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  1. Presumable a farmers player will only have a finite amount of physical harvest markers to place on the board, and like traps there's some limit on the number of harvest-markers that can be in play at once. I can't find a reference to harvest markers in the season 3 rulebook except on the farmers' cards but I'm sure I remember from somewhere that they can be destroyed by sprinting over them so I'm assuming that there's additional rules for them that I just can't find. If an enemy harvest-marker is placed by Seduced or Puppet Master, does it count towards the maximum number of harvest markers the farmers player can have in play? If a farmers player only has the maximum number of tokens for his own team, is a Morticians or Fisherman player responsible for providing his own harvest-markers in case he plays a farmers player? edit- Found this which is what I was thinking of. Most of my post is cleared up by it and the last question is only relevant in formal play events so I suppose the organized play document will probably be updated with a similar policy to condition tokens when the farmers are released.
  2. As per this thread, Impart Wisdom only extends the range of the play as though it were measured from Benediction. It's worth noting that Mist has a base kick of 3/8", so if he's more than 6" from sBrisket but within 8" of her and Benediction is within 6" of both of them, sBrisket can use I'm Open! to make Mist pass her the ball. A pass is specifically a kick to a player, so if sBrisket tried to use I'm Open! on a player who was too far to pass to her, they could not kick the ball at all.
  3. If Skatha creates a snowball while standing behind her own goal line, or passes the snowball to a player behind the hunters goal, does it prevent the hunters from generating momentum?
  4. Pfft, people love to hate on Unpredictable Movement but that's just because it totally negates models with 1" reach. The same models who are negated by anyone with a 2" reach or a double dodge on the counter attack. It seems to me the problem isn't that UM is too good, it's that there are a large portion of players who are disproportionately affected by it. With that in mind, I motion that instead 1" reach should be removed from the game. With the exceptions of Mallet and Thresher, every player should have a 2" reach. Reach mismatches just lead to noninteractive situations.
  5. Whoops, I ought to look more carefully. I suppose Quick Foot might be preferable in the instance that it's used to extend a player's threat range without exposing them to more danger, but with that in mind it's very difficult to picture Grace in the role I previously described.
  6. I'm looking forward to using Benediction. I think he's going to really shine in a vRage team for a couple reasons. He's got a 2" melee zone, which vRage loves. His attacks aren't great but as has been pointed out, his playbook is pretty good for counter attacks which Braced will almost certainly enable him to make. He turns on Mist's Shadowlike and if using Mist with sBrisket has taught me anything it's that those two free inches of dodge make Mist a more terrifying goal threat than he was in season 2 back when he was the best striker in the game. Lastly, the ability to relay Red Fury makes vRage's positioning much more forgiving. All together he seems like a fine battery that can fairly contest Minx's spot against teams that punish her fragility. I'm not so sure about Grace. Maybe the fact that she compares so poorly to more specialized models is unfairly souring my opinion of her, but it's hard to get excited. The "free" Quick Time seems pretty good until you compare it to Hag who can do it repeated or act as a 2 influence battery. Half of season 2 Smelling Salts isn't any more appealing on Grace than it is on Hemlocke, even if it is effectively discounted. I didn't notice until this moment, but Blessed gains influence rather than allocating it. This means Grace's effective cap is 5. It seems with her momentous tackle dodge on on 3, buyable dodge and ability to clear fire circles, Grace has a reasonably reliable 20" goal threat. I could picture her having a place in a sBrisket all goals all the time team as a support piece and striker of opportunity.
  7. Wish I could be there but I've got car work that day.
  8. Forgoing an advance or repositioning 0" does not count as movement and so does not trigger the trap.
  9. Any movement will trigger a hunter's trap marker, be it an advance, a push or a dodge. Placement, such as oHearne's Nature's Blessing, avoids the traps. Traps may not be removed by the hunters player in any way, only by the movement of enemy models. If Chaska or Jaecar has placed all of their traps, they can't place any more until one is sprung.
  10. I'm not a fan of either of these changes. oHearne is currently a situational pick who can be very strong if there's a good forest on the board and has a hard time if there's not. It may seem at first shocking that a minor change can have such a dramatic impact on a character's effectiveness, but it goes to show how powerful a large movement, out of sequence with oHearne's advance, that ignores intervening game features is. The rarity of ideal forests is a major balancing factor for the character. If the hunters player could place a forest strategically, say about 5 inches from his opponent's goal, oHearne would single handedly control a vital section of the pitch. With that in mind, changes to Nature's Blessing should be considered very carefully. Rough ground is much more common than forests and tends to be centrally located. TOs know that line of sight blocking terrain can be rough for any team so they use it sparingly. If oHearne could jump to rough ground, the chances of a pitch having a tactically useful area increases considerably. oHearne is no longer a situational but rather a core hunter's pick. Making Nature's Blessing cost 1 influence makes oHearne very difficult to field, even if he could jump to rough ground. His influence is 1/3 so out of the gate he's got to work twice as hard to justify his position on the team. Bringing only 1 influence means he has to do with 1 as much as another player can do with 2 since the team is down an influence. One of the ways oHearne can do this is with Nature's Blessing. You may say "that's simple then, make him 2/4". That would be a fair solution if all oHearne brought to the team was forest jumping but it's not. His other major contribution is the Blessing of the Sun Father. The ability to get 2 or even 3 influence's worth of work from only 1 momentum is incredibly efficient. In the right game oHearne can make up for his 1/3 influence with just this ability. If he's made a 2/4, all the sudden he doesn't care about forests any more. He can just follow Chaska or Theron around, giving the team 2 influence and a free play. That's boring and over powered: terrible. In short, oHearne is a delicately balanced piece who holds a certain niche. He's usable in the right match and subpar in others, as it should be.
  11. Given the speed with which they work and their success rate, I suspect Apothecary's Guild is a euphemism for Necromancer's Guild.
  12. I personally find it really odd how common serious injuries are in the fluff given how generous the icy sponge rules rules are on the tabletop. Ghast might have been mauled to death by Seenah in the lore, but if you try to recreate that on the table top he'll be ready for action in the next maintenance phase.
  13. @RedSam I can only assume the point was that the pro tips were either sarcastic or accidentally terrible advice. That said, Egret can use BttS to run away with the ball an extra 4" after stealing it, so she's a better ball holder than say Boiler. In all fairness, the hunters are a very nuanced team, so it's nearly impossible to give useful tips on how to use them. Everything depends heavily on the situation. For example, giving Theron influence the way you'd give Shark or Fillet influence is almost certainly a bad idea, but with 3 influence a Pinned can sometimes neget 4 or more influence of your opponent's. If you also want to bless and have to pin on the first activation, he needs 4 to also Sunstrike. Of course, literally any other way of generating momentum is probably better than using Sunstrike, so it you don't have to activate him early it's better to allocate that influence elsewhere. Initiative is a tricky balancing act, but if you dumb all of your momentum on healing most opponents can dump a lot of momentum clearing snared and still go first. Sometimes it's better to hold onto momentum to prevent your opponent from spending theirs. Sometimes it's better cut your losses and heal everyone you can even if that means using Come on Mate.
  14. If sBrisket is 7" from Mist and Benediction is between them and she uses I'm Open! to make Mist make a pass, does he pass to sBrisket or to Benediction?
  15. @RedSam I don't know how you can say Harry is better than average at dealing damage. I honestly don't know why butchers can take him. Usually a guild's Union choices will have something that keeps them at least tangential to the guild's core theme, but other than being kinda squishy Harry doesn't fit in there. I wouldn't call his knockdown easy either since against a 4+/1 it's only a 50/50 shot when he's crazy. That said, his playbook is good enough that I agree that he shouldn't also have two great character plays and Inspiring Hat without some further drawback. Maybe reducing him to a 1/4 or making the hat once per turn. Ultimately, none of that has to do with the fact that he's a mercenary player. He's as close as the game gets to an auto include in the Union as well. He ought to be toned down sure, but the fact that he's Selective only makes that more noticeable not more true.