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  1. When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    vGraves is an alright road block player who brings two influence. In general you should ignore the back of his card. I predict that vVileswarm will be a beastly Ratcatchers mascot and vGraves will make good use of Packmaster there.
  2. From Page 14 of the Season 3 Rulebook (bold added for emphasis): Target Number Tests Many actions a model may make are resolved using a target number (TN) test. Models use their attributes and apply all relevant modifiers to gather a number of six-sided dice (D6), in order to generate a dice-pool. Each relevant action confers a base number of dice to the dice-pool; action specific modifiers are then applied. All other applicable modifiers are then applied from Character Traits, Plays and other in-game effects and abilities. This will provide a total dice-pool for the action. The target number needed is shown as a number in brackets. When making a TN test, each individual die rolled in the dice-pool that equals or exceeds the target number generates a successful hit. Any die that rolls less than the target number is unsuccessful. Some actions will have modifiers that affect the number of successful hits after the dice-pool has been rolled. A TN test is successful if it generates at least [1] net-hit. In many TN tests, additional hits improve the overall result. The character play Clone used by Snakeskin and Vitriol reads: Clone 2/ S - The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2”] Dodge. The trait Glutenous Mass reads: the pulse suffer [3] DMG and the poison condition. Gluttonous Mass The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. Some character plays like Piledriver, Tutelage and Midas Touch and some Plot cards like Who Are Ya? and Vengeance can grant additional net hits to an attack. What does it mean for a model to be hit by an attack? Does it mean that the attack is successful? Does it mean that some dice in the target number test generated a successful hit? Based on previous rulings that Clone and Glutenous Mass affect character plays triggered off of playbooks, I'd guess it's the former. Suppose an attack against a model benefiting from Clone or Glutenous Mass generates no hits; the TN test is not successful. A token is removed, added net hits to the attack. Is the attack successful now? Since it wasn't successful when the dice pool was rolled, does the attack 'hit' and trigger Clone or Glutenous Mass? Do character plays that grant net-hits behave differently to tokens that grant net-hits?
  3. The competitive 10

    @TheCurkov Would you consider Compound as a staple in Smoke against teams without easy access to a ranged pull (aka not against Corsair)? He threatens the KD on the parting blow against Lure and Puppet Master (although not reliably) and more importantly protects your circle layers with a counter charge bubble. I think leaves you without a dedicated striker other than Smoke, but with the Vitriol nerfs I don't terribly miss it.
  4. Union 101

    The apprentices are probably the easiest take outs. Use Snakeskin to kill the ball since Blacksmiths will score frighteningly fast if you let them.
  5. Foul odor - Casket

    Ghostly Visage is an often overlooked but potentially clutch play. Don't forget to use it if you see your opponent setting up for a charge. Heavy Burden can be triggered off the playbook momentously and doesn't need to target the same model Casket is attacking. If you're activating early for a Casket Time but you don't need all four attacks to secure it, slipping one in can maximize the value of the activation. Obulus isn't slowed by Foul Odor even if he starts his activation in the aura as long as his Shadowlike movement takes him out of it. If you find you need someone near Casket for one reason or another, the Ferryman is a good candidate.
  6. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    Colossus has a 2" melee zone to easily provide gang ups without being caught by Scything Blows. Tough Hide means that if he is caught in it, he'll probably survive. He's got Singled Out on one hit and he's fast enough to keep up with Gutter or go in first if he has to. He also has a relatively easy momentous knock down. The end result is that with 2 influence, or 1 influence and Overclock, Colossus can grant Gutter +3 Tac and -1 TN which makes both Chain Grab and Scything Blow very achievable. oRage comes close since he can Tooled Up Gutter and gang up safely with Maverick but it means forgoing his Berserk attack which is painful. vRage is obviously great but he's a captain so it's not a fair comparison. Corsair can Drag and KD, but he needs to gang up with friendly models which makes Scything Blow unwieldy. No butcher tech works on oGutter.
  7. What's the operative difference between Red Fury that allows one model to benefit from it more than once per turn and Blessings of the Sun Father which Theron can not use twice in the same turn if oHearne uses it on him and he uses it on himself after consuming oHearne's buff?
  8. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    In general Colossus is great. He has the densest playbook in guild and he's the best Gutter buddy in the game. Personally I run him more than oVelocity. I just didn't happen to run Engineers at SCUS.
  9. I assume that means that the new forum rule is that teams may only be discussed in the context of rules questions.
  10. Union 101

    Also Confidence is great with both Mist to secure the kick off goal, Hemlocke for obvious reasons and vRage to maximize the odds of wrapping on the charge. It's not even OPT so turn 1 he can often use it twice!
  11. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    I'm pretty sure Lucky is explicitly tournament legal despite never being planned for general release but I can't cite that.
  12. Hot Shot and Counterattack

    Even if Cinder makes a counter attack during her activation, declaring a counter attack is not declaring an attack (the same as declaring a charge isn't) so she can't use Hot Shot on a counter attack.
  13. Let's Chat : Seenah

    Do you find Seenah dislikes armor? Her playbook is a bit top heavy but high tac and furious dislike high defense far more than high armor.
  14. Puppet Mark

    Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master to make Blackheart attack Harry and Blackheart triggers On My Mark. Can Bonesaw now pass the ball to Blackheart? If he does, can he use Football Dervish?
  15. Puppet Mark

    Does this mean that a Puppet Master -> On My Mark pass can also make Blackheart use a teamwork action?
  16. I'm in complete agreement. The elegant UI for flipping through cards and built in dice calculator are great. Without this app planning the Homeland cup would have been a nightmare.
  17. Does this mean that a missed shot from base to base with the goal leaves the ball on the opposite side of the goal?
  18. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    I hope you're right, but then where do new players get oHarry?
  19. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    I really hope all Grace Benny and Harry don't move to Solthecians. All three pretty important unique niches in the Union IMO. I'm also not looking forward to picking up a minor guild box for 2 new models.
  20. When would you take Bonesaw over Mist?

    To answer the title literally, "after ratcatchers come out".
  21. Corsaire matchup

    He's easy to bounce off and Shark's team plays spread out.
  22. SteamCon US Vendors

    I hope there are some venders there. I forgot to get real sustained effect tokens.
  23. Fangtooth was always a rabbit on the inside. UiC just freed him to be who he always was.
  24. Acidic Coating Counter Attacks

    Sometimes it's Compound's activation when he counter charges, such as if he triggers Between a Rock...
  25. Nope. A model may be allocated influence even if it has no influence; doing so simply has no effect. Coin can Bag of Coffers a Mist with 4 influence for the free bonus time for example. If there's an enemy model with max influence that hasn't activated within 10" of Scalpel, Tormented Agony can delete influence off other models by allocating it there.