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  1. In a big league match, suppose an Alchemist player uses the Smoke Bomb character play and uses it to trigger the Experimental Mix plot card. Normally target number tests are not made for Smoke Bomb because it has no on hit effect. Does this prevent the plot card from dealing 3 damage and the bleed condition on impact or does the plot card's on hit effect allow the play to make target number tests to hit?
  2. Hemlocke is great against hunters. Remember BotSF isn't guild only.
  3. Attentive fans have noticed an usually high number of matches between Morticians and Alchemists. Bonesaw made a public statement today to address this trend. "To overcome adversity, one must be immersed in adversity. This is the wisdom of our captain, and appropriately we have secured and extended series of games against the Alchemists. We've been burnt, poisoned and bleed but slowly but surely we come to resist these maladies. Soon our guild will be impervious to the lab rats' craft." If there's any merit to this plan, it hasn't born fruit yet. Smoke's chosen disciples spent the entire match in the Rat Catcher's looming shadow, from which they bombarded the marching Spooks with wave after way of caustic bombs. When they finally reached their opponents, they were merely crushed beneath Katalyst's tires. Even Bonesaw himself was overwhelmed before he could so much as touch the ball. The match ended in a decisive 12-6 Alchemists victory. Mercury remarked to our reports after the match. "The Morticians seem to be under some very odd misconceptions about how fire works. There's just no point surviving a near death experience while the world burns."
  4. Wake up and smell the chains!

    vSnakeskin can play while dead: confirmed.
  5. Mistyped; meant to say the Hunters are a low momentum team.
  6. I would assume ending movement on a marker would be treated the same as ending it over the edge of an obstruction; the model is moved back to it's last staticly legal position. If that is a legal position, such as in the case of an inaccurate pass by a model standing on an obstruction, I can't think of a resolution than the rule of least disturbance.
  7. vHearne seems like a natural choice in the hunters mirror. It's a low influence team that's short on 2" melee zones so being knocked down 2" from an opposing player is awkward to say the least. He's also easier on your influence pool, especially when used with Seenah.
  8. New guilds in Doubles Format

    I would assume the harvest marker influence goes to guild that placed it, almost always Farmers.
  9. Masons Decimate

    Masons already have oDecimate. Would you really want her the same but in blue? Who am I kidding; of course you would. Decimate is great.
  10. How do i play Smoke well?

    Glad to hear the strategy worked for you. Maybe you'll find this UiC tutorial informative.
  11. The season ready heated up as Rage met Theron for a rousing game of Guild Ball, but it seems the Usurper thought it was more of a turf war. After an uncharacteristic botched kick off from Mist, the Hunters harshly punished the striker with arrow and spear, but Egret proved too brash and spurred on by her captain, Gutter made short work of her. A stray shotgun blast sent the ball flying towards the Union goal post, removing it as a factor from the match as Rage carved a bloody path through the entire hunters team. Before Mist could retrieve the ball and run it across the field, the referees had already called the match to spare what few trappers remained. It took most of the Union team to subdue the furious maniac until his blood lust subsided. Final Score: Union 12 Hunters 4 It was hard to make out anything coherent in Rage's frothing rant, but as best we could tell his final words of the match were "Let me at them! Let me at them! I'll hack them to ribbons; I'm going to fill a new morgue! Unhand me you cowards! The hunter blood will flow and if any of you good for nothing scum so much as stand too close to them I'll do you in too! ARRAAUGH!"
  12. In today's drunk vs lab rat match, Smoke demonstrated the power of her craft. The master brewer lost the coin toss to kick out the ball and the game went down hill from there. Demonstrating their solid ball work, until Flask lost control of it and it went spinning away wildly, the alchemists taunted the brewers from across the pitch while laying down a torrent of caustic gas and an unfortunate breeze left the brewer front line choking and smoldering. Even from the stands it was clear that Tapper was furious, but he was driven back by the barrage of flames and blinking powder. Lucky barely made it through and almost overwhelmed Calculus before Katalyst broke free of his handlers and battered the poor Mason into unconsciousness. Stoker gave the Flare of Passion a taste of his own medicine and Spigot quickly followed up to finish him off, only to see his captain succumb to the same fate that befell Lucky. As the dust settled, Vitriol and Smoke deftly passed the ball through the Brewers' final line of defense and slammed it in the goal to seal the game. Final Score: Alchemists 12 Brewers 6 Smoke took a moment before returning to her lab to exonerate the MVP of the match, before Silence was seen skulking off away from the crowd. "Calculus demonstrated the true power of science today. It takes a team to win a game but all our best efforts would have been for naught if it weren't for her fabulous concoctions and marvelous aim." Calculus could not be reached for comment.
  13. The Blacksmiths kicked off to the Morticians in the first real match of the season. The Ferryman lead a team of his tried an true staples but Ferrite had no reservations about up and coming stars Hearth and Alloy. An aggressive kick paid off and the smiths retained possession of the ball, but only at the cost of feeding the new apprentice into the eager claws of Cosset. From there the match collapsed into an all out brawl until Obulus took his opportunity to snatch the ball away and score. It seems the spook has let his skills deteriorate in the off season, however, and the Blacksmiths fans didn't feel his characteristic chill when he needed them to. In a stunning turn of events, Alloy snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, sending Cosset off the pitch in a crumpled heap and pounding in a goal to close the game out. The final score was Blacksmiths 12 to Morticians 8. Afterwards, Obulus addressed the crowd. "A wise strategist knows how to bide their time and not to tip their hand. Today belonged to the Blacksmiths, but our time will come."
  14. As the preseason draws to a close, the Solthecians were seen organizing a practice match between their sponsored teams, the hardened Union and the rising Farmers. Superstar player Mist jumped at the opportunity to show off, ensuring that the yokels never held onto the ball for more than a few seconds. Not even the Mysterious Shadow can win a match on his own, but luckily his captain was always in position to capitalize on his excellent footwork. Demonstrating superior mobility and martial prowess, half the Union team held their own into the majority of the farmers while their more mobile players isolated Farmers star, Tater. The hulking brute Fangtooth bearing down on Grange Harrow and Jackstraw all at the same time was a sight to see. One can only speculate as to why the Monster is not seen on the pitch more often. The final score was a definitive Union 12 to Farmers 4. We briefly cornered Mist for comment before he vanished over the roof tops. "It's always a pleasure working under a captain with such mastery of misdirection who appreciates shadow like movement. When you have the best players and the better strategist, victory is inevitable."
  15. When would you take Bonesaw over Mist?

    You could, but then you're putting Bonesaw in the middle of your opponent's team. You're spending two influence and 1 momentum to try not to spike low in order to trade a take out for a take out. Maybe worth while with Casket but Obulus and Cosset both do the same thing more safely.
  16. Your opinions: starting 3 for league?

    Casket really likes someone to soften up his box fodder for him. Usually I'd suggest Cosset but lacking Dirge I'd consider oRage instead.
  17. Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    A new bug I've noticed in 7.7 is that the dice macro is double counting results in the console. At one point we rolled 12 hits on 8 dice.
  18. The Betrayer Beyond Redemption had a rocky beginning to this season in an exhibition match against the Breakthrough. Leaving behind her Butcher roots, Brisket's strategy focused almost entirely on ball play, with the controversial twist of never actually getting anywhere near the ball.No Union player on the pitch had the gumption to approach the towering figure of the Alchemists' all star goalie and they choked on every kind of noxious gas the Alchemists could cook up. Despite fielding two dedicated medics, the mercenaries didn't have the staying power they needed and demonstrating outstanding footwork, Vitriol and Smoke well out scored them. The game ended a humiliating 12 points Alchemists to 3 points Union. Hemlocke commented after the game "We had no direction out there. Time's like these I wish I played for a captain with more precise control over his players, someone keeping them in perfect sync like puppets." Second report moved here:
  19. Pint Pot stymies Boar, Brewers defeat Butchers.

    tehlon was thoughtful enough to make a tutorial to address this problem.
  20. Escalation league starting team

    Boiler depends a lot on Princess to be have good damage and IMO Marked Target and Swift Stance aren't really all that efficient after turn 1, especially when the rest of your team starts at def 3+. I'd bring him in with 4 players definitely but
  21. Killing Dirge is really annoying. He's defense 5 and only worth 1 VP. Very often not worth the influence.
  22. Escalation Game Suggestion

    I don't see no goals and a six VP activation happening in the same game. IMO Fish can't support Gutter as well as she'd like but Corsair definitely takes her sometimes.
  23. Match ups, what's currently not good for Alchemists.

    Vitriol is the best ball killer in guild but if you're in a Shark heavy meta, consider Snakeskin.