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  1. Anyone know where I can find the results for the events held at Adepticon? Can't seem to find anything.
  2. Looking to buy Limited Edition or Kickstarter Shark and have it shipped to Canada. If you have one your looking to move please PM me a price with shipping included. Thanks FOUND
  3. Hey guys. Looking for the limited editions of Rage and Ox. Paying cash. Shipped to Canada. PM me. PURCHASED
  4. Does anyone know what model they used for SteamCon?
  5. I also ordered within minutes of the store opening. Received all of the "team" bundles along side any regular resins. The LE models didn't come in this first order and my account has them being shipped later in Dec and arriving in Early Jan. Reg shipping
  6. League game. My opponent is on Corsair Fish and I'm playing Fillet Butchers. Game isn't close at this point (I believe I am up 8-2) and almost all of his team is near the brink of death. After killing his captain my opponent plays the card that puts a vengeance token on fillet. His kraken then double wraps and sends her off the board. Turn ends and I win the roll to go first. Without thinking I bring Shank and Fillet back on the board near Jac and load them both up with influence. I make a poor choice to active fillet thinking Jac is a dead man. Obviously she fails to kill him and 1 heroic play later both herself and shank go off the board. Opponent has enough movement to pick up the ball and score. Whoops!
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Really appreciate it. I like the idea of bringing Boiler in for swift stance and the extra damage output. Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Tenderizer and Rage is what I plan to run but Brisket might come in for Rage. Game time decision I guess. I have one last question I'm hoping you guys can help with. Activating first seems like more of a priority then spending the momentum in combat in the second and third turns. Would you guys agree with that or should I be spending momentum when for damage when I can? Thanks again guys.
  8. Hey guys, Couldn't find any posts related to the Butchers Mirror. I have a league game coming up shortly against the only other local player that runs Butchers. I have never played against them before. I'm looking for some insight into how the match usually plays out, lists and tips. Just for a point of reference I have won almost all my games so far with 6 KO's or 4 KO's and a goal if fillet ends up with the ball after taking someone out. Here's my go to list. I'm open to making changes. Fillet, Princess, Boar, Shank, Tenderizer and Rage. List hits really hard but lacks a scoring touch. Is it better to try and score in the mirror or is pure damage the way to go? Tenderizer seems like he should be replaced with gutter or maybe decimate? Momentum seems really important. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.