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    This will be a quick one, but tried the new formations today: Kicker gets 1 MP, Receiver places first and alternates one model at a time until everyone is placed. I must say, I really enjoyed this format so far (so did my opponent). It was Shark Fish vs vRage Union. First turn is no longer "Shark kicks, shark steals ball, shark scores, shark scores again and legendary everyone". Had Harry in the middle and Mist up front, vRage on the deployment 8" from Sakana, along with Bene. Gutter and Coin at the goal line. Opponent had Hag and Siren at the goal, Shark and Tentacles at the deploy, and Sakana and Greyscales at the middle in the wings. Ultimately, I think the 1 MP is needed for the kicker to give some reaction to the receiver, since the receiver can easily interact first activation with the kicking team now. Being able to limit where the kicker kicks the ball (because of interception rules) and also grabbing the ball from the center and kicking it away from Shark really made the first turn unpredictable and fun. Like many have said before, Turn 2 and on felt about the same. For our game, the game didn't play any shorter, simply because I was able to prevent Shark from scoring until turn 2, and he prevented me from easily killing anyone in turn 1. Shark's Legendary definitely needs a reduction to 6" with the new deployment. It's just too easy for him to catch almost everyone with that legendary now (and this is coming from me, who thinks Shark's Legendary is fine in S3 with the old deployment rules). Will try the full receiver deploy then kicker deploy next time.
  2. Gamescape Guild Ball Casual Tournament

    Regular Guild Ball Casual Tournament in San Francisco at Gamescape. Join the NorCal Guild Ball group to get more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NorCalGuildBall/ https://www.facebook.com/events/176311092897545
  3. New player on the fence needs help

    That's a very good point @JacctheInsomniac, I was hesitant when I was typing this section, as I've had players complain to me how annoying Hunters are to play against. Though a slower game might be helpful for the new player too, not getting scored on with one mistake or getting 2 models deleted for bad positioning. While G&S and snare are miserable all around, it won't have the effect that the original poster mentioned about "3 goals in 3 activations in 1 turn" or "20+ damage in one activation". I mean, if only the Hunters could do that, right? In that case, I would definitely recommend these 2 lineups for the experienced player: Honour, Marbles, vet Harmony, Chisel, Granite, Tower sBrisket, Coin, Decimate, Hemlocke, Snakeskin, and Gutter - all girls team! Heck, I may try this against a new player the next time I play, haha.
  4. New player on the fence needs help

    Great post Atras! I would only add that you seek out experienced players who are willing to help you learn the game faster. As a pundit, I often offer to play new players in a way where we talk about every activation, but not in a "spoon fed" method. At the beginning of each turn, we talk general strategy of what the new player's goal should be and how people should be positioned (this is all after you learned the rules and models as Atras mentioned). Then as each activation happens for the player, I ask them what they're trying to do and why they're doing something. I point out pitfalls of certain moves and models on my team they have to watch out for, and let them make the decision. If they do something blatantly bad (like leave someone with DEF 3/0 with the ball 3" in front of their goal when I have a striker nearby), I just have them take it back. Another thing the experienced player should do is to play a harder to play team, like Hunters or Brewers, or play models that are less competitive, like playing vet Graves and Vileswarm for Morticians or Chisel and Vet Harmony for Masons. This helps even it out a little bit and can give the experienced players some enjoyment trying to figure out some below average models that they normally don't play. I know I enjoyed those times playing Egret and Zarola when I normally would never touch them in a competitive game. But like Atras said, keep at it. It is NOT an easy game and it'll take practice to get good. The best way is to keep playing the good players and have them explain to you why you're doing something wrong and learn from those mistakes. Make goals for yourself in each game, like "kill 2 models in one turn" or "score with Fillet", and go for those micro-wins. Even if you don't win the game itself, you know you're improving. Hope that helps and hope you jump into the game!
  5. A kind of the unfun game

    This is so true it hurts... *cries with you*
  6. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    2" reach, enough said. And anatomical precision. We'll just have to agree to disagree then. Ulfr is NOT comparable to "power players" from other factions. He's definitely better than Egret (less said about her the better), but like all things Hunters, it's designed for the perfect situation where someone is snared or Ulfr is >4" away from everyone, and against a good opponent, it's very hard to set up any of those situations to be effective.
  7. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    Only us true Hunter players understand...
  8. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    Out of context, definitely Hag and Benny for all the reasons above. Within context of the guild, vHearne and Ulfr have been GODSEND to the Hunters team. The sad thing is they're actually not that great overall (really, non-momentous tackle on 2 for a freakin' STRIKER that needs to damage someone to get a regular striker kick stat?! Only in Hunters...), but ever since they got released, I've used those 2 in EVERY Hunters game and it has helped my Hunters win ratio (and length of Hunters games) tremendously. So in terms of how much S3 models help the Guild, I would say those 2 help Hunters more than Hag helps Fish or Benny helps Union. I know this wasn't asked, but as a Masons player, I have to bitch. Worst S3 model... Granite.
  9. State of the game?

    For a smaller meta like ours, the organized play pack prizes have been a boon, getting people interested to come to tournaments, because of the old rule where you needed 16 players minimum to get sanctioned prizes. We never had a tournament more than 8 people at once, so we had zero chance of ever getting sanctioned, and then you get the chicken and egg problem. I like the prize pack method where pundits and stores can pay for the pack, as long as they limit the stores/supplies to prevent abuse, they can keep this new method and add some cool prizes into the kit. This way, both bigger and smaller communities win.
  10. Midas, the Shining Terror

    Yeah, one of the key things I started doing is to keep my entire team behind the deployment line first turn, if I receive. Midas with "Lure of Gold" on Katalyst means he can full stack charge anyone 15" away (if there are no obstructions or rough ground) and get 3-4 MP out of it. Things have been much more controllable since I stopped moving forward (except for the times I have to kick... poor kicker).
  11. Midas, the Shining Terror

    Usually it's against a wily opponent. If I try to KD or snare Katalyst, he'll have someone else "Come On Mate" before I can lay into him. Then I must KD Katalyst again because Jaecar can't go in and get pushed away, and then Katalyst usually activates, stands up, does stuff, and heals himself. so I usually try to surround Katalyst with 3-4 players to get the gangup and hope for a wrap to kill him faster, but like all things Hunters, it takes a lot of setup (KD, snare) that can just be erased by the opponent at he right time. I've definitely started bringing Jaecar again for the Gut and String (yay, can't clear!) and extra pit trap. But it's always dangerous to bring Jaecar against the Midas team because of all the double push/push dodges everywhere (on all but Compound and Naja). Because often times I'll have a Jaecar with 4 INF and nothing to do or 2 INF left after he gets pushed away.
  12. Midas, the Shining Terror

    Yeah the hard part is "killing anyone that isn't Midas or Vitriol". Naja is hard to get (and not worth the time), Katalyst is the bane of Hunter's existence (takes me 1.5 turns with 3-4 players spending 15-20 INF to kill him), Compound is usually far away and has glut mass. So Harry is usually the only one that's easy to kill, if the player leaves Harry close enough to you.
  13. Midas, the Shining Terror

    Played Midas quite a few times (about 50-50 W-L) with Hunters. Key is to mostly ignore him and keep the ball far far far away from him. Vitriol we can deal with (though it's tough), but Midas is just tough unless you go for the high risk Boom Boxes (put a trap, bonus time the first boom box for a 70% chance to push and snare, then it's easier for the next 2-3 boom boxes after, if you have Theron/vHearne). I also always bring vHearne now because his KD is the only likely thing to control Midas. Seenah also can do a good job, but usually it allows Midas to defensive stance to DEF 6 (or 6/1 with his heroic), so not necessarily the best thing. In short, keep Midas irrelevant by keeping the ball away and ignoring/KD him.
  14. Harvest Markers on Obstructions

    And the awesome Bonesaw.
  15. I wouldn't worry about Hunters, but yes, Crucible is evil as heck against Hunters with her ability to spread snared and bleed back to the Hunters, and causing +1 MP to heal. I played against Crucible a few times with Hunters and it was a nightmare. It forces the Hunter player to generate MP, which usually includes dodges and pushes (unless you're Jaecar) or rolling well to get that momentous damage.