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  1. It really depends on the captain. I play Midas a lot and Midas normally gets 5 Inf, not 6. On some turns even only 2 or 3. I only give Midas 6 in the situation where Midas is supposed to steal the ball first and then score.
  2. The AOE will stay (as it is a sustained effect), independent of whether or not you hit anyone. But you have to roll to hit against each target independently, none are hit automatically. In Case 1: Roll to hit against A, B, C (three rolls) In Case 2: Roll to hit against A and B (two rolls), C cannot be hit In Case 3: No rolls, no one can be hit. In all cases, the AOE stays on the field.
  3. Chemical Resist would still work. It is basically the same as Close Control regarding Tackle.
  4. With a new version of the app published recently, what was changed? The change log (http://tooledup.solaristudios.com/changelog) is no longer accessible.
  5. Why risk the double push with Avarisse? You can have Avarisse just walk away from Greede. Sure, you don't get the momentum, but getting 2 Hits ist only 65%.
  6. OK, I just purchased my ticket. Will be a weekend of Guildball in Belgium for this German. First Hasselt on Saturday, then Namur on Sunday. Can you recommend a Hotel in Hasselt? Nothing fancy but also not a dump.
  7. You are right, allocation of influence is part of the maintenance phase. But the Regional Cup document says: "Please note that the following steps supersede the standard Pre-Match sequence as defined in the rulebook and are specific to tournament play." So as resolving of conditions is not mentioned in the pre-match sequence of the Regional Cup, I suppose it is not done at the beginning of a game that is played according to the Regional Cup document. But would like an official answer on that.
  8. The rulebook says on p. 11: "9. The kicker performs a kick-off. Determine the final landing spot of the kick-off and apply the results. Note: the kicker may still be allocated Influence and activate as normal in the first turn. 10. The receiving Player automatically has the initiative for the first turn; the game then begins. 11. The game now continues from the Maintenance Phase of the Normal Turn Sequence." Regional Cup says on p. 8: "G. The Kicking Player performs a kick-off action. H. The Receiving Player starts the chess clock and then allocates their Influence. From this point onward the active Player must have their chess clock running. I. The Kicking Player allocates their Influence. J. The Receiving Player takes their first activation. K. Follow the Normal Turn Sequence as outlined in the Guild Ball rulebook." So according to the rulebook, we have a maintenance phase in turn 1. According to the Regional Cup document, we do not have a maintenance phase in turn 1, as this would happen between the kickoff and the influence allocation and is not mentioned. Why this is important? Katalyst1. Does Katalyst take fire damage in turn 1? Is this different between tournament and non-tournament games?
  9. Fish would have a field day. Imagine having to play against one of these teams with the fish player taking your list that is less good against fish: Shark Salt Angel Greyscales Jac Siren Corsair Tentacles Kraken Sakana Siren2 A+G
  10. You can also use Zarola to let someone jog to the UM model. Doesn't matter if they move away or not, the hunter model can attack them on the next activation.
  11. Your "then" ist actually a "may".
  12. You just always have them and during your activation you can use them. Think of it as always having the beer tokens next to Pintpot.
  13. Based on this ruling: Does this mean that to get the benefit of "Witness Me!", I don't need to suffer the takeout myself? Wording of Witness Me!: "If this model inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy model, this model may immediately suffer the taken-out condition and reduce its HP to [0]. The friendly team gains an additional [+2] VP." Based on the above ruling, the +2 VP is not dependent upon Katalyst2 having suffered the taken-out condition. So as long as Witness Me! is active, every takeout from Katalyst2 is worth 4 VP. You could even look at this even crazier: Every time Katalyst2 triggers the Heroic Play, the Alchemists get 2 VP as the second sentence is not even dependent upon Katalyst2 inflicting a takeout. I know that these examples are not how Witness Me! is meant to work, but what makes this ability different from "Ball's Gone"?
  14. So the Hag player could "kill" the Hag (if the damage is sufficient) and then push/dodge players to the space that was just vacated by the takeout?
  15. What do we know about Tater in S3? Tater was a "league only" model, right? Will it be able to be used with S3 Farmers? Will we be able to buy him? Or is he part of the starter?