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  1. oppressive is kinda an individual player thing. I've seen players who don't find mortician control to be oppressive, but find Fillet's brand of "im an unkillable 5/0, sometimes 6/0 that slaughters your whole team" to be highly oppressive. then someone else finds fillet fine, but gets annoyed by Silence and Obulus. Other people find shark very oppressive, etc i think its a hallmark of a pretty well balanced game that there isn't much of a consensus of 'what is an oppressive experience' in s3. Only individual players finding certain things annoying. People find fish and alchs ahead of the curve balance wise as a general consensus, but i'd argue that's not the same thing as an "oppressive" experience. For example, i'd rather face alchemists than honour masons. that's just a personal thing that bugs me.
  2. @Cole you're quite right about the kd2 damage. Oftentimes people get a bit colour blind to the non mom results. also, Yeah cosset obliterates KD targets. Also you can apply screeching banshee to make her follow up attacks even better. you're losing between 1 and 3 damage, depending on circumstances, but it's not like cosset kills people by thin margins, whenever my cosset kills someone she deletes them off the face of the planet, even without dirge (in fact, i don't get to use dirge that often w/ her. the fact she has access to non mom 4 wrap to non mom 1 or mom 2 is often times, enough)
  3. the legendary is always pretty good at extending her range, but its a lot easier to deal with if you keep dropping the ball rather than holding it on players for too long. Since it denies her ability to route one Harry is also pretty great against her, a bonus timed goad lands 75% of the time, and route one is a jog so its effected by goad too.
  4. yeah, i don't hate minx, i think shes a great player. the problem is i just love A&G more
  5. the thing with anatomical from snow is, i really prefer fahad. i think fahad does way more work, esp. since skatha is a source of AOE snare which is a lot harder to clear if you tag 2 (or more!) people. Snow essentially costs you an early activation and an influence, which is a heavy cost. really heavy for turn 2 onwards, once the lines are clashed. i don't think the benefit outweighs the value of fahad shredding people and doesn't need influence to do it.
  6. i wouldn't take snow into fish match ups. Corsair fish tend to have a number of knockdowns which ranges from just corsair, to multiple models. Whereas shark is only doing damage in corner cases, like if the ball is really dead and shark decides to G&S and then hit jaecar 5 times on a whim
  7. i feel like ballista is the more powerful of the two captains, especially since hes better at kick off than PV is. If you receive the ball it is fairly trivial to throw a 2 or 3 dice deadbolt at a lot of forward threats which nullifies them entirely unless you're up against a trait like Fixer or a player like millstone. Breach is a pretty good way to score as well
  8. Casket is worse at most things turn to turn than ghast is, but the casket time +2 VPs is such a huge advantage. It turns killing one guy + scoring a goal into 8vps which is critical mass essentially. they can no longer score if you can set up a counter goal. the difference between that and taking the time to get 2 take outs is actually really big, in practice
  9. to expand on your point about captains going first/last, It's really common for a team kicking off to put their captain out as the kicker, like ballista, thresher, blackheart, corsair, tapper etc as threat extension, give them a full stack and hope they get to use it on someone effectively as last, or very late activation. Any of the def 4 and under captains are super vulnerable to a first or second activation tuck (after securing the ball). Often times the only model inside their threat range is silence himself, which gets even more strained if silence teamwork dodges further away using the ball. Most of the time you either kill 5-6 influence, or their captain commits suicide by going in on silence whos standing back with his friends. i really like having silence in my teams, the more i play him
  10. Cosset is incredible. Also an overlooked piece of tech she has is lure. on t1 lure threatens 15" and can act as a poor man's puppet master. It's kinda hard to play proactively on the board and play around not one, but two ways of dragging players. The fact that on top of everything, shes inf neutral (never takes inf away from your other players) is top notch. her only weakness is shes squishy but i feel morts have enough tech to counteract that
  11. I wouldnt drop oSpig. His damage output against kd targets w/ CA is godlike, and as a support model he has tooled up, passive footballing buff, friday buff (really significant one at that) and a move buff that doesnt cost influence. I honestly wouldnt ever be able to leave that at home. It helps with every single important aspect of the game
  12. Honestly bushel doesn't even make the cut, she's a really weak player because of her low inf, lack of dodging, 1" melee, most of the playbook options you want (like T) are non mom, even if its on 1, and the fact shes fighting against players who do much, much more than her like harrow and millstone. This makes their strikers mostly the donkey and thresher, and thresher is a high value target for death so hes not always around
  13. Zarola has a playbook?
  14. I've only just gravitated towards thresher farmers as backup to my morticians. but i'm quite eager to see the rest of the blacksmiths cards. if they are interesting there's only a very small barrier of entry to guilds in this game luckily.
  15. Yeah, the most reliable way to do it is the 20" in a straight line and even if he's engaged by 5 models, meditation + bonus time makes that effectively a 4 dice shot needing a 4, so he really doesn't care. you need dervish when your opponent builds a wall of models, or has a rush keeper making your positioning awkward, its still more likely to happen than it isn't, but one failure will ruin the run. He's high risk high reward, second best turn 1 shooter we have (first being A&G)