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  1. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    If they kick in a place where Ballista can get the vall, pass, and make a Bonus Timed Deadbolt, it's absolute money for shutting down Vitriol/Mist/Fillet. I don't think VVel has any place in a competitive roster. Upping the TN by 1 against a 3 or 4 die kick isn't a very reliable way to stop a goal, and relying on a missed goal to do something cool doesn't exactly engender confidence. She could maybe do some cool stuff in Fly Keeper mode, but then why aren't you just taking regular Velocity?
  2. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    I play Ballista pretty exclusively. He brings so much to the field that Pin Vice can't compete with for me. He's tanky, plays football well, does damage we'll, and has some of the best control in the game. That said, you might as well put PV in the 10 man lineup, since there's only really 7 other models that deserve a spot in there.
  3. GenCon Events?

    Thanks folks, I do it all for you Can't wait to see everyone there.
  4. GenCon Events?

    Tickets have sold out in less than 36 hours! Anyone who wanted to play but didn't get a ticket should still come by in case of no-shows. You guys are awesome!
  5. GenCon Events?

    The event is live! Space is limited so sign up quick. https://www.gencon.com/events/121846
  6. GenCon Events?

    GenCon people: The tournament might not be dead after all! It still isn't listed in the catalogue, but has been assigned a location: ICC : Hall B : Yellow : 5--8. Friday 9 AM to 6 PM, 16 players. I'll keep posting updates as I learn more.
  7. GenCon Events?

    GenCon event update: there is no update. It's still been radio silence from the GenCon folks, so I'm operating under the assumption that we're not getting table space for my tournament. THAT SAID I'll be in the gaming hall most of the day on Friday trying to hold down some space for people to gather and play at! There's going to be Guild Ball at GenCon whether they like it or not I know some Indy locals mentioned they could bring mats, that would be super handy. I'm not going to be able to bring any with me, unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing everyone in this awesome community.
  8. GenCon Events?

    As the weeks go by it's looking less and less likely that my event will be given space, so pick up games may be all we have.
  9. GenCon Events?

    It's still in the limbo of Accepted for Consideration. Haven't been assigned tables or listed in the events catalogue yet. I'll keep everyone updated if and when things change.
  10. GenCon Events?

    So it'll be $10, if the event goes through and I'm allocated table space. But I agree that it's a misstep on Steamforged's part to not be hosting a tournament. This game has exploded massively in the past year since GenCon (that was where me and my local group first picked it up). Since then it's been a major part in many large cons across the country, off the top of my head including a previously Warmachine only event (Warmachine Weekend) and doubling the size of it's events at Captain Con. Poor attendance last year isn't a good indication of what this year would be like since the game's player base has grown dramatically in that time.
  11. GenCon Events?

    Event is still not posted but is Accepted. I heard from a friend of mine who ran an Infinity event a few years ago that after being Accepted it never got posted and they just took generic tickets, so that might end up being the case. It's a worst-case scenario kind of thing, but it is a possibility.
  12. GenCon Events?

    Boy I hope so!
  13. GenCon Events?

    Hasn't been listed yet, still Approved for Consideration. So keep that time slot open, I'll update here, in the events forum, and on Facebook when it gets listed.
  14. GenCon Events?

    Couldn't say what they did with their events last year, that was where I picked up the game for the first time! Jamie Giblin told me on Facebook that last year's poor turnout is why they're not hosting anything this year.
  15. GenCon Events?

    Good news- we've been Accepted for Consideration! That means they've checked out the submission and decided it's ok, but haven't assigned it a space or listed it yet. I'll keep everyone in the loop when it does get posted!