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  1. What happens if a models fails a pass while standing on an obstruction? Is there any difference at all how the ball behaves for the two different terrain types? If not, why are the rules paragraphs so different? Not trying to be a hassle here, I just want to iron this question out when we are at it.
  2. Hi! I am just a little bit confused regarding the difference of a scattered ball contacting an obstruction vs a barrier. I am fully on board with the intent of the barrier interaction. For reference: (it is also in the collected clarifications thread I believe) But the rules text in the rule book for obstructions seems to be written very similiar to barriers but still different. Obstructions: "When a ball-marker makes contact with an obstruction during a scatter, use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball-marker in base contact with the obstruction along the ball-path." Barriers: "The ball-marker may not be placed on a barrier; if the final landing spot is within a barrier, or the ball-marker contacts a barrier during a scatter, use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball-marker in base-contact with the barrier along the ball-path." So am I correct to assume that the ball stops along the ball path against both types of terrain? (I was somehow of the impression that only barriers stopped the ball along its path) Is the only difference that the ball marker may be placed on an obstruction (via dropping the ball or choosing the target spot)? This brought up some confusion and discussion during our last tournament, so I would gladly learn what's what Cheers
  3. Hi guys, In my head I really would like to have oRage in my 10 to be able to spice up the damage game in my Blackheart rosters if need be. However, I never seem to make him fit into a line up, and he often feels like the 7th player. I guess Maverick is annoying me a bit - stopping On my mark, Legendary, Quick foot and Bag of coffers just to name a few, but tooling up Blackheart and doing the occasional furious charge/damage/kd/bleed seems like it have merits. So dear friends. In what line ups, if at all, are you fielding rage and against what teams? Is he a forgotten gem or just simply the 7th player? With our new additions of G&B we have even more choices/decisions to make.
  4. Yes I do. Rarely the first goal - that is most often mist or greede. But the second, either by himself or a pass to snap shot through mist or greede. But yeah sure his tackle is on 3 so there is always a possibility for failure. But he moves a lot for free momentously, has shadowlike and feat and out of 6 influence he can oftentimes get it done. Using bonus time if he needs it. Sometimes using a late momentum generating activation to chain into a next turn first activation score. With early goals, grace and coin you do get a lot of inf and bonus times to dump into towards your last points. If ball is out of play for the moment, a 6 stack of inf invested into a enemy engaged with one of your other models isn't that bad either.
  5. Game plan is 3-0 or 2-2. Blackheart, Harry, Decimate and Avarisse/Greede can get 2 takeouts just fine. Taking out other harrys is one pretty easy take out. If you want a more fighty line up, oRage could fit I guess. But alas I didnt have him on the roster for the day. But the scoring threat of motivated mist and Blackheart with quick foot back up is pretty strong.
  6. Blackheart Coin Mist Grace Harry Avarisse & Greede (possibly something else if kicking, like decimate or a tech slot like snakeskin)
  7. My line up was FWIW: Brisket Blackheart Coin Harry Mist Grace Benediction A&G Decimate Snakeskin Before i threw Grace & Benny in there I had Minx and oRage. Did not miss Minx, but did think that at least having the tooled up option in the line up would have been sweet. (Did anyone say Quick Foot + Tooled up Blackheart?) Mascot I could see arguments for either. But I like Coin. Both seems good.
  8. I don't know about anyone elses reasons. But I can explain mine. I really like playing the Masons, but I also like playing/testing/experimenting with new shinies. And Masons lates new releases (vHarmony/Granite) have been more of benchwarmers/tech slots, and does not tickle my itch for experimenting. So basically I am having fun with other new sweet releases (sBrisket, Grace, Benediction and Locus respectively). Since the only experimenting I feel like doing with Masons is the Union player, and the Union player is not even that needed in Masons since the core players are so solid (which is a good thing, but a little boring as well) Maybe Lucky could shake it up a little bit
  9. I dont know if I prefer to kick. But I definitely am not disappointed over kicking nowadays. Controlling the kick off, drafting second (arguably less important now) and that juicy last activation are all pretty sweet.
  10. Just to be clear. I got to play with Grace and Benny, since they got prereleased. So I that might give me a different viewpoint on Blackheart and mist and so on.
  11. I dunno. I went 6-1 with a brisket/blackheart line up at vengeance this weekend. Only loss was against another blackheart (4-1 with brisket an 2-0 with blackheart) I think they both are quite amazing captains. Granted, I think vRage is super sweet as well, but I am more into the scoring game personally. It got a little bit tougher with the new OPD for brisket however. Motivated mist is such a great model now by the way.
  12. I personally prefer Decimate for her survivability (<< on 2 hits) and that first turn Second Wind can be pretty useful. She also got more possible damage (most times) in an activation if you need it. The better kick is a bonus for me as well, at least with BH or sBr as previously stated. Though, if you are looking for a more battery type model, Minx certainly is a good choice. Though I have been liking Benediction for the battery role
  13. Hehe, yeah. It is just downright offensive when Hammer starts wrapping under iron fist.
  14. EpicChris suggestion of Relentless (or whatever name you choose to give it) is exactly what I would like too. Super thematic and makes sure that short threat range doesn't get even shorter.