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  1. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    It doesn't have to be Spigot, it can by any low DEF Brewer close to Friday without 2 inch melee ( so they can't retaliate). But Spigot fits all of these criteria as he has to be within 4 inches of Friday to grant the +DEF. You charge Spigot, have Friday pass you the ball (which she is very good at), dodge 4 inches away from that pass, use your last influence to pass the ball again and dodge another 4 inches. Should see you safe enough from retaliation. Not foolproof as your opponent also plays in that game, but a good option.
  2. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    TimBo, what they meant was that you attack Spigot with Siren and use that to trigger Seduced, automatically hitting Friday.
  3. My Collection

    They look nice. But please finish the bases, they will look so much better.
  4. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    In the post before your post I describe my actual tournament experience from last weekend.

    Along the same lines, I think your wording is ambigous. You say to stop when you have 6 players deployed. This obviously is not meant to include these additional players like Memory, but the wording does not make it clear.
  6. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    I think I'm a fairly decent Guildball player (having won 2 tournaments in Belgium on the same weekend :-) ) and last weekend I played Fish without ever having played with Fish in tournaments before (have played friendlies and played often AGAINST Fish in tournaments). Two of my games I played Shark (Obulus and Tapper) and boy does Shark still work! The changes to the legendary were not important, I still caught all the players I wanted to get. The lack of G&S also did not really hinder me. The changes to Siren1 (played her twice) were also OK. She still threatens the ball on the kickoff even without the option to do the pass, you can still walk to 6 inches of your target, cause it to pass to you, dodge 4 inches back (you are now 10 inches from your target, probably more from other opponents) and then just drop the ball behind you. It will be ~12 inches away from the opponent and can be picked up by your own guys. Who besides Engineers will get that ball before you collect it? I played Siren2 once and the new playbook was OK. The lack in damage was more than offset by the brutal amount of damage from the new A&G.
  7. Edit: Moved my content to the other post, more fitting there.
  8. They are still both deployed, so I need to pay 1 Inf on first turn so A picks up G?
  9. Fillet's Pain Circle explained

    1. No, you are not "entering" when you are only moving out. 2. Yes, as you are "ending your activation" in the AoE.
  10. sturdy and thuggery

    No, it does not apply to GlutMass as GlutMass ignores the complete attack, not a single result. But otherwise, yes, this applices to wrapped results.
  11. sturdy and thuggery

    It will be knocked down. It is the same as if you wrapped against someone with Sturdy.
  12. Excellent as always and now also improved with the health stats, etc. Still the best there is in Guildball videos.
  13. Farmer rules?

    And they are on the guildball wikia: http://guild-ball.wikia.com/wiki/Farmers
  14. No more "Likes"?

    Any news on this front?