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  1. Just did a search and couldn't find the event. Is it not up yet or am I just bad at searching?
  2. Just to warn you - unlike the rest of the forums, debate is not generally welcomed in the Rules forum by the Lawyers after they've made a ruling. I've asked for clarification on their reasons before and all I got in response was the thread being locked. I've also seen comments akin to "this forum is a place to ask questions about rules, not to question the rulings we make."
  3. There's no real rule, but I am all for using tokens for things like UM, close control, glut mass, etc. up until they have been triggered. For me, the ability is in effect until it has been triggered and should be marked as such.
  4. FWIW, here are all of Jordan Nach's TieBreak-event games this year.
  5. I demand a pro-rated refund for all the dead airtime.
  6. Slaughterhouse: A Farmers/Butchers player who can sacrifice your own mascot to give a (rather large) bonus to friendly players and has +2 TAC against enemy mascots. Queequeg: A Hunter/Fisherman player who is a "hunter" of large sea animals. Maybe gets some bonus against 40mm and 50mm models.
  7. You guys missed the second half of the opinions/assholes bit; everyone has one and most of them stink.
  8. If you don't want to try the regular game clock yet, I'd recommend using an activation timer. Give yourself a limit for each activation so that you get used to making decisions quickly without the whole game being on the line. Have the activation simply end at the end of the timer. I'd start with something easy - five minutes maybe - and go shorter as the limit becomes easy to follow. Once you can get most activations done in 2 minutes or less, you'll be moving the game along pretty quick.
  9. If you get rid of pre-measuring, you just increase the amount of post-measuring. You'll also make a game with less action, since more people will play it safe rather than risk entering this or that threat range.
  10. If people are dropping before the last round of a tournament, their WP isn't going to change much. People drop at cons to do other things, but no one drops who is doing well. There aren't people out there playing 3-0 and dropping. People drop after going 0-2 or 1-2. Those people's potential wins and losses aren't likely to change their tiebreak contributions by much, especially not with the 33% minimum.
  11. I don't see how drops will realistically affect anything in this system. If a player goes 0-2 and drops, they will have a WP of 0 and will give the minimum (33%) to tiebreaks. If that player was to keep playing, they would likely keep losing, so their WP wouldn't change. If they were to go 1-3, their WP stays below the 33% minimum. The only way they can break the 33% minimum is if they win two or more games after losing the first two. Possible, but unlikely.
  12. Thanks for the comments. Good points all around. I was probably underestimating the extra in-game complication my idea would cause. People measure most kicks now anyway, but going from "is it less than this long" to "how long is it exactly" would add quite a bit of effort, especially if there's stuff along the ball path. i especially liked your point, @LunarSol - separating power and accuracy does seem good. I hadn't really thought about the players who can kick farther than others but might not be as accurate.
  13. In the game of Guild Ball, the two KICK stat numbers represent (as I see it), the accuracy of a player when kicking the ball and the strength of their leg (i.e. how far they can boot it). Those are two fine things to represent in the game, but I think something is being forgotten; when aiming at a target that is far away, a person will generally have less accuracy than when aiming at a target that is close. This is simple physics - when closer to a target, the target is bigger and thus variations in kicking direction are less likely to affect the outcome. This bugs me. In the game, Shark is just as likely to hit his target from 8" as he is from 1". This is simply not realistic. Now, I know we have to suspend our disbelief occasionally for the sake of effective game mechanics, but I don't think that has to be the case here. I propose changing the KICK stat to a single number, rather than two. This number would represent the number of dice a person rolls when kicking base-to-base with their target. For every inch of distance between (rounding down), subtract one die from the pool. This would mean that at 4", someone with a KICK of 8 would roll four dice. At 8", they only roll one. I think this would better represent how people actually kick a ball. Tap-in already does this to some extent by making goals easier as you get closer, but it has no effect on passes and suffers from only having two values ("close" and "far"). Any thoughts?
  14. I added Jumpers for Guildposts into my guild ranking system today - since I knew the Hunter quotient was so high, I recorded the data before and after. This one event made a pretty decent impact all by itself Before Jumpers for Hunterposts: After: There were 35 games featuring Hunters, five of them mirror matches - over 10% of the Hunters games so far this year!
  15. They're generated on the fly and will print to whatever paper size you want. The ones I made also aren't intended to print at exactly the right size. They're made to be used with spare bases (see photo).