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  1. Tournament help/tips

    If your new to playing on the clock, have a plan for turn one. Turn one should be almost automatic and that should help with the clock. Your opponent will most likely have a pre determined T1 plan, don't let them get a clock advantage early on.
  2. I really like the idea of different TN for goal shots from different distances and it makes sense thematically. Within 4" TN is 3 Within 6" TN is 4 Within 8" TN is 5 8'+ TN is 6 (hard, but you are shooting from the halfway line!!)
  3. Puppet master vs rough ground

    Awesome, thanks guys
  4. If I PM a model that is in rough ground, can I spend 1 momentum to ignore the rough ground and jog the model as normal?
  5. Dealing with brawling teams

    I am having some trouble Tapper Brewers too. They kill the ball with Mash and hide him at the back unsnapping the ball to avoid PM. I killed Pinpot and Greed easy enough but then got punched to death by Hooper, Tapper and Greed. I was thinking about putting Silence in against him to make Tapper go last.. who do you guys run against them?
  6. Obulus vs summer

    My meta is full of Shark and Midas, what is your line up against them?
  7. Obulus vs summer

    Solid performance and write up, well done!
  8. Guild Ball Gotchas Ep. 2: The Pat Cat

    These Guildball gotcha videos are awesome! As a fairly inexperienced player, these tips help make my play experience much more positive. Even if I don't remember the finer details, I am aware of the plays and don't walk straight into them.... as much. Thank you for taking the time to make these.
  9. Thank you all for the advice. I am going to give myself a crash course in B&M; going to try and get 5 games in with him in the next week. I'll report back on how it goes.
  10. I just picked up B&M and I am trying to figure out who they would be good and bad against. My usual line up is Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Ghast, Cosset, and Mist. I am considering dropping Cosset for B&M and Mist for A&G. I am nervous to drop Cosset because I always get work done with her. What do you guys think?
  11. Football Focused Morticians

    Mist has made it back into my team. He has spent a long time on the bench but I wanted to give another chance. 2" melee, he is so fast, and being able to pay for a dodge is really useful.
  12. I think it's a good time to be reviewing the Guilds and where they stand right now. Sorry to hear that Jordan has gone, but Vince is a good addition to the squad. Keep up the good work; you guys are truly the worst!
  13. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    I agree that killing the ball sucks. I think people have been drawn to killing the ball because of goal plays like A&G where there is no interaction with the other player. I hope that the meta goes more to a combined arms way of playing where people who don't want to go for a 3-0 can compete with goal scoring teams without killing the ball. Great podcast!
  14. Engineers or Morticians?

    Its worth mentioning that the Morticians can require a bit more turn to turn planning, which can eat away at the clock sometimes. I agree with the other comments about the spooks being a flexible team and can adapt to the tempo of each game going for the 2-2, 3-0 1-4 ect. My favorite part with the Morticians team, is being able to outfight the Butchers or Brewers using shenanigans instead of just strength, or manipulating the pitch to force the Engineers or Fishermen into a scrum. Engineers are really good, but I do not have much experience piloting them, so I will let the other guys handle that Good luck with whoever you choose!
  15. Morts Blog

    Thank you for the great write ups! Hopefully you will come back to the spooks soon. It does feel like we have a harder time than most teams with the clock. I think Morticians shenanigans just takes a little longer to play out. I appreciate you sharing your experience and tips