seenah - vHearne Minx or Ulfr can usually replace Egret but I actively hate Ulfr and that means Egret or Skatha are my only active goal threats.
  14. I've been putting thought into this problem for a while now and I mostly agree. I like your solution quite a bit, but I personally think that the models that can make use of MP Gain on plays aren't necessarily the ones who want to be confined to a 3" Aura. Chaska doesn't seem to have a problem with it, and he's largely the poster child for Hunters great Character Plays, but does Chaska want to be within 3" of Zarola, Hearne, or Egret? That might lead to interesting choices to make, regarding positioning and risk, but it kinda feels like replacing one problem with another of the same severity. I liked the earlier idea of making Sun Strike a OPT free ability, but I still feel like that'd be way too ineffectual for a captain ability. I'd still like to see if Momentous Inspiration really is too much, certainly having a lot of access to combinations of powerful playbooks and character plays and gaining momentum from both is powerful, but I think in terms of lineup selection, Influence distribution, and Influence-Momentum ratio you'll be choosing between one or the other. E.G. Theron - 3, Flex(Probably Minx) - 0, Jaecar - 4, vHearne - 2, Chaska - 4, Fahad - 0 This is the most powerful pure kill lineup I can think of that utilizes a Theron with Momentous Inspiration in tandem with powerful MP generating playbooks. Theron, vHearne, and Chaska all dedicating their entire influence pools to character plays, (and BOTSF/LL that extends the value of Plays) only results in a net of 2 MP. Jaecar, Fahad, and Minx can all still generate a ton of MP efficiently and none of that is factoring in MP from takeouts. But I think in consideration of the Hunters low combat abilities, defensive stats, and Kick stats, there are more ways to spend MP in the Hunters than there are to earn it, and I don't think Momentous Inspiration will solve the Hunter's MP problems.
  15. Honestly I found the play pattern of preying on returning players to be pretty boring. It's extremely punishing to play a man and 1-2 influence down, contributing to your opponent's snowball, while returning model's to the pitch also contributed to your opponent's VP snowball. I think Suspension's right, the killing game just feels difficult and slow next to scoring. By the time you've chewed through that 2/3 with 20 Health and Tough Hide the game's over, and this isn't helped by the amount of defensive tech on the most premier scorers about. (2" Melee, Clone, Buyable Dodges, UM, Def 5 & 6)