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  1. You're correct on both counts. Chemical Breezing an AoE to a location has the same effect regardless of where that AoE originated.
  2. Avarisse failing a charge

    I'm pretty sure that they share a single activation, so Avarice's activation can not end without ending Greede's activation because it's the same activation. This means that if one fails a charge, they're both done.
  3. Decimate or Gutter?

    I'm a big fan of Decimate but I came to the Union from Alchemists so their selection has probably biased my preferences. If you ever weren't running Harry for some reason, I'd take Gutter though since the 2" melee makes setting up Bloody Coin much easier. @Henry How does running Fangtooth with Strongbox work for you? I tried it out today and found that Horrific Odour forced me to deploy him to the side of Strongbox who the rest of my team naturally fought around. Because he was so slow to get into the fray, he ended up spending the game as an inefficient battery. Any advice for using him without crippling the turtle?
  4. Alchemist Matchups

    While I agree that Brewers are a beater team and 40mm Katalyst can be very effect against them, most Brewers teams rely on a few squishy models like Harry or Spigot. If your opponent picks one or both of these, with some care VetKat can take good advantage of these models' low defense.
  5. Captain Con 2017

    It's a convention, so if the conventional wisdom holds, there will be some day of dropouts. No guarantees though.
  6. I'm pretty sure the answer to this one is no, since a sprint or charge can't move a character over top of an obstruction. The fact that the models starts there doesn't make the obstruction less impassible.
  7. The Sanchex Cup

    To be perfectly clear, my opponent this round is Jared, right?
  8. Strategic Expansion of the Kick-off Box

    As far as Union choices go, if you like the play style of the team in the kick off, consider Harry the Hat. Harry doesn't have the damage potential of the in guild models, but more 2" reach is never a bad thing and goad is a great ability. The meta is to run Stoker with Esters, but imo Harry sets him up just as well, especially if Tapper is nearby with commanding aura. If you happen to receive, Inspiring Hat will do a lot for moving your slow players up the pitch turn 1. Last season I would have recommended Gutter since her style aligns so cleanly with Tapper's, but with the season 3 change to tooled up and commanding aura making them guild only, it's a much rougher pick. She won't do great damage, but chain grab can help grow a scrum you're building up and she can handle the ball in a pinch which is always nice. A defensible choice in a Tapper list looking for 2-2 or 1-4 IMO. Fangtooth is great except that he only brings 1 influence and slows down the rest of your team. If you find yourself having trouble keeping the ball against fish and spooks, Glutenous Mass lets him hold onto it fairly safely. Very often not worth the drawbacks, but in the right situation game winning. Avarice and Greede are rock solid in most any line up. Avarice is tough and singled out works across guild lines. Greede is great for grabbing the ball and scoring it quickly from a long way away. If you really like Stave (and who doesn't?) consider Quaff. Second Wind lets him Lob Barrels and get away from anyone who might take advantage of his low defense.
  9. metal in the future?

    I don't know of an official announcement, but personally I much prefer the feel of metal models in play. The extra mass makes the players feel much more impact moving around the pitch no matter what the rules actually. Plastic weighs so little that it's very easy to accidentally nudge and IMO you might as well be playing with paper dolls.
  10. Captain Con 2017

    Rats, looks like I put it off too long and now the Captain Cup qualifier is sold out. Any hint at how long the waiting list is?
  11. Comments on smart design

    I think the reason there are so many Brewers and Masons players who complain is that these are low defense teams. They have other defensive tech like plentiful armor and tough hide, but of all defensive attributes, high defense is the most fickle and low defense is the most consistent. This defensive configuration leaves the teams very resistant to low tac attacks in the Mason's case and damage in the Brewer's case, but they're both very vulnerable to character plays. Batista, Corsair, Smoke, Theron and Obulous all smile when they see Brewers or Masons across the pitch because it means that their control tech is very unlike to fall flat on it's face. Compare this to teams with predominately defense 5+ with a few 4+s scattered in. Brewers and Masons players look at games around them and see character players failing rather often, but they don't see it in their own games except maybe when they really need a Lob Barrel to work. This susceptibility to control is often overvalued and leaves the general opinion of these teams worse than it should be.
  12. I thought when you scatter from a target spot, you place the ball marker centered on that spot then scatter from the edge of the ball marker. I agree that it's weird that a scattered kick is less accurate if it was intended for a larger model, but I believe that's raw. I'd be convenient if they made kick scatter templates for 40 and 50 millimeter models for that reason.
  13. Breach and intervening models

    If Ballista ignores intervening models, and Tenderizer is an intervening model, he'd ignore Tenderizer, so he'd ignore Tenderizer's traits so he'd ignore Goal Defense. Obviously I don't think that's how it works, but I bring it up as an example interpretation because it doesn't work for the same reason that Ballista can't see through intervening models. He doesn't ignore the fact that the models exist, he ignores the fact that they're intervening. At least that's how I interpret the play.
  14. Breach and intervening models

    I would guess that it's only for the purposes of penalties to the dice pool on the kick. For example, if Tenderizer is between Ballista and goal, I wouldn't think he'd ignore goal defense for example. If a model is intervening and also engaging Ballista, I'd think he'd take the dice pool penalty for that as well.
  15. 2/25 Friendly Pre-Season, Enchanted Badger Ithaca NY

    Nice, looking forward to it!