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  1. Souls for tile?

    The level of an encounter does not matter; clearing a room nets the party 2 souls per hero, so 8 total for a group of 4. Estus Flask can be used any time during a hero's turn except during another action. A common mistake many new players make is drawing many treasures hoping to find something they can easily equip when they would be better off spending those souls to advance their stats. Make sure you don't shuffle the stage 2 treasures into the treasure deck before you defeat the miniboss.
  2. Box Drop

    Suppose Avarisse advances to be base to base with a square obstruction. Can he Drop Me Off so that Greede is placed on top of the obstruction or is that not considered being in base contact with Avarisse?
  3. Returning to GB

    Tapper is definitely the more dominant captain in the current meta. The 2" reach is really good, to say nothing of Ol' Jake's. Stoker is better than he was and is definitely viable but is not in most lists. Stave is the same as ever. Pintpot isn't really awful against anyone. He won't blow anyone up because his playbook, while novel, isn't stellar, but he's still a pretty good battery as long as the team he's powering doesn't need someone else in that slot doing set up.
  4. Cold snap from melee attacks?

    It automatically hits. A play triggered off a playbook never has to roll to hit, even if it doesn't target.
  5. I don't think Union will be legal as mercs in season 4. Requiring a new player to buy a $50 box for one player they can use in a tournament is simply too consumer unfriendly to justify.
  6. It has previously been ruled that a kick to space must target a 30mm circle where it would be legal to place the ball marker, even before the scatter is resolved. Does this apply to the standard scatter as well or just the kick scatter? For example, if a model is standing with its base over the central point of the pitch, preventing the ball from being placed there and the ball is kicked off the pitch, how is the throw in resolved?
  7. Just Something Short

    I almost want to pick up another Fangtooth now so I can sculpt him wearing a thong.
  8. Snakeskin legit

    I've had Snakeskin invalidate an entire Shark team by taking the ball and disappearing from the pitch more than once.
  9. KD and Sturdy

    Suppose Granite was knocked down last turn and still hasn't stood up. Colossus attacks her and chooses his KD>. Does this consume Sturdy for this turn even though Granite is already knocked down?
  10. Just Something Short

    Most Mechica are at least mostly naked. Maybe that's why the Solthecians hate them; they wantonly expose their ankles.
  11. Who Dis.?

    It might be that, or it could be if you lost the initiative roll, even if your opponent choose to go second.
  12. Suppose Salvo stands 2" from Mash and uses the character play Flurry on him, successfully hitting. How much damage do each of them take? Flurry reads: Target enemy model suffers 2 DMG. All other models in this pulse suffer 2 DMG. Does 'other' refer to other than the model using the play or the model targeted by it?
  13. Shoot Your Eye Out

    That's my question though, is it otherwise stated by "All other (than Salvo?) models in this pulse" @Atras Swift Strikes wouldn't trigger until after the damage so it won't affect who is damaged.
  14. Lucky

    I think it's important to point out that Lucky dodges first. It's no good for chasing someone down or running away, but it could mean snatching a free ball or extending his goal threat.
  15. Who Dis.?

    Wow this guy is cool, and damn fast for a Brewer. I'll have to look up exactly when a player has initiative.
  16. New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    Second Wind lets Stave walk forward, lob a barrel and walk back, allowing him to avoid retaliation from anyone with a 10" or less threat.
  17. Kicking Roster after Errata

    I think without Supershot and Lightfooted, Midas doesn't have an unstoppable turn 1 goal when receiving and without Magnum Opus for set up, vKat needs someone like Harry or Avarisse handing out knock downs. Now that Midas only has Lure of Gold going for him, I don't see much reason to bring him over Smoke.
  18. Worst Team Lineup

    Don't be so sure. vHarmony is secret tech; don't underestimate Team Player. Honor can use Wrecker for a turn 1 slingshot goal trading only 1 VP for 4 instead of the normal 2 4 trade most teams are glad to take. Honor still has none of Hammer's drawbacks.
  19. Yeah, looks like a shield on his back, so he could be a Master. I think this guy's a striker, but mostly because the Blacksmiths already have Winger in the form of Cinder.
  20. Tournaments

    That's why I think TOs will allow it. Technically 6 (or 7 with a merc) does not equal 10, so they can't fulfill the letter of the roster requirement.
  21. I can't say I'm a fan of his visual design. The armored collar piece definitely clashes thematically with the sneaky guy hood, and the pitch black darkness/glowing eyes combo isn't all that visually interesting, especially contrasted against the very well done shading of the rest of the picture. If they replaced this guy's head with one that showed some personality I'd have a much easier time getting excited about him.
  22. Tournaments

    I believe technically a tournament legal Farmers team is not currently possible, but I'd expect the overwhelming majority of TOs to make an exception for them.
  23. Ploughman

    I guess the rough ground is meant to be used to protect your harvest markers. I think he's going to have a hard time competing with planters like Harrow and Millstone who give out Harvest Markers for no influence and have useful boons for their team independent of sowing.
  24. Ulfr

    Blood Scent is nice if you can get it, but as you observe Ulfr often comes up about one influence short of what he'd like. The hunters are uniquely positioned to support him in ways that other teams can't, however by generating mom at range and allowing Ulfr to use it to power Where'd They Go or not have to generate his own for his goal shot. I recommend you try to avoid needing Blood Scent if you can, since even a 2 die kick isn't terrible.
  25. Kicking Roster after Errata

    I don't think I'd want vKat in a team without more control than that. Maybe Smoke instead of Midas and suddenly you're running a pretty competitive Season 2 list.