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  1. Yeah +1 to this. From what I've seen / experienced of him... I'd say he's the best captain the game has seen so far.
  2. Thresher is sometimes a little bit stupid.
  3. So in regards to state of the game balance wise I think it's okay. Alchs are above the curve, everything else seems fine. This may be just me but I find as much as I love the game, the nature of the 1 scenario and each game ultimately having the same goal, in the same way can sometimes leave me feeling flat after a tournament. I played a 5 round event saturday and I feel like I won't play this week, as It's all a bit samey. The turn 1 goal, the following activation's etc.
  4. So I ended up goinng 3-2. I lost to Dan Harwood and Thomas Simms. Will give a bit more of a writer up soon.
  5. http://rtoahb.blogspot.co.uk/…/git-gud-well-im-going-to-try… Get Gid? Well I'm going to try to! Check out the latest article on RTOAHB where I talk about my goals and aspirations for this year of Guildball.
  6. I use Crucible. The 3 players I don't use are Flask, Venin & Mercury.
  7. Can't go wrong with Fish. Most of luck mate!
  8. What team you bringing mate?
  9. So I'm a an of flask for lots of reasons. Sic Em is insane in the right situation, He's hard to kill and he provides a Smoke Cloud. However, with a roster of 10 players, I like Naja more and more enough I don't want to push a player out for Flask. That's just how I feel, not denying Flask is a solid mascot in any way.
  10. 8th Edition 40k, Horus Heresy and the heat is taking up a lot of my time. I know a few of my freinds currently the feel that the overall feel of players that play that game has started creeping more into the gamey, straight faced lack of banter games that weren't there before and have started peeling off because of it.
  11. 8th ed from what I have seen will be the biggest 40k edition yet. It's just exploded everywhere I can see.
  12. I dislike Venin, I have tried him lots and lots and every time I do I wish I had any other player. For me, It's between Mercury and Crucible, the more I play Crucible the more I lean towards Mercury for when I receive with Smoke.
  13. In regards "To the only hard choice Alchs have" I tend to always want Naja, just what I prefer. Love UM on it's 2" reach, love it as a dead activation to walk and engage players and love it for a Sic Em' hypnosis. Agree with @MechMage I am a massive fan of oKat and paired with Harry it's just too good to take up. Harry also allows us to skip Mercury. I find the only real "Flex" slot I find in my 10 is Crucible, who could be Venin or Mercury. Will test more games with Crucible but in the near future I could see my self swapping Crucible out for the Smoke games that I receive in. Hopefully we get to play each other! I have been practicing hard but these last 2 weeks have been very busy and I've only got 2 games in it's not as fresh as I'd like it. Nonetheless looking forward to a day of good games and hopefully not so much heat.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, I'll be taking photos of the event and will be doing a blog post for it. I like both your lines up, both what I would to play (Compound in Smoke is a solid choice as well). Most of luck!
  15. Thresher straight up deletes Midas.
  16. I agree, I think you must pick a Master for each of your games to be your captain, and they get the [Captain] keyword.
  17. So sad times. Asthma, hayfever and the heat kicked my ass Saturday and I had to give the tourmaline a pass on Sunday as it was a 2 hour drive and I couldn't hack it. I have a event this Saturday, it's only 25 minutes drive so I can make it 1000%. I'll be taking Midas, Smoke, Naja, Calculus, Vitriol, oKat,vKat, Crucible, Compound, Harry.
  18. Have a 32 player event Sunday, will keep you informed.
  19. Yeah I played Crucible into Obulus before, she seemed okay. She seemed more relavent then Compound did and Obulus did go to kill her but missed 1 hit (on 4s) and survived. I don't mind Obulus going for her in a team of of Midas, Naja, oKt, Vitriol, Crucible and harry if I'm honest. Just was pointing out need to be aware it's easy for Obulus to delete her.
  20. He looks really potent with the correct set up, but so do a lot of players (Cosset anyone)? Being 4/1 with 12 boxes as a Alchemist player gives Smoke/vKat fuzzy feelings in there tummy.
  21. @TheCurkov I think Crucible needs to be careful against obulus though, Obulus kills her with tooled up without trying.
  22. Yeah Thresher is very scary for Midas as well. Smoke isn't too bad into the match up at least.
  23. Thresher?
  24. So helpful and adding to the discussion as a pundit.
  25. Sure, bad choice of words sorry.