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  1. Thousand Cuts

    In the average game, the DEF debuff on one player is probably not worth losing out on a reliable 6 DMG/3 MOM from using that INF on attacks instead. You're making some number of attacks better, and it is a reliable character play, but there's only so many attacks that you can put into the average enemy model and still be making meaningful progress. In general, I only consider Thousand Cuts as a reward from spiking an attack roll and getting it through the playbook.
  2. Composure Timing

    For what it's worth, I think it's mostly clear that Composure works as you're both describing and as I described in the first scenario. This is mostly a question of whether or not RAW lines up with RAI. In the event that those don't line up, whether or not it's worth the errata is another question.
  3. Meathook attempts to pass the ball to the friendly Veteran Brisket. Meathook is currently engaged by 3 enemy models, and thus suffers -3 to her dice pool (to the minimum of 1). Meathook's coach then plays composure, adding +2/+0 to her KICK stat (totaling 5/6"). Is Meathook's dice pool, before potential Bonus Time, 2 dice (5 base - 3 crowd outs = 2) or 3 dice (3 base - 3 crowd outs = minimum 1, +2 Composure = 3)?
  4. (Preface: my only other minis experience is 5th edition 40k, but I'm assuming Warmachine scenarios are at least similar in concept) Scenarios are an interesting way to diversify how you play from game to game, and thus are effective at extending the life of a game. I'd really like to see them implemented, though I'm not exactly sure how yet. You guys mentioned on a previous cast that we basically only have the one scenario - get 12 points in some combination of goals and kills - and the games/players aren't really set up to handle doing anything else currently. And as mentioned, it's a bit of a flavor nightmare to make any other objectives make sense. Is it possible, then, to make these "scenarios" a modifier to the way you reach the current goal, rather than changing the goal itself? These are some horrible suggestions for a lot of reasons, but I'm thinking things like "Slippery Ball" - models need 1 fewer hit (minimum 1) on attacks to successfully choose a tackle result, or "Toxic Fumes" - all models who move into/end their activation within certain areas of the board suffer the Poison condition (board edge, terrain, goal post, there are a couple things you could do here.) "Foggy Mist" - all models have -1"/-1" MOV, -1/-1" KICK and -1 TAC. The issue with a lot of these modifiers specifically, but also at the conceptual level, is making sure that they aren't too swingy. Aside from the few outliers, the game balance is close enough that games could be decided by the roll of the die if the modifiers are potent enough. Changing the stats of characters via a meta-game mechanic will also inevitably lead to people forgetting about the modifiers because they aren't printed on the card, so figuring out a solution to that (if it exists) would be important. This exact implementation of it is certainly not correct, but it seems like it's at least in the right direction to go in terms of changing the way we play each game.
  5. US Shipping Status

    Finally received my retail backer copy last night - I think retail backers should expect to get their games later on average, as both stores in my area got their copies well after all of my friends who individually backed it received theirs.
  6. Minx vs Decimate

    I prioritize Minx much higher by virtue of being a battery. The Union has a lot of models that love INF, but not a ton that are fine taking none, and that's the big thing that Minx has over Decimate. Minx will charge someone to set up a snare for a kill, or disrupt a goal, etc. and happily hand her 2 INF off to someone else. But Decimate really wants a full stack for the most part, to turn a bunch of INF into damage and MOM. Unfortunately, this isn't a role that the Union (and vRage union in particular) are lacking. My starting 12 INF very often goes to Rage, Harry and Gutter, and I don't think she competes with any of them for that INF. I think she's worth considering for Blackheart teams, as she fits better into his versatile plan and her 3 die kick is good for making the On My Mark chains feel safer - but I've also only played BH once in S3, so my experience there is limited and I don't know whether or not she makes the cut there either.
  7. US Shipping Status

    Have any retail backers received their game yet? No word from my LGS so far, but almost all of my friends in the area who backed individually have received their copies.
  8. Union List-making and Power Level After 9/5/17

    I'm happy to be able to fit Rage1 into the roster for sure - still one of my favorite models, and I've missed him after playing him in Morts in S2. I'm more likely to play Coin than Decimate for slot 10, but there's merits to both choices. Blackheart likes Strongbox more than Brisket does, so a 1 mascot list feels much more feasible than before, even if Blackheart would prefer Coin probably. I'm curious what you see in Benediction though - in all honesty, he looks very weak to me. His playbook is similar to Harry's but his KD is really hard to reach, and the top end of his book is noticeably worse. Braced/Poised/Stand Firm seem like a cute combo for holding the ball, but if you're going to spend 2+ INF on that, I think Snakeskin is still better at that job. And the Impart Wisdom/Red Fury synergy seems largely irrelevant when the team is playing so close together. All in all, he seems like a good model for not losing, but a bad one for actually winning. Please prove me wrong, because the Solthecian sculpts look absolutely fantastic and I'll be buying them for that alone - but neither of them excite me currently.
  9. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    I'm referring to scoring points, not scoring goals. I'm evaluating Grace specifically in terms of her goal scoring potential because with her low TAC and mediocre damage results on her playbook, scoring goals is the way she's going to earn points 99% of the time. I understand that Benediction isn't meant to be just another damage dealer, and I'm not saying that he's bad just because he doesn't do damage. My point is that the role he's intended to fill is not a role that I am interested in, and is also a role that I think has inherent weaknesses. I'm also not impressed by Impart Wisdom on VRage because the team's goal is to drag people into a scrum in the center and tearing them apart with Bloody Coin/My Gang. In this situation, VRage is well within range of anyone to Red Fury them as it is, barring potential incorrect positioning. Just having 2" isn't a strong argument to me either. Union has access to Harry, Gutter, and Mist, and 3 powerful 2" melee models is more than many other guilds can take advantage of.
  10. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    For what it's worth I don't like Brick at all so you're right there, but I like Ghast a lot for several reasons. Fear actually limits what your opponent can do (whereas something like Braced aims to negate one attack, but KD/Anatomical/Charge can negate the bonus), and should your opponents fight through Fear, Rising Anger provides MOM generation on a team that desperately lacks it. Importantly, neither of those things require spending INF first to get them active. And getting an Unmasking off of a charge is a potentially game winning play and much stronger than what either Brick or Benediction have access to. He also has a MOM KD on 2 with 6 TAC whenever he needs to be proactive, and Morts are not particularly good at getting KDs otherwise. This has become more of an argument for why Ghast is on another level than either of these models, but the point is that just being a "road blocker" is not a strong reason to take a model. Not only is a proactive KD generally much better than a parting blow KD, as your opponent doesn't have an opportunity to maneuver around it, but neither Brick's nor Benediction's KDs are very reliable even on PBs. 4 successes on 8 dice requires a pretty low defensive statline to access, and Brick's 3 successes on 7 dice is only slightly better. And neither KD is reliable without various TAC bonuses. I maintain that having to spend INF to minimally disrupt your opponent's plans is not where you want to be. Benediction's one unique ability is Impart Wisdom, which I personally don't like at all but that's up for debate still. The rest of his card, however, contains very little that other models don't do better, and the sum of those parts doesn't impress me at all.
  11. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    I understand that Grace is a support model. However, at the end of the day, Guild Ball is a game about scoring points, and all models should be evaluated on their ability to fulfill that role. And, because Grace limits how you can allocate your influence, that 2 INF she's guaranteed to have every turn needs to always translate into something. I'm not saying that she's supposed to be a striker, but that you should expect her to have to fill that role at times, because I can easily imagine situations where her plays aren't relevant, and converting 2 INF into 2 MOM is not exactly something that the Union (especially VRage union) are missing. "Road blocker" isn't exactly a role I'm looking to fill on my teams. It's partially a personal preference thing, but in general I think it's better to be presenting threats in this game as opposed to presenting answers to those threats. And spending influence on answering my opponent instead of presenting the threat is not what I think the aggressive nature of Union teams want to be doing, and certainly not what I want to be doing.
  12. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Grace seems decent - generating 3 influence, even if 2 of it is stuck to her, is pretty strong. Lots of momentum on the playbook, her plays are good, and Quick Foot can extend goal and charge threats reasonably well. She's underwhelming as an actual striker with only 2 dice and no way to reasonably get out from under a 2" melee, but she'll at least do something relevant each turn. Benediction just seems bad though. His playbook is reminiscent of Harry's but the KD is so much harder to get to, only one momentous damage result, and he's slower. The only thing he has going for him is some ball-holding tools, but I'm not impressed by it at all. a 3+/4 statline for one attack is funny, and Poised for the follow up is a good combo. But this model will never score points, and spending influence only to not lose is basically never where you want to be when starting a lineup.
  13. Advice on vRage

    This is one of the many reasons why Gutter is so powerful on vRage. With Chain Grab's 6" range, Gutter's 2" melee, and the extra ~1" from her base, it's very difficult for any team to split up enough to totally invalidate that threat range. Find a big guy with low defense (or knock anyone down with Harry) and you'll get consistent Chain Grabs that will force your opponent into the scrum that they can't possibly beat. I tend to deploy her just off-center, sprint her up the field turn 1, and turn 2 she'll almost always have some work to do. Plus, with Harry and A&G running all over the place, finding that low defense model is rarely difficult.
  14. Is Harry the "Hat" doing too much?

    No singlething that Harry does is out of control - he's overtuned in a lot of small ways. I think he could get tuned down just a little bit, but his ubiquitousness now really exacerbates the issue with new Union rule. There isn't room on rosters for cool union choices, because you have to start by taking the best one first, and Harry is certainly the best in terms of the play style he works with (all of them) and the teams he's good against (also all of them.) And it doesn't really matter if/how they nerf Harry, because creating a situation where there is no "best" Union player is extremely difficult - as soon as Harry isn't the "best", there will be a new "best" Union that's picked by every team that can take them, because there just isn't another choice for people who are trying to maximize their chances of winning. I'm not saying that reverting the Union roster limitation will fix everything. There will always be good and bad Union, and there will always be some number of auto-includes and some models that are never touched. But right now, a majority of Union choices are Minx, Harry or A&G, and models like Mist, Rage, Decimate and Gutter, who are all very good models, are really difficult to justify on any team. Models like Fangtooth and Hemlocke, that are looking to counter specific strategies, are even worse off. And all of those models would be worth considering on your roster if the Union rule didn't mean the "Big 3" always get priority.
  15. 2x Cap 2x Mascot List Going Into Adepticon

    I'd say there are 3 main factors. First, I'd say it's only really worth the roster restrictions it puts on you if both captains are powerful and are doing different enough things that you're getting a real benefit out of both the drafting phase and your options for what play styles your team can take. Secondly, the captains themselves want different mascots. This is especially true for Union, but also can apply to Brewers, and sometimes Masons. But most importantly, the captains have to share a lot of players. 2 captains and 2 mascots leave you with only 5 slots on the roster, so if you're starting from a primary starting 6 for the captain you intend to play more, you only have one extra spot to fill out your second captain's team (this is the limiting factor for most teams). Thankfully, the Union have all stars like Harry and A&G that will happily play for any team, and a primarily vRage roster will usually have Minx and Gutter on the starting 6 with Mist as the 7th slot. sBrisket is very happy to play with a team of Harry, A&G and Mist, and while there might be better models in the Union than Minx and Gutter for her, they're both absolutely playable and will do good things for her.