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  1. Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

    Gw steampunk dwarves. Arconauts not sure of the spelling. New age of sigmar faction.
  2. Regale me with your cool stories!

    Quaff. Sic em under commanding aura and a couple of crowd outs wrapped and shoved original rage off the board from closer to center than the edge.
  3. Advice with Vet Rage!

    My seasoned Brisket team is. SBrisket Strong Box Mist Harry Grace A&G Ran them in a tournament a few weeks ago. Went 3-1. Only loss was against Engineers. I kicked to him. We just traded goals.
  4. Advice with Vet Rage!

    I love her in my 3-0 Brisket team. She turns anyone with the ball into a threat and mist and Brisket into scary long threats. Like MechMage said other than that leave her on the bench.
  5. Butchers Redux

    I find you can out beat them. You need to isolate them and gang up. They can't take a punch like you can.
  6. State of the game?

    I agree completely with Ben's original post. I have cautioned my LGS about stocking more than new releases and starter boxes. Everything else is special order that way they are not holding excess stock. Enough of the locals are doing the special orders through them instead of online to essentially pay where we play.
  7. Is scoring goals too easy.

    You have You have now invalidated everyone's mat. As a T.O. withh more than a few mats that are now useless this would send me right out the door.
  8. Wet Coast GT July 8-9

    Event is now live on TieBreak https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/wet-coast-gt/feed
  9. custom printed solthecian team?

    Pictures are posted in the Guildball supporters page on Facebook.
  10. Wet Coast GT July 8-9

    Just an update on this we will be using the newest organized play document
  11. It is being held at Ages Three and Up in Burnaby it is on Lougheed Highway. It is one block from Lougheed skytrain station. Starting at 10:00 in the morning. Entry fee is $5.00. Barring mail issues we will have the organized play prize pack. If the pack gets delayed I will give you IOU'S and pass out prizes the next week.
  12. Who's your 10th?

    He is usually palling around with Hooper and Tapper so I try to keep him To least crowded out. I try to pull someone in with the barrell lob and erase them. If you get the push away and towards you hooper and tapper they can isolate and take out. Just the threat of him on the roster can affect choices.
  13. Who's your 10th?

    I dont understand the hate for stave in the nine now ten. Having him in your tool box is such a strong option. Sure he doesn't come out against alchemists and engineers. But I will take him all day long in Butchers mason's and fish. His disruptive ability off sets potential downsides.
  14. My two cents for what they are worth. Scything blow triggers because it choosing a character play off the playbook is resolved during the duration of the attack. Minefield is triggered during the attack but does no damage during the duration of the attack. The damage if triggered does not happen during an attack.
  15. Guild Ball Store Support Staff

    This doesn't help with the Brain Pain I got from my LGS that had two left arms. That is a model that I supported my LGS on and haven't been able to use more than a month after I bought it. Add to that once it does ship it will be another two weeks. Our LGS has still not been able to get Locus in or the Hunters.