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  1. W: Looking for bits and pieces H:£££

    Hi Stephen, Unfortunatley I have already got Smoke will update list again. :-) Thanks for the response though! Updated!
  2. W: Looking for bits and pieces H:£££

    Engineers and Harry no longer needed.
  3. Hi guys! I am interested in getting the Engineer models. Looking for a larger sized team ideally. I am also looking for:- Morts Veteran Graves Vile swarm Casket Alchemist's Veteran katalyst Union Harry the Hat Hemlock Minx Fangtooth Ideally these models need to be unpainted Cheers Alastair
  4. Hi guys. Looking for a full Alchemists and Hunters teams, either unassembled, assembled well and unpainted or assembled well and well painted. I am based in the UK. Cheers! 😋