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  1. Wait, so where is his card at? I cannot find it.
  2. First video in a series I am making for the Engineers. It is just basic stuff, but I made it to help beginners or those thinking about getting into the game, because I knew I was looking for videos like these my self. Any criticism is welcome!
  3. Yep, you can only copy noncaptain plays.
  4. My pants were on a second ago! This guy looks awesome. I hope he has a 2 in the second column.
  5. Just curious, how does everyone use Colossus. I was thinking about picking them up, but was just curious at what Colossus does special.
  6. No, he had meant Brisket as the captain of the new, unrevealed guild or as the captain for the union.
  7. I am looking for some engineers to get myself for Christmas. I am fine with painted or unpainted. I am looking for larger lots of the team more than just single models though. I am in the US. Thanks, TC
  8. I don't play hunters, but I thought at least Hearne and Theron would get a buff.
  9. Yeah the basic immunity to burning is good on him. I do like your idea about the acid of his blood burning him, but the names of his traits and plays almost guarantees it is normal fire. It is just like Midas though. They turned the character away from what he was and made him something else. Idk, I just really don't they his changes. He was the reason I decided to play Alchemists. He brought the team together. Now he doesn't do that at all.
  10. I would to start off by saying Katalyst is my favorite character in guild ball. I like the redesign, but once again, it kills the character. I liked how before he benefited from the team having applied the conditions. He was supposed to be the catalyst for the team. He was their super strong big guy, the strongest and fastest big guy at that! (Roids) But here they erased that character. They made him a fire man. In the fluff he was not a fire man. They also took out all the teamwork for him. Now he is just a fiery big guy. Now on to his changes gameplay-wise. He does fire. So does Mercury. Now, atleast to me, it feels like a waste to have them in the same team. None of his stats changed, the only thing about him to have not changed. Both of his character plays are meh. External combustion is ok. Nothing special though. And Seismic kick is not my cup of tea. The back of his card is just garbage about him being a fire man. They just completely switch my favorite character into punchy Mercury. Vet Katalyst is more similar to old Katalyst than this one. And sorry if this is a bit whiney or biased. I had just really wanted to see how they were going to buff my favorite character and make him more awesome. I had been waiting a while you know. But they didn't. They killed him.
  11. It is just the fact that they completely changed him that sucks. Imagine you bought an expensive card that fits your playstyle perfectly, then it gets changed to a completely different card that no longer suits your playstyle. Now it may be fair to switch the card if it is OP, but all those who liked and owned it get screwd over. Now it is not a big deal to, but I am still a little salty over it.
  12. In that game guildball retweeted yesterday, I was baffeled by how much damage Blackheart was putting.
  13. I don't like these changes at all.
  14. All these puns are completely sunbearable.
  15. I think you hit the nail on the head. A badger would be sweet. I think a bladed golem or bladed atronach for the Alchemists would be cool. Just a crazy little monster that causes bleed. Or maybe a giant one?