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  1. Who would you drop from a typical Smoke line up to make room for Venin? I agree that he can be effective in the right circumstances but that doesn't amount to much if someone better has to be benched to make room for him.
  2. I resent that description. The rule set we were playing under put both me and my opponent in an awkward position where the optimal strategy for the league was terribly unfun for both of us. I came here to solicit a second opinion on the spirit of the rules that lead to this situation, which there doesn't seem to be a strong consensus on. Stating that the thread isn't going to be constructive becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and if your only opinion on the matter is that discussing it is pointless I don't understand why you perpetuate that discussion by participating.
  3. Farmers were first announced at Steamcon 2016, almost 5 months ago now and they won't hit the shelves for at least another month. I wouldn't hold out for Blacksmiths if I were you.
  4. I don't understand your point. The more healing there is in the game, the more the meta will be slanted away towards goals.
  5. @Mako He went right home afterwards. He wasn't interested in talking about the game.
  6. I ran into an unfortunate situation at my local big league today. I was playing against on of the less experienced players, but I'd chosen my plot cards poorly. The first couple turns were interesting, but it left me up 10-0 with "In the Small Print" and "It's Incredible Geoff" in my hand. The game continued on for two turns in which I had total control of the board as I struggled to get a mascot take out and get him to take out a heavily over crazed Harry until he conceded from aggravation and boredom. Did I do the right thing playing for cards like that? I think I need the advantage I'll get from higher plot cards down the line against the more experienced players int he league, but neither of us was having any fun for over half the game. What is the spirit of the rules in this situation?
  7. Under My Gang, any friendly model gets the bonuses when attacking with at least one other friendly model providing a gang up bonus whether or not either model is vRage as long as the attacker is within the 6" aura.
  8. Parting Blows can never cause repositions. Pack Mentality is no exception.
  9. Corsair can be aggravating to play into as a goal oriented team. A skilled player using Obulus can easily stonewall a less skilled player. Fillet and Midas can be pretty razzling when played aggressively. All of these captains have counter play, but they provoke more complaining than other captains.
  10. I wouldn't worry about that. Engineers aren't that bad at all in season 3.
  11. Considering the two models you compare Seenah to, Boar struggles to disengage himself and vKatalyst actively deteriorates. Both can be controlled by one player with the right play or playbook for one influence. Seenah needs someone to set up snares for him but between his roar and easy pushes he can almost always charge unless multiple opponents mark him. That reliable efficiency goes a long way towards making up the bear's low influence. On top of that, his high hit points and Tough Hide make Seenah one of the harder hunters to take down. In short, he's harsh on your influence pool but is much more forgiving than other furious models. Berzerk is flavorful, but Seenah doesn't need to be harder to control.
  12. Whoops. I clearly should have read his post more closely.
  13. Why wouldn't you expect to go against Shark very often? Fish are the second most popular team, at least in the US tournament scene.
  14. @Mistergone Don't you think the Seenah changes you propose are comically excessive? I think Berzerk is flavorful, but it should come with an influence reduction to 0/1 and there's no reason to give him more HP or knock back. It's expensive enough to control the bear as is. Seenah doesn't need to super efficient in addition to his potency. Also neither Ghast nor Fangtooth have Tough Hide although Herne is the only Centre Back with no defensive tech.
  15. That's probably the main thing holding you back. You're letting your social and professional obligations take priority over Guildball like some kind of responsible adult.