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  1. During the Q&A at Vengeance, Mat Hart did discuss that they had been thinking about audio versions of the fluff. But as I understood it, nothing were decided. So if it does come out I think it won't be for a while.
  2. The collected fluff condensed down into a kindle format would be pretty awesome IMO. And a pretty cheap and easy thing for SFG to do as well.
  3. I do agree with you. That is why I wrote "susceptibility to counter attacks". KD is the main way to discourage or nullify a declared counter by a model with an easy << or >>
  4. Yes exactly. GB is extremely KD centric. The existence of KD in a playbook highly determines the value of parting blows and the susceptiblity to counter attacks. It would just be nice to have wider options of dealing with strong counter attacks than KD or 2" melee. (Starting engaged helps a lot too) Though I don't think it is a big problem really. But we were spitballing possible improvements here
  5. Team setup in formations

    At least he can do a momKD (or kd + dmg) for a overclocked charge when on 0 inf. Better than some other mechanica. It depends a lot ofc on your actual team, which mechanica you field and how many etc. Since Colossus also has that option.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if super fan was a rules test disguised as a plot card in the same vein as tap in and home crowd. A super fan effect (possibly 4" instead of 6", but I don't think it is a big deal) would reduce the randomness of kicking out and let's you have players "guarding the goal" in a thematic sense imo. As for the counter attack thing i don't like your suggestion at all, mostly because how every models playbook is designed around the current rules. However, I do think that there could be some additional effect besides KD to stop counter attacking. Perhaps some trait like Ulfrs "extra mom for def stance" but for counter attacks. Or what I feel would be best is a new playbook result something like "stunned", that has no other effect than cancels a declared counterattack. It would let more players have answers to strong counterattacks without having to give out more 2" melees or putting KDs on every 1" melee model.
  7. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Well. Siren doesnt care much for Benedictions defenses. I for one prefer Snakeskin if you want a model to protect the ball against fish. She is better att passing the ball too, either normally or with On my mark/Im open. (And no model is particularly safe from Shark getting first activation turn 2 or something like that) Though certainly Benediction is objectively better at defensively holding the ball than a almost all other Union options, calling him a "Shark destroyer" might be a little hyperbolic
  8. How many Strikers is too many?

    Avarisse and greede is easy "one use = one goal" if I ever saw one
  9. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    What it boils down to for me I guess is: When is picking Pin Vice the "correct" choice? Is there any guild where pin vice is the best choice into both captains? Picking blindly before roll off makes the safer option in Ballista seem much more preferred to me. I guess I personally like pin vice into shark and fillet. But ballista feels not bad into either. And shark might often rather be a Corsair drop. Having pin vice for a bluff seems, as you kinda confirmed, not very effective. Not trying to be obnoxious, just playing the devils advocate for the sake of discussion. (And yeah, im going back and forth on salvo/locus on who is the 11th player)
  10. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    Related question: Does the captain line up of the engineers change the opponents captain choice at all? For which factions? Only thing I probably, from the top of my head, can see changing is that a mono pin vice list probably brings out corsair? Mono captain could possibly be a factor in the mirror as well maybe. But other than that, I don't really see Alchemists, Union, Butchers, Masons, Morts, Brewers, Hunters changing their captain choice that much regarding what the engineer players captain situation looks like. The other side of the coin is what is the downside of taking 2 captains? - For me, it means either exchanging Pin vice for Salvo. Or exchanging Ballista for vetVelocity (I like her with Pin vice, but not so much with ballista). Ballista, Pin Vice, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Compound, oVelocity, Harry, Colossus, Locus Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Compound, oVelocity, Harry, Colossus, Locus, Salvo Pin Vice, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Compound, oVelocity, Harry, Colossus, Locus, vetVelocity I by no means claim to be an engineer expert, but I enjoy the discussion and your arguments to try and learn more.
  11. Captains and Influence

    I have played a few Guild ball doubles games, 2v2, each player bring 3 non captain models to form a 6v6. Each player generates and allocates their own influence to their own models. This makes it a completely different game. Inf gets really spread out. No mascots for "dead" activations, and no captains for "overloaded" activations. It really makes it feel more like a team game. I really liked it. (Granted, there's naturally some powerful interguild combos that can be done)
  12. Hi guys. I have started to dabble a bit in Engineers as of late and while they are really fun - they are giving me some roster headaches. Since no model is truly a write off, but rather everything has its specific use. Previously I were enjoying the drafting a lot with being able to delay the captain choice in response to my opponent, then enter OPD update, and it became a lot trickier. Also, knowing kick off or receiveing was a huge boon I feel. I am leaning more and more towards single captain roster (either captain), and tinkering the roster to that captains needs in a larger degree. But in the back of my head there is something telling me that going single cap could be missing out. I do feel like the Engineers can tool their choice of rank and file players a lot more than many other Guilds, and hence captain is not as crucial as for others. How are you guys coming to terms with your rosters? Pin Vice? Ballista? Both? Discuss!
  13. So quiet here..

    Summertime, no new models, but mostly no tournaments until august (for me that is).
  14. This is an excellent idea. Agree with all earlier posters.