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  1. Recent Hunter Win?

    LeadDiceandBeers posted this above: These were the teams used: Vs Fillet Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Seenah, Egret Vs Shark (twice) Skatha, Fahad, Jaecar, Ulfr, Seenah, V. Hearne
  2. Recent Hunter Win?

    Hunter's OP, time to nerf.
  3. Share your paint jobs

    You have a pretty solid start on these models. If you want to try a few new techniques I could recommend a few techniques to progress your painting and make those models pop.
  4. Share your paint jobs

    A friend of mine made it from an online company that makes custom mats/mousepads. I can see if I can get the details from him.
  5. Share your paint jobs

    He's on the painting desk
  6. Skatha's snowball

    Another use for Snowball not listed yet is the ability to bypass a model's ability to use unpredictable movement. Skatha is also one of the best models in the game to kick off with (IMO). A turn one goal is surprisingly doable if your opponent does not respect Skatha's threat range. Between the 5" walk up for the kick off, 4" snowball dodge and her 7" sprint and 1" reach she can reach models on your opponents deployment line. If she cannot reach the model that received the ball from the kick off retrieval, pop her legendary and dodge around to make your way to the ball. This scenario is not using her fast ground ability on herself, which would give her more threat, but also may place the fast ground in a spot your opponent could use against you.
  7. Share your paint jobs

    Your team pics inspired me to snap a quick pic. I just wish the pic was of better quality.
  8. Share your paint jobs

    I think its a Malifaux model
  9. Share your paint jobs

    While I'm at it, I'll post Skatha as well. If anyone has a great guide on how to paint nmm I'd be really appreciative. I've never painted using the nmm technique and I want to try it on Hearne's moon wand.
  10. Share your paint jobs

    I've been meaning to post a pic of my entire team. Just finished Vet Hearne. I could use some help for Ulfr. His pants have really weird layers. If someone could post a pic of their painted Ulfr from the back that would help a lot.
  11. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    I want the actual card on the app. Right now I have to swap between my phone and the cards which is disjointed and simply obnoxious. I could be wrong, but I was surprised that the new Hunters models were not on the Android apps yet as the previous releases this season seemed to have a fairly quick turn around. My friend who has an iPhone can access the new Hunter cards on his app, which I do not think is available on Android.
  12. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    I have downloaded three GB apps in hopes of having access to the new Hunter models. Any idea when Tooled Up or any of the Android GB apps will update with the new Hunter models?
  13. Bear Necessities

    You can achieve the same thing with green stuff.
  14. Bear Necessities

    He bearly has any.
  15. Bear Necessities

    Did you just assume the bears gender!?! Calm down fascist. In today's society, bear is a gender of its own with its own unique pronouns; bear/bearer.