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  1. So it is hard to tell from reading the report. After you missed snowball turn 1 with skatha was she out of range of charging rage? Even with fast ground I am wondering how she can't charge him if she is deployed centrally, 5" move for kick, 10" threat range with fast ground. I assume this was the case?
  2. Where did you see the results?
  3. Congrats! I hope to hear more about your games and well done.
  4. So what did you run in your games? Can you give us some more details on how your games went and how the new guys did?
  5. Baseline yes, Theron will do slightly more damage. I am thinking of a team without Fahad and the Bear. I agree that if you plan on taking either of the former mentioned then yes Minx makes more sense. The teams I am thinking of running contains neither of those two. Maybe I like 13 influence too much. I like the Bear a lot as he is fun to play. Thanks for the feedback. More of this will flush out with play testing. Also, good luck at the tourney and I hope not only you play Hunters, but that you do well and share your experiences.
  6. I appreciate your thoughts. Now with Skatha it is helpful to think in terms of 2-2 games and aside Jaecar and the Bear I was thinking A&G helps get you those TO's we need. Even Skatha now once given Anatomical Precision can do as much if not more damage then Theron. Add in Singled Out and everyone gets better.
  7. Perhaps you can say more about how A$G were a liability for your opponents? with Skatha I think A&G are a better scoring threat and contribute towards a 2-2 game more then Ulfr. I see Ulfr as a big liability. 4/0 and 16 boxes goes down very fast. Not or trying to derail the conversation just curious about your experiences .
  8. Why no A&G? I think A&G on the field with VHearne gives you more then Minx.
  9. Thank you Plebian for stating what I have been thinking since S3 came out. Whoever play tested hunters should be fired and who ever made the decision not to alter the Hunters for season 3 has horrible judgement. I am glad the hunters have an actual captain now. Frankly what they write about this team is ridiculous and Not realistic. I laughed out loud with that tactical write up. I am glad I am not the only one that reads what they write about hunters and thinks they are just making this up.
  10. Guys take it to another thread. Same people keep de-railing an otherwise interesting read. Then you guys start writing nonsense about your lovely guild. Take it to that thread.
  11. Guys take it to another thread. Your not even remotely talking about pre season power rankings. And frankly I think I speak for many others when I say, we don't want to read your words.
  12. Hence the last line of my post.
  13. Wow GB messed up Hunters something fierce. They took the weakest Captain Theron and made him worse. Hearne still sucks. No changes to Zarola. GB dropped the ball on making Hunters a competitive team. Unless, they make the other Hunters and next captain good. So dissappointing.
  14. Fast, Yes. Apply snare, yes. If you give her 2 Influence she is likely giving you 3 momentum and 4 damage. That is not very good for the investment. Now this is all rather nonsense until we see all the other hunters but overall I do not see her as very good. The ratio of 1 influence for 1 damage is not good. She is certainly not a damage dealer.