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  1. You have a pretty solid start on these models. If you want to try a few new techniques I could recommend a few techniques to progress your painting and make those models pop.
  2. A friend of mine made it from an online company that makes custom mats/mousepads. I can see if I can get the details from him.
  3. He's on the painting desk
  4. Another use for Snowball not listed yet is the ability to bypass a model's ability to use unpredictable movement. Skatha is also one of the best models in the game to kick off with (IMO). A turn one goal is surprisingly doable if your opponent does not respect Skatha's threat range. Between the 5" walk up for the kick off, 4" snowball dodge and her 7" sprint and 1" reach she can reach models on your opponents deployment line. If she cannot reach the model that received the ball from the kick off retrieval, pop her legendary and dodge around to make your way to the ball. This scenario is not using her fast ground ability on herself, which would give her more threat, but also may place the fast ground in a spot your opponent could use against you.
  5. Your team pics inspired me to snap a quick pic. I just wish the pic was of better quality.
  6. I think its a Malifaux model
  7. While I'm at it, I'll post Skatha as well. If anyone has a great guide on how to paint nmm I'd be really appreciative. I've never painted using the nmm technique and I want to try it on Hearne's moon wand.
  8. I've been meaning to post a pic of my entire team. Just finished Vet Hearne. I could use some help for Ulfr. His pants have really weird layers. If someone could post a pic of their painted Ulfr from the back that would help a lot.
  9. I want the actual card on the app. Right now I have to swap between my phone and the cards which is disjointed and simply obnoxious. I could be wrong, but I was surprised that the new Hunters models were not on the Android apps yet as the previous releases this season seemed to have a fairly quick turn around. My friend who has an iPhone can access the new Hunter cards on his app, which I do not think is available on Android.
  10. I have downloaded three GB apps in hopes of having access to the new Hunter models. Any idea when Tooled Up or any of the Android GB apps will update with the new Hunter models?
  11. You can achieve the same thing with green stuff.
  12. He bearly has any.
  13. Did you just assume the bears gender!?! Calm down fascist. In today's society, bear is a gender of its own with its own unique pronouns; bear/bearer.
  14. Tried all the new models today: Skatha Snow Vet Hearne Uhlr Zarola Minx Played into: Seasoned Brisket, Coin, Harry the Hat, Gutter, Mist, Decimate. This list was a way easier for influence allocation, and more goal oriented. The game ended in a 12-11 grind victory for me. I still need to practice my Uhlr game, but damn do I love that model. He continues to not do too much in any of my games with the exception of the last one where he was providing some chip damage then went ball retrieving for the winning goal. I am really impressed by his ability to retrieve a ball from the deepest corners of the pitch should your opponent try to kill the ball. I really wish he had a 1" push somewhere on his playbook, but instead of looking at what I want him to have, I look at what he brings instead. His goal game is a bit disorganized, as the damage bonus is a bit tricky to optimally utilize. Still need to practice. Also, his Where'd They Go is pure money. Skatha really opens up my options, and provides a game plan that I prefer over Theron. Turn one I kicked off with Skatha, and my opponent retrieving the ball and passing it back to Brisket. A fully loaded Skatha snow balls up, pops her legendary, punches Decimate to dodge into Brisket where I tackle push/dodge and score a quick goal. Probably not going to expect that in future games once people see it, but she can hit some very weird angles if your opponent is not paying attention. Cold Snap is an amazing character play, catching 2-3 models everytime I use it (don't always hit all the models but I do get multiple chances). Vet Hearne is an odd duck. He really wants three influence, but never did much with it. He is deceptively fast, and quite mobile as I used his teleport for crowding out. Unfortunately his teleport also made him a target for getting crowded out, becoming a momentum machine for a turn. He did get a chance to score but flubbed the die role. The turn I fully loaded him up was to KD models engaging him. Skatha went previously and Snared Gutter and The Hat with Cold snap. Rolling three dice he struggled to KD a snared Harry the Hat and was unable to KD Gutter with four dice. His TAC 5 is rough, but 2" 2 success Momentus KD is good, so again I will practice more with Vet Hearne. Wolf bro was wolf bro, but his aura has some potential.
  15. Went to a casual tournament yesterday with my new toys. We all agreed to play the same list each round as half the players were new and only had 6 player team rosters. My list: Skatha Fahad Jaecar Ulfr Seenah Minx (Theron, Chaska, Zarola would round out my nine man roster) All of the games were on a short clock so I didn't get to finish any of my games, but I do feel had they went the length I would have won all three matches or in the least have each game be very close in score. Pros: Fast, fast, fast! I wasn't sure about Seenah with Skatha, but that is no more. Turn one threat with the bear is ridiculous! Each round started the same regardless whether I received or not. Skatha would place her icy ground in a spot to benefit the bear, snowball the bear up and have the bear threaten most of the pitch (she would also pass the ball off to someone had I received the ball). My first game I got Seenah killed too quickly because I got greedy, but if you save the bear for a late activation that is a big swing in momentum for the second round roll off. Her Cold Snap AoE is legit. I found myself able to catch 2-3 models on average within the AoE, and this can be brutal turn one when your opponent does not have the momentum to shake conditions; this being especially beneficial for the bear as my opponents had a lot of trouble trying to figure out their model placements. Do they move up and possibly get mauled by the bear, or play back and be in poor position round two. I also had a situation where I needed desperately to get a momentum to stand up my bear so she could wreck face (stupid Ballista!). My only model besides the bear was Ulfr with two influence. The closest model was woefully out of charge threat; however, again the threat game is strong. With the icy ground and a Where'd they Go Ulfr was able to walk threat 14" with one attack to get me the momentum I needed. This list is also hypermobile, and surprisingly I did not suffer so much at the hands of bashy teams (played into Morts and Butchers for two of the rounds) as I was able to engage and disengage when appropriate. Not surprising, the goal game is a lot stronger with Skatha and company. My old strategy would be to position Jaecar or Minx Midfield and pinball my way up to a goal. It's really nice to be able to play the ball back and have a long distance scoring threat with Skatha or Ulfr. I will admit, while I love Ulfr he did not do too much in my games (explained in the cons). I am toying with the idea of trying him in a Mash role. Get him midfield after punching a dude and have him be a decent snap shot target for those times I cannot get him within score threat reliably on his own. Cons: Good lord is this build resource hungry! Even with three furious models I had a lot of difficulty fueling up my players so they could all contribute. This may be a newer phenomenon because generally I never loaded up Theron, but Skatha can do a lot but requires a lot. The bear doesn't help either with her 0/2 influence cap. Generally what is came down to was how much I would load up either Jaecar or Ulfr, but not both. This creates a bit of a dead weight situation where one of those players is not doing anything for a round (Jaecar could walk up and place a snare but that's not always a smart/good play). I really want to delve into Ulfr more so should I play this build again, I would probably swap Jaecar for Vet Hearne for his lower influence cap and 2" reach.