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  1. How do you deal with all the low def pieces?

    That is an interesting take. I will try it some time. I have methods to avoid the Vitriol threat, but I usually have to go into the think tank for a few minutes to solve the problem that she poses. If Compound's denial is as automatic as you say, then it could make a lot of sense to use him. My typical counter is to get the ball to Colossus or Velocity, and to get that player more than 10 inches from my goal. For Velocity, def 5 and Close control are usually enough that being within 10 of the goal isn't a problem. Colossus, however, she can wrap with a charge(defensive stance helps), and I have to watch out for that. Lately I've also tried dishing the ball to PV, as she can be 14 inches from vitriol and still threaten to kill her(though at the cost of quite a lot of damage to herself). If vitriol's kick is further than 12" from herself, I usually just leave the ball on the ground. Or frequently I place the ball on the ground somewhere she can't get it. I'll often setup a turn 2 mother goal in this manner with her double nest shenanigans.
  2. How do you deal with all the low def pieces?

    I have a slightly off topic question for you. Why do you like Compound into Alchemists?
  3. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    The risky deadbolt does shut them down. However, that's a 44% chance of failure(30% chance of failure with bonus time), and that is just a bit too much for me. When I receive in the ballista squad my immediate response is to get the ball to colossus/velocity and further than 10 inches from my goal, or leave it on the ground in a place that vitriol/mist cannot reach it. Ballista is a late activation to KD catalyst or some target of opportunity. I will say that I like the deadbolt for most other kickers. Turn 1 Ballista makes shark cry the saltiest tears in the league.
  4. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    Lately I have been experimenting with PV into Alchemists when I am recieving. With high defense and Close control, PV is a good answer to Vitriol's kickoff. I retrieve the ball with another model and pass to PV. It becomes very difficult for Vitriol to pull her 1st turn goal antics(impossible with particularly good positioning), and a tooled up PV threatens to kill vitriol before she can activate. After turn 1, I usually long for Ballista. His momentous inspiration for Ratchet/Hoist Blast earth is far superior to deletion's +1 damage, as it lets you work to control the match even when the opposition is out of melee threat. However, if you're the kind of player who goes in the tank for 5-10 minutes on turn 1 to prevent Vitriol's antics(or mist's antics, to a lesser extent), PV may be a decent drop for you to try.
  5. Pin Vice or Ballista ?

    I've played about 70 games with Ballista and 3 games with PV. Ballista has my regular opponents groaning, so I think that I may return to PV for a few weeks. I prefer to control the scrum, so that is why I usually take Ballista. In my games with PV, it felt like that by the time I get her set up to do something, the board state has already changed. What I do find great about her is her ability to extend her threat range with her legendary; it's exceptionally easy to get an extra 8 inches for an important kill or goal(preferably both).
  6. Which Mercenary Makes the Cut?

    OK, it's 3 months later, and I'm still loving Harry for whenever I receive. He's a great beater. He has great character plays for field control. His support in the hat aura is great for free dodges. I think, however, that it's time to try AnG. It seems too often that I need one more goal threat to close out a game, or a little extra damage, or support to boost my beaters. I think AnG can bring the extra options that I need at the cost of Harry's momentum generation and flexibility. Can anyone else comment on these options, or any other union that have performed well? Typically, I'm running Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Harry and Colossus
  7. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Give Ulfr icy terrain, get him to damage something, and then he is *almost* as good as Vitriol without 2 inch melee. Come on. Im pretty stoked about Skatha though.
  8. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Skatha seems nifty. She'll almost never hit her GB to trigger cold snap. Spending 2 to cast it is pretty good though. Plus she'll be able to generate a momentum with her snowball kick to bonus time if she needs it. It's probably not going to matter often, but Ulfr being an animal is a downside. Charmed(male) works on Ulfr, as well as Charmed(Animal)
  9. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Brief speculation mode: I'm thinking through the blog post on Skatha. A play like On My Mark or I'm Open would really make sense with her snowball kit.
  10. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Seems the whole thing is dead now. Curiosity killed the internet.
  11. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Yeah, it's not obvious. They have links to pictures of the teased abilities as printed on the cards mixed in with the text.
  12. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    It also says 'other friendly guild model', so we don't have to answer such philosophical questions as can you move towards yourself.
  13. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    FWIW, pack mentality works against 2 inch players as well. It could get your model outside of 2 inches or inside of 1 inch. It's easier for a 2 inch enemy to play around, but it's still there.
  14. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    I agree there, but it's only one momentum. Note that snowball creation is OPT, and the snowball melts at the end of her activation.
  15. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    So interestingly enough, with her Fast Ground and Snowball, most of our players can threaten turn 1 tap-ins with range to spare. Even the bear can get there. This is a nice feature, because pretty much no matter where the ball is kicked, we can pick a player to get to the goal. If we're kicking off, she loses some of the power, but we can still pick models to jam down the enemy's throat.