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  1. The Sanchex Cup

    @orange Quite sure you hitting 9 out of 11 dice is normal on a 3/1 target. Or only getting 1 hit thrice and totally missing once with a 4inf spigot with +2 crowded out is also normal for vassal. If I defensive stanced and countered I might have ato a chance to. Score a goal with scum
  2. The Sanchex Cup

    Not sure if Byron would let us. But I'm in the same boat as you. Totally missed the start.
  3. The Sanchex Cup

    Totally missed the first week, and for some reason photobucket won't load pictures for me
  4. The Sanchex Cup Sign up!!

    Name: Laurence Tan Skype: linchaiming Roster: Brewers Tapper Esters Scum Friday Spigot Mash Stoker Hooper The Hat
  5. Got it. Was overly excited, appears that I missed the import option on the (+) on thethe lower right. Really feel dumb right now
  6. No specific error. it just says: Can't open file. I assume it's the same error on downloading
  7. Really excited about this, unfortunately it seems my device cannot open the file
  8. Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I actually believe the current morts are still at par with most guilds. It's really just silence that I find may have really put them on the level instead of being really ahead of the power curve. The changes to Midas and Katalyst though are what I'd love to see affect the meta. The nerf to Vitriol might not be enough to keep them back.
  9. Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I love people are placing both Masons and Brewers at lower tiers just because the changes force people to change way they play. The biggest nerf in brewers for me was the loss of mom 2 on Friday. It does change the dynamic for the momentum generation, which forces players to consider using mash now and vet spigot.
  10. Still waiting for the seamstress guild
  11. Vassal ball tournament

    Didn't see this post as it was buried with the rest of the world
  12. Double Dodge Episode 8 - One More than Nips

    I've used A&G activation after turn one to my advantage. Who is Nips? Love the cast, though I think you should get as much games will Fillet before S3 sinks her
  13. Season 3 - Don't worry we haven't AlcheMISSED you!

    2/5 inf will definitely make him see some use especially with the union restriction
  14. Season 3 Boar!

    Might actually use this guy now, not as big a change as meat hook. but great nonetheless
  15. I'm really hoping the matches have a way to easily add and subtract the player and opponent's score, goals and momentum