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  1. Fillet Butchers

    Personally I don't see a compelling reason to take Venin over Katalyst. I'd love to make him work, but he makes activation order too awkward. My typical team into Fillet is: Midas, Naja, Compound, oKatalyst, Vitriol, Harry
  2. Thousand Cuts

    The best use I've ever gotten out of Thousand Cuts is: walk up to vSiren, attack to trigger Escaping Fate, hard cast Thousand Cuts for the take out. It's easiest to trigger by charging Brewers, but it can also be worth it to hard cast it at players like Fillet in the right circumstances.

    Sadly, 3" does nothing to stop Blackheart or Obulus from Shadowliking in to attack on the first activation. I'm not what reason there is to shut out Thresher and Mallet but not those two.
  4. Scything Blow has a range of S. TBH, since parting blows already can't trigger repositions from traits, I don't see why you need the range limit. It isn't like triggering Dirty Knives off a parting blow makes any less sense than triggering it off a normal attack.
  5. Engineers

    Skatha is probably the way to go. I'd be hesitant to take Seenah though. There are only a few squishy models and they are easily protected.
  6. Engineers

    Engineers have enough 1" melee to consider Zarola. Their counter attacks are strong enough that Jaecar must be used carefully if at all. Beyond that they're tougher and scorier than you so it's a rough match up.
  7. @Atras I always figured it was to keep plays like We'd They Go? and Unmasking from sneaking past the no repositions rule. I'm right there with you about plays like Hamstring Smashed Shins and Rapid Animal.
  8. His playbook is short and thanks to Shelling Out his tac is naturally high for it. He has +1 damage on every column and is usually run with a Captain who can add +1 to playbook damage results. The end result is that he scales better with tac buffs than any other model in the game. I've had a Red Furied Strongbox take a Singled Out Ghast from nearly full to Taken Out in 2 swings under My Gang.
  9. Does the pitch need to be 3' wide?

    Those margins are pretty important since players can be taken out by being pushed off the pitch. The 4-6" at the edges are a dangerous place to be, so narrowing the actual mat size will also narrow the effective mat size.
  10. Team setup in formations

    I played against Engineers using formations the other day. He put Locus on the mid line when receiving and it worked alright. He put vVelocity on his goal line but it probably should have been compound.
  11. Wow, I'm embarrassed that I got shots and goal kicks mixed up. I agree about those being too random.
  12. The counter attack change would be a huge buff to any attacker with dodges and a nerf to anyone with a low << >> or ><. At the very least all these players would need minor rebalancing. I'd argue that sitting there helpless while your opponent unloads a full stack into your player while you can do nothing is a worse NPE that the risky resource trade that is a counter attack. As far as goal kicks are concerned, I think the built in risk is part of the deliberate design. Reducing it would require reducing how many VP a goal is worth which would slow the game down.
  13. Hunters have too many 2" melee zones

    Pretty sure that just makes it double heresy. Solthesius and the Sun Father are both sun gods and I wouldn't be surprised if they were both derived from the same protodeity, but it's hard to overlook how much more tolerant of other deities the Sun Father is than Solthesius. They also both give out character plays for free, so that's at least two things in common.

    It sure works for Mist.
  15. Does this mean that if a receiving model on the middle line snaps or intercepts the ball, the receiving player can give it to any of his players?