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  1. Chiming in since I've also been trying to learn Skatha lately. 1. Agree on no more T1 goals with Skatha. I lost every game I did that because how she over-extends (because of only 6" kick), unless you have Knee Slider. Then the opponent takes her hostage for 1-2 turns and your entire team slows down. 2. TAC 5 is painful with Tackle on 2. I think she was designed for a snared enemy, potentially with AP. 3. Skatha needs to be in the middle of things, directing people where to go with her free dodges and fast ground. 4. Tough Skin on Skatha is just mean... very mean. (withstood a Fillet charge, with def stance, and survived pretty well) 5. Skatha can hit her momentous 2 pretty easily with snare/KD or snare/AP, making her deal 12 dmg pretty consistently against an already activated enemy and set up by vHearne and Chaska or Snow. This is a great thread to compile all our notes, since like all things Hunters, Skatha is not "easy mode" and needs a lot of plays to unlock her abilities to the max.
  2. Great suggestions guys! I still need to learn to use Cosset better and these are good things to look for.
  3. This has been answered here: Frost tokens go away at the end phase of the current turn.
  4. I just really haven't figured out how to use Casket well. I get that he's hard to kill and when he can, throwing someone in the casket is huge. But his slowness, 1" reach, the slow ground aura I have to also avoid, and lackluster attacks make it hard to choose him over Ghast (or Silence for that matter).
  5. Jealous!
  6. Oh I forgot to mention, her 7/9" mobility AND the addition of Lure (to save Obulus a Puppet Master sometimes so he can attack 7 times) is pretty key.
  7. This is a great topic since I just recently got back into playing Morts (after taking 6 months off). Also got Silence in for a game against Masons, and BOY DID HE WORK! Poor Honour, getting shut out turn after turn and murdered by Obulus with 4-6 INF. The hardest thing is not the Tournament 10, but the 6 I want to play. Generally I have the same issue as Napoleon, which is I have: Obulus, Dirge, Graves, B&M as my must takes (I just like B&M because they bring the joy back to playing Morts again). Now I have 2 spots for: Ghast, Cosset, Mist, and Silence, let alone considering Bonesaw and Casket in my 10. From what I've seen, it would probably be like this: Silence - against DEF 3/4 teams, especially ones that must have a captain go first or last for whatever reason. Ghast - Against teams that aren't killy enough to kill him easily and will trigger Fear and Rising Anger Cosset - If I want to play killy or need the speed Mist - I'm probably taking him just to have a real scoring threat, because Obulus is great for 1 goal, but B&M are just a bit too funky for me to figure out how to score. Bonesaw - um... if I'm crazy and just want double striker with Mist? I just cant' figure out this guy yet. Casket - I guess casket timing Shark or Honour would be pretty devastating to the other team. . Again, totally a "for fun" only pick.
  8. I think my dice hates Cosset because every time I charge with her with Dirge Assist and another gangup, I end up rolling 14 dice against a 4/1 model (roughly 40% chance of not getting 7 hits before armor) and not wrappinging. I guess Confidence will definitely help me with that, or another gang up.
  9. This is not meant to be a snide comment. I do find it kind of funny that RTOAHB thinks ranking 50-60th in the world on BO is "fairly average". All the info in this thread have been very helpful though (kind of in a similar boat), so thanks to RTOAHB for starting it!
  10. For our Big League, I still allow Tater (because we have no Farmers team as the league started before Farmers were fully revealed), and also allow the sprint to remove harvest token mechanic.
  11. The "except while making an Advance" is specifically preventing Clone from being triggered from a Parting Blow, because that one you're actually interrupted while making an Advance. In your case, you are correct in that your Advance has ended and have already gone on to the next action of a "Charge", which is the Attack. once you finish that Attack, your "Charge" is done, and the counter-attack is a separate action outside of your "Charge". Thus, you can use Clone against the counter attack if you managed to get that result and chose to put Clone on Snakeskin.
  12. From the original poster: "As season 3 grinds on, I've found that the major limiting factor on our beloved team is the 3 INF capacity. I remember thinking it would be great on 'Hook. Now, I see that it isn't. Seeing how the scoring teams load up a player it is clear that we have lost major options. " So, not "No one is complaining about meathook". As for whether Butchers are good or not, also from the original poster: "I understand that the scoring component is the soul of this game, it just seems that the efforts to keep the Butchers under control have neutered them. What do you think?" So my post is addressing the OP's points regarding Shank, Meathook, and the Butchers team being neutered.
  13. Shank was legitimately too good in S2, having the ability to move so fast, finish off hurt characters, or go for a high risk score. If they didn't remove 1 INF from him this season, with the Tap-In rules, Shank would be like a "Salt on Steroids" (in terms of killing ability, with almost as good goal threat). I think if it wasn't the 2/3 INF, then probably dropping his kick down to 1/6" would be fair and good enough of a nerf. The less said about Meathook the better. She's bonkers efficient with 1 INF. Butchers are still solidly in the middle of the pack, if not a little up (based on most recent stats). In our local meta, 2 of our top players play Fillet Butchers and win many of the tournaments and leagues, even against the other Fish and Alch teams around. So ultimately I think Butchers are in a good place right now.
  14. I would definitely consider Ox, but hide him behind a wall of butchers and keep him safe for as long as you can. Especially the Legendary turn.
  15. I guess Wrecker can bump one side away and still just stay inside the 2" reach to not get a parting blow, unless the parting blow model doesn't have KD.