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    @malladin.ben I definitely agree that there's room for a shorter game mode. Then length of miniatures games is one of their biggest hurdles for organized play. Having a way to play games that are under an hour would be pretty tempting for side events, casual games, and weeknight events.
  2. Furnace!

    Seems to me like there's room for some rules simplification there.
  3. I look at the objects and try to guess if a person could easily hop up and over them. If so, they can be obstructions. If not, that makes them barriers. In general, this means that things taller than the average player or with high vertical sides tend to be barriers. There's also the 3"x3" vs 4"x4" rule that makes it easy to determine for some pieces of terrain.

    My popcorn was feeling a little bland. Thanks for the topping, @Isante.
  5. Subs

    I think some important aspects of this idea are: - The captain you choose at the start is your captain for the whole game. If your captain is taken out, you have to put a regular player on instead. - Sub-in players would have to come back at their sponge level just like the original player would. Otherwise, beating teams would have to get a sizeable buff to make up for that.
  6. Veteran Fillet?

    Bathed in Blood and Bloodlust are kind of nonbo - she'll only get the bonuses if an enemy inflicts Bleed on her. I'm not sure what the intention here was, but it doesn't do much as written. You've made her flavorful, but halfway through reading the new version I started thinking "okay I get it, she likes bleed, you can stop now." It's a bit over-done. Her card would also be really busy - it's a lot going on for a player-level model. Your comment about Smell Blood being too powerful with Ox doesn't really apply - Meathook already has it and can play for him just fine. She could even tool herself up and get two attacks with +3 DMG on his legendary turn. I'm also not really into the "Fillet replaces Gutter" idea. That was the basic idea for Veteran Ox and I think it would be kind of boring if both Veteran captains did basically the same thing on the other captain's team. I'd like her to do something *new*. Traits I would like to see are Smell Blood and an aura that applies Bleeding to anyone within 2" of her (including friendlies). Fluff could be that she's gone so crazy with blood lust that people near her just start bleeding spontaneously. Take her down to 7 or 6 TAC and go to 2/4 INF. I wouldn't change he playbook much, just make it shorter to match the new TAC and swap around GB results as needed. I might give her something like Screeching Banshee to go with the "I've gone a bit nuts" theme. You could even make her TAC 5 and give her Crazy.
  7. Veteran Fillet?

    Having both captains get a veteran version is a neat idea. Lists could be either Xy or xY for very different strategies. I feel like your vet Fillet is a bit too different than her original, maybe? I'd want her to keep either Pain Circle, Blood Rain, or Smell Blood, I think. My only other gripe is that something called "anticoagulant" should make bleed last longer, not hurt more. That's just my inner Vorthos talking, though
  8. State of the game?

    You're not wrong, but I don't think it would ever be that big of an issue. If two of every team were going out of rotation at the start of S4, for example, a store would have to worry about excess stock of those models only. That issue could be mitigated by the rotating-out models being public knowledge months ahead of the rotation so that stores could know not to order too many. I'm not aware of any rotation-based game that doesn't release the list of what's rotating until the day it goes out of rotation - that would be a terrible business model. That's a bummer about your local store, but that kind of thing does just happen sometimes. My local store ordered what must have been thousands of dollars in Warmachine and Hordes stock when they first opened. The game never took off in the area (just a few local players who already had established armies, very few new players) and the stock sat on the shelves largely untouched for years. The owner finally unloaded it all on another store a few months ago. He sold it at a loss, but it was worth it to get the shelf space back and get at least most of his investment back. The lesson there, I guess, is that stores need to not be afraid to reduce their margins and even lose a small amount on product that doesn't sell well. If your local store has trouble selling Guild Ball, they need to have a sale - that will at least help get rid of the stock and might stimulate sales to new players who were on the fence. EDIT: I feel like I hijacked the thread a bit. Sorry, Ben.
  9. State of the game?

    It's not about stocking or not stocking, it's about knowing the correct amount to stock. It's not like stores have to by a hundred of every model all at once or choose not to get it at all. There's a sweet spot for every product where you order the right amount so that you always have it in stock but never have a bunch of it sitting on the shelves. It's not rocket science, it's one of the most basic aspects of retail management. If a store finds that they typically sell an average of five of any particular Engineer model a month, then they should order five of that model every month. Game distributors work on a weekly schedule (in the US at least), which makes it really easy for a store to adjust stock amounts to changes in demand. They can also look at average sales in a product line to predict future sales for new releases. Game stores really shouldn't ever stock more of a product than they could sell out of reliably in a month or two. If they do, they're setting themselves up for problems down the road and it's really no one's fault but their own.
  10. State of the game?

    That could be an issue, but it's really more of a stock management problem. Most retailers have to learn how to not overstock.
  11. State of the game?

    I'm pretty concerned about this, too. The root of the problem is that once current players buy everything they want, sales go to practically zero except for the occasional burst due to new products being released. The game then relies entirely on new players for income. Things like Kick-Off and pre-assembled miniatures do a lot to attract more new players, but will it be enough to keep the game profitable month after month and year after year? I know a lot of people will cringe at this, but my suggestion is introducing some kind of rotation for legal competitive models. That would create a way to encourage established players to buy things in addition to new players. I've already had a pretty long discussion about this with some people and had quite a bit of pushback; one person even said he would rather see Guild Ball die as a game than introduce a rotation. Rotation had a handy side-effect of reducing the barrier of entry for new players just starting the game. If there are always twelve legal models for a team, then new players won't be scared off by having to buy all the older ones right away. My suggestion would be to rotate two players into and out of competitive play every season for each team. I would make the original six (starter set) models for each team stay legal forever and occasionally have one of the models rotating in be a returning old player so that people's older models aren't entirelly useless.
  12. Dallas, Texas Players?

    There is a small group of locals in the Dallas area that play at Texas Toy Soldier on Friday nights and at Miniature Exchange on Wednesdays. There's a tournament at TTS this Sunday, actually. Here is the group's Facebook page and the event page for this Sunday. (I'm not a Dallas local, but I travel there for work and have played with the guys a couple of times.)
  13. Ideas for Harvest Markers

    You're only allowed to have five on the pitch at a time, so you shouldn't need more than that.
  14. Can't justify Skatha over Theron

    In my experience, if Theron misses a Pinned, he's lost the game. You're down three (or four) INF, not picked up a MOM, not prevented whomever you were targeting from doing whatever you didn't want them to do, and likely left Theron out in the open in the process. You waste 25-33% of your team's influence and your captain's activation for the round to gain a net negative effect for your team.