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  1. From the Collected Clarifications Thread: Ball behind the line:- If a model is knocked-down while in possession of the ball-marker, and the ball-marker scatters behind that model's own goal line, that model's team may still generate MP. The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player. What if the model inflicting the knock down condition is on the same team as the model suffering that condition? Suppose Stave collects the ball and walks behind the Brewers' goal and centers the Lob Barrel character play at his own feet to knock himself down. If the ball lands behind the Brewers' goal line, can the Brewers continue to generate momentum? If Tater knocks down another Farmer with Mow Down and the ball scatters behind the Farmers' goal line, can the Farmers continue to generate momentum?
  2. Guild Ball at The Whiz July

    Come down to The Whiz at 122 Turnpike Road Westborough MA for a day of friendly gaming.This Guild Ball tournament will be run using the latest version of the Regional Cup Organised Play Rules available at http://steamforged.com/resources/Registration begins at 9:30Round 1 Begins at 10:00Round 2 Begins at 12:45Round 3 Begins at 2:45Prize Ceremony Begins at 4:45Chess clocks and terrain are always in short supply so if you have any please bring them.
  3. Suppose vDecimate is benefiting from her heroic play, Duelist's Advance. If Mercury jogs out of her melee zone and is knocked down by vDecimate's parting blow his advance ends immediately. At this point can vDecimate make a 2" dodge directly towards Mercury?
  4. Parting Advance

    Ah, I thought Duelist's Lunge triggered immediately after the attack, not during it. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Suppose vGraves hits Mercury with the Grave Digger character play. Later that turn, Cosset Lures Mercury, causing him to take a parting blow from Calculus. The damage from this parting blow is enough for Mercury to suffer the Taken-Out condition. Does this trigger Grave Digger? Which team gets the additional VP?
  6. Suppose vGraves uses the Gravedigger character play on Mainspring and attacks him, taking him out. The Morticians earn 2 VP for the take out. Later that turn, Ratchet uses his Creation [Mainspring] heroic play to return Mainspring to the pitch. If Cosset takes out Mainspring, is this second take out worth 1 or 2 VPs?
  7. Jaw Bone - Rising Anger

    Jaw Bone Traps are a trait on vMinx's card so the damage they deal is caused by her therefore they do trigger Rising Anger.
  8. Taken out by Grim Caress damage

    I think I understand where I was mistaken. In the example I gave where Silence hits Vileswarm to 0 hit points Noxious Death brings Harmony to 0 hit points, Silence is the active model when Harmony is taken out. Is it correct that Vileswarm does not inflict the taken out condition on Harmony because it's never active during this sequence? Is it correct that Silence does not inflict the taken out condition on Harmony because the damage was dealt by Vileswarm?
  9. Taken out by Grim Caress damage

    Momentum generated for causing a take out it generated by the damaging model, whether or not they're active. Consider the following example: edit: ignore this post it's wrong Vileswarm is hit by Silence's Fire Blast, reducing them to 0 hit points. Vileswarm's Noxious Death is triggered and Harmony is within 3" so she suffers 3 damage. This damage is enough to reduce Harmony to 0 hit points and she is also take out. The Morticians gain 1 momentum because damage caused by Vileswarm took out Harmony. No one gains momentum for Vileswarm being taken out because both the taken out model, Vileswarm, and the damaging model, Silence, are friendly to the Morticians. During the next maintenance phase, Brick who was also hit by Fire Blast and Noxious Death, suffers 3 condition damage, enough to take him out. Because condition damage is not caused by any model, not even the model that inflicted the damage, no model generates momentum for taking out Brick so no momentum is generated. In the example you describe, Pelage would generate 1 momentum for her team for the take out.
  10. Thinking of dabbling in Union

    That's not the worst Union team I've ever seen. sBrisket comes with her own problems that limit her viability as a solo captain but given that the list seems fine.
  11. Cloak of Rats can also trigger Rising Anger as it does not care if the source is a play, a trait or a playbook damage result as long as it can be traced back to an enemy model. Involuntary effects can trigger Rising Anger as well, such as Overheat and Minefield which can be useful to remember in a pinch.
  12. Rising Anger is only triggered by damage caused by enemy models. Most condition damage is not owned by any model, so Rising Anger is not triggered by it. Note that Smoke's and Fillet's legendary plays deal condition damage but do trigger Rising Anger.
  13. The Overclock buff is not removed when Pin Vice leaves the pitch, just as it isn't removed if Ratchet moves more than 4" from the target. The requirements only matter the moment the play is made.
  14. Rage into Smoke - Do you take Grace?

    It depends what Smoke takes. I think if she drops either Katalyst it's frankly rude not to take oGutter. I've come to have a love/hate relationship with Decimate. She isn't the best at anything but she's the second best at about three things so she's a solid addition to any team. She isn't the core of any game plan however so more often than not I drop her. Benediction is a great player to have at the heart of a scrum. That doesn't do much good if a scrum doesn't end up forming and at that point he's a slow body that isn't earning you VP. For that reason I think he's droppable in the Smoke match up, especially if you have Grace motivating Mist.
  15. Rage into Smoke - Do you take Grace?

    Whether or not you need Mist depends heavily on whether you are kicking or not. I'd never kick without him. I'd switch out Decimate or Benediction for Grace against Alchemists.
  16. In the rat catchers launch format, if Avarisse and Greede end their activation both in base contact with a sewer token, can they both use Skulking Around to leave the pitch and put both benched squadies onto it?
  17. Alloy’s Arsenal[Hearth] Timing

    Just making sure I understand RAI
  18. Playbook results are resolved in the order of the attacking player. In this case, pushing first would allow for the damage from the trap to be dealt before the damage from Bear Hug. Since the enemy model has been reduced to 0 hp at the end of the resolution of Bear Hug, the Hunters player is entitled to the bonus VP.
  19. Confused by roster changes

    Yes and no. All Order players will be legal in a Union roster, but a roster with no other players will not get the +1 Gameplan, +1 to kick/receive that other minor guilds get. Presumably with Season 4 there will be another significant update to many characters. There may be substantial changes between the Season 4 version of these characters and the Season 3 versions since four of them will no longer have to be balanced around their access to other Union options such as Tooled Up and defense debuffs. Also at that time Union players will no longer be able to play for the Union since it's minor guild will be out which will make roster creation in that faction a lot harder.
  20. Alloy’s Arsenal[Hearth] Timing

    Does this mean that it's legal to deliberately take no benefit even if Alloy is within 6" of Hearth, for example if the Blacksmith player is wary of plays like Puppet Master and Seduced?
  21. Confused by roster changes

    Who ever said there was only one magic hat?
  22. Seasoned Spigot and Veteran Fangtooth

    I predict Solthecians will become the Union minor guild. I spelled out my predicted break down above.
  23. Seasoned Spigot and Veteran Fangtooth

    Hmm... that would be 6 models for a Solthecian minor guild. sBrisket Benediction Grace sSpigot vFangtooth Pride with Benny and Grace also playing for Union and oHarry and Mist also playing for Solthecians. I wonder if they'll get another separate minor guild release or just remain as they are.
  24. Vet Calc confirmed

    What does that tube coming under her arm connect to? I wonder if those things on her back are Dirty Knives.
  25. Haunting Melody

    Yes, nothing in Haunting Melody requires that it target a player that is able to jog or that a player who can jog be chosen. In the scenario you describe, the Ratcatcher's opponent could chose the knocked down model who would then not jog,