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  1. There are season 3 big league changes in the latest errata. I can't link it from my phone, but it's on the Guildball page on Steamforged's website.
  2. The Big League plot card Bolt Action states "The friendly model may use that Character Play again during this activation without spending Influence, regardless of restrictions." In the following examples, what restrictions may be disregarded? If Gutter uses Scything Blow to damage an enemy model, can this card be used to Scything Blow again even though that play is not normally bought with influence? If a Union team borrows this card from an Engineer and vRage uses Red Fury to allow Decimate to trigger Thousand Cuts off her play book, can this card allow her to use Thousand Cuts again even though it's not her activation?
  3. If Skatha creates and unsnaps a snowball, such as to trigger Snow's Oooh... BALL!, does it prevent her from snapping the real ball marker later that activation or only the snowball?
  4. @Pending Forum Suspension I love the idea of Witchcraft although as written 3 dice of Blind for no momentum would be absurdly good and I don't think Hemlocke being a union model who is better at her specialized job than the equivalent guild model, Calculus would be good for the game. I think it'd be better to buff Hemlocke's fundementals so she could return to her season 2 role of a hybrid footballer/utility player. IMO giving her her 2" reach back and a few more hit points would make Hemlocke viable. Smelling Salts should definately not be 2 influence now though. It's less efficient than just spending influence to generate momentum to clear conditions, which just about any model in the game can already do. I think it should go down to 1 influence and get the Blind treatment: +2" range, single target. That way it's situationally good instead of situationally barely usable.
  5. Smelling Salts lost a lot of efficiency when it lost the heal. Blind is still as good as ever, but the real nerf since season 2 IMO was the increase from tac 3 to 4. She lost her doubly momentous tackle double dodge or double tackle on 4 hits, so she can't charge out of the back, grab the ball and pass it nearly as well as she could back then. Now all she has going for her are Blind and the odd Noxious Blast.
  6. Commanding aura shifts it slightly in favor of the extra attack if Spigot can wrap since it generates additional momentum.
  7. I think in sanctioned events "legal proxy" is an oxymoron but it obviously depends on your TO. I'd love to see a LE Blackheart model that's just Rage dressed up like him though. They've already set a precedent with LE Fangtooth.
  8. @Gauntlet I'm surprised how poorly you rate Colossus, especially into Alchemists. 2" reach with an easy knock down or tackle is great against their UM superstar captains and Engineers have very limited access to 2" reach.
  9. IMO oRage's biggest drawback is his name. He can't play for vRage which makes roster construction awkward. The Union has no shortage of great flex pieces who are easier to include if you want big Rage. All that said, oRage is great at what he does, especially with someone like Harry or Benediction supporting him.
  10. I'm putting together a Union list in part because I'm growing tired of Midas's one track game plan and in part because I think the Union's long list of powerful situational picks gives them a huge advantage every time an OPD update increases the roster size. Unfortunately, filling my list with situational picks leaves little room for mainstays. I find I have only one slot that I'd like to put both Decimate and Minx in. They're very similar pieces. Each has a character play that increases an ally's mobility and one that lowers an enemy's defense at the top of their playbook. Minx is furious which makes her considerably more efficient if she can charge but Decimate has a higher tax and anatomical precision so she does more with the same influence if she can't charge. Decimate has a more accurate kick but Minx is faster so there isn't as much of a difference in goal threat. Hunter's Prey is great, but BTTS means Minx doesn't want to stick around to support Bloody Coin. Decimate has 2 more hit points and a stronger counter attack which add up to noticeably more survivability. Am I mistaken in thinking these two compete for the same slot? Is there some other important difference I've overlooked?
  11. One of the biggest weakness Smoke has is her poor ability to extract the ball from an opposing player. Rather than trying to cover this with Midas, I recommend covering it with a merc since either Mist or A&G do it better than he can. That pushes you further towards a 3-0 strategy, but A&G can also serve as an effective vKat buddy as long as you take care positioning your big guys. I urge you to deploy vKat conservatively. His effectiveness varies from game winning to game losing depending on whether or not he can find a witness. For that reason I'd consider finding room for oKat, especially since you aren't running Harry. Ultimately, Midas's and Smoke's matchups are similar enough that with the new blind captain picks it's mostly a matter of personal preference. For this reason, if you like Smoke, don't bother with Midas.
  12. I like to use counters with "unpredictable movement" on one side and "predictable stasis" on the other. That way it's clearly marked and my opponent can't complain if they forget about it.
  13. Taken Out is a condition. I haven't checked in the rules forum because I wanted to see the look on my opponents' faces when I used it but I'm 90% sure it works. Unfortunately the morticians in my currently league weren't amicable to bargaining and I'm taking a break from alchemists afterwards so I've never been able to do it in practice.
  14. How good is the cat missile into people who see it coming? It's got a long threat sure but it seems like a lot of its power comes from its gotcha nature.
  15. I'll have to give him a try. I don't have much experience with the pirate but I admit that the reach sees awfully nice
  16. Do you find Blackheart is capable of scoring on his own? He's definitely king of double dodges, but his tackle isn't until the third column. Even charging a defensive stanced 4+/1 it's not guaranteed, to say nothing of close control.
  17. Do you get any take outs with that list? Seems like your whole game plan is riding on Mist and a kamakazi goal from Greede.
  18. Players take condition damage in their own maintenance phase. In the example you describe, whoever takes the first activation takes their maintenance phase first, so that player would lose. This is a rare situation in which whoever wins initiative should choose to go second.
  19. vKat loves Minx It's not a character trade, but if you can get your hands on the Morticians plot card Angry Dead, it lets Crucible inflict the Taken Out condition with 1 damage.
  20. Maybe a master winger specializing in ball retrieval with 2" reach and plays like Ball's Gone and Smoke Bomb and traits like Football Legend paired with an apprentice striker without an easy tackle but plays like Supershoot and traits like Cover of Darkness and Showboating.
  21. Depends on the match up an terrain placement. I've chosen to kick off based on conveniently placed terrain, especially if my opponent has a strong kicker or I think the draft advantage will make a big difference.
  22. Not currently. In light of that I suppose the question is purely academic.
  23. I'm 100% with you that Motivated takes Mist back to season 2. In a couple weeks when Grace and Benny come out though, it will be that much harder to put sBrisket on the pitch.
  24. Hard to say. Leaving a guild is a big thing and it's hard to imagine her making such a huge sacrifice for the sake of solidarity. That said, it would be good drama and cement Ester's rise to power. Right now Friday and Spigot's relationship is unclear; obviously they're very close but it's not explicitly romantic. A friend of mine speculated that Spigot is actually Friday's father. I think Friday probably only leaves if either something happens to Tapper or she's revealed to be Spigot's paramour.
  25. It seems to me that it's only a matter of time until Spigot is outed as sober and is booted from the team. With him gone, Tapper will lose the majority he needs to maintain control of the team and Esters will wretch it from him completely. Here's hoping we at least get a Solthecian Union sSpigot out of it.