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  1. A hero can walk or sprint before or after attacking but not both. Estus can be consumed at any point during a hero's turn but not in the middle of another action.l
  2. Any time a retailer stocks a new game, they're taking a risk that it will sell. For a while GB looked like it was going to take off at my FLGS but then the pundit had some family trouble and the meta stagnated. The community dried up and what product is left moves very slowly, but it does move. Because there isn't a huge stock but occasionally something gets bought. If those old models had an expiration date, the owners would lose money stocking new models.
  3. Probably Skatha. Her legendary play turns off his entire team for a turn.
  4. That's just what GB needs. More reasons for retails not to stock it.
  5. Be careful using Flurry near vRage. If you trigger Rising Anger, the momentum it generates will do a lot to blunt the play.
  6. Union is a very varied and flexible guild. vRage will want a straight fight. If you give it to him you'll lose for sure. sBrisket wants a 3-0 win. Kill the ball, either by kicking it to a corner or putting it on Zarola and you'll be alright. Don't forget you can unsnap it to prevent her from using Route One. Blackheart plays a mixed game. He may look slow but with a stack of influence he can dodge all over the place. If you try to control him with Pinned, make sure you keep everyone away from him or he'll go where he wants anyway.
  7. The fact that X-Wing is attached to the most lucrative IP out there (if there's something bigger it's slipped my mind) probably has something to do with it's success. The Force and Destiny has exploded in popularity and although I understand it's a pretty good game I can't imagine it would see this monstrous growth if it wasn't a starwars game. Guild Ball, for all it's faults, is a remarkably well designed and balanced game. Frequent releases, especially new Captains and CCG elements could only jeopardize that. What your suggesting might produce some short term revenue, but the community would hemorrhage players and quickly fade into obscurity. The fact that x-wing miniatures don't need to be painted makes them much more accessible. Like all miniatures games, Guild Ball's potential market is much smaller than any game that requires less of a hobby investment from it's players.
  8. 1: All pushes and dodges are up to the listed distance. If Brick or Hammer hits someone, the opponent is pushed up to an inch directly away and the Mason dodges up to an inch directly towards them. Since both the push and dodge can be 0", Knock Back is effectively optional. 2: Using Ramming Speed to push does not end an advance. Be advised that if you base a model with 2" reach, the 2" push does not get you out of it's melee zone so you may suffer a parting blow if you move away. 3: Tactical Advice only increases a model's max influence during the maintenance phase. Note that it is not illegal for a player to have more influence than their maximum influence stat, but if they have at least that much influence any influence allocated to them is lost. The Gain keyword does not respect this limit. This is most notable with Honor's Topping Off Legendary Play.
  9. I'd switch out Angel for either Jac, Sakana, Hag or Gutter in addition to switching Shark for Corsair. She only has a 1 inch reach and doesn't bring anything to the team that its other players don't bring.
  10. Personally I don't worry about momentum farming. Most players can turn 1 influence into 1 momentum fairly reliably. If they aren't also earning VPs with that influence, it's not much of a problem and there isn't much that can be done able it. For example, Sakana can turn 1 influence into 1 momentum by hitting his momentous dodge on 1, even against a 5+/0 player, but unless he's dodging towards your goal and either has the ball or is about to become a snapshot threat, the dodging isn't bring the fish closer to winning. In that regard, Ballista's and Colossus's low defenses are not a liability because momentum can be farmed just as easily off a high defense model and their Tough Hide makes attacking them for take outs too inefficient for anyone but Butchers Brewers or Union. It only becomes a problem when an extremely low defense causes a model to give up more than one momentum per influence invested. This is a big part of Stave's unpopularity. I don't have any practical advise for using Locus, but keep Ratchet out of the scrum if possible and Harry relies on his powerful counter attacks to avoid being clobbered. Even if he's not Crazy it's often worth it to counter attack a 4+/1 or 5+/0 with a full stack of influence on the possibility of negating the stack.
  11. Minx is also a fine choice IMO. Only pass on her if you're already committed to Harry.
  12. Shark is close to the perfect match up for FT. Only Shark is light footed. If they take Angel, I'll count that as a win. The 2+/1 defense means 29 HP doesn't go very far against any serious fighting team, but against Shark it means Unleashing doesn't have it's normal drawback since they aren't going for take outs anyway. Shark's team can't wrap on FT without clumping up more than they want to, so he isn't any better for farming mom than anyone else. FT can stand next to a striker and KD them, then without a buyable dodge they can't get away. They will be KDed by either the parting blows or the counter attack. The only buyable dodge the fish have is the very expensive Tidal Surge. Maybe Hag changes this dynamic, but she usually doesn't keep up with the strikers.
  13. I believe markers can be placed on top of obstructions. Seems weird to put harvest markers on them though.
  14. Like all 1 influence models, Fangtooth starts an influence behind the par he has to reach to justify his position. Fortunately, his passive traits and playbook are good enough that he can make up that ground pretty reliably into a team that can't punish his low defense. Unfortunately, such teams are very common so he doesn't see the table much. Personally the only match up I feel comfortable with him in is Shark, but there may be other match ups that let him shine.
  15. Fangtooth has been secret tech since the big guy update. What most people don't know about is his star-crossed love affair with Snakeskin. He doesn't slow her down except when she's lured and is all too eager introduce anyone who tries to take her ball to the ground. Fangtooth Unleashed stacks with Tooled Up and Bloody Coin and persists through Red Fury, making the big guy very synergistic with either Rage.
  16. @Polipotent May I suggest you try Corsair for a few games? Nothing shuts down the butchers quite like two crowd outs, dread gaze and tough hide. Shark is very vulnerable to ball killing but Corsair covers the matchups that want to do this very well. The real power of Fish comes from how well the captains complement each other.
  17. Strictly the Worst recently did an episode on Alchemists. Run the Length has six or seven battle reports using that team. Those together are the closest thing to a crash course you're likely to get on such short notice. I recommend you play what you're comfortable with, which will be tough since half the players on the meta team didn't exist in season 2. TLDR: netlist is Midas Naja oKatalyst Vitriol Harry Flex (usually Compound)
  18. They're purely decorative, emulating the lines on a sportsball field.
  19. I think Flask is overrated. It's nice to set up Vitriol, but it costs an activation so it usually isn't helpful because going really far slowly is worse than going almost as far immediately. Back when Hidden Danger was every attack I could see the value for amplifying Vitriol's damage but I don't think it's worth the risk of letting your opponent Overheat all over your team. I like to put vKatalyst in that slot. Even though he very rarely hits the table, having an imposing high impact model like him can discourage your opponent from fielding faster squishier players.
  20. Don't hesitate to charge Marbles into the fray. He's only worth 1 VP and loved creature discourages attacks. Having Marbles engage someone puts a lot of pressure on them since it allows Honor to put a ton of damage into them.
  21. I've never heard of an erotic miniatures game. I think you've discovered a totally untapped market.
  22. For now we'll have to agree to disagree, but I think your experience will bear out that 3 hunters strikers are together on par with one Flint Mist or Vitriol.
  23. @Penguin Warrior I've got to disagree with you, more about other teams than Hunters. The Hunters aren't a monolist faction by any stretch, but every guild can flex at least as much as the hunters when writing lists. Butchers and Brewers can be built to play from 0-6 to 2-2 and Engineers and Fish can be built to play 1-4 to 3-0. The relatively inflexible Hunters must aim for between 1-3 and 2-2.
  24. NEGATIVE PLAY EXPERIENCE That should light up the forum. In all seriousness, 8th ed is a better guess than any I have. May just be a lull in new releases.
  25. I've got to advise against playing Zarola into Fish or Alchemists. Both teams have strikers with 2" reach and both Alchemist captains can get around UM. She's decent against Engineers but watch out for Colossus and nest markers. I don't agree that the hunters are adaptive. They need to play their control game and don't fight or score particularly well. They need to have a plan B, but it better not be "improvise". Play Masons or Union for that.