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  1. Important Rankings Announcement

    As I said in the FB post, thanks for eveyrthing you done Ben. People are / will be very grateful for a long time. You've done a lot for the community and I am sure everyone is grateful for the work you did.
  2. Scalpel... Again

    High DEF teams. Her damage really requires 3-4 hits to good work, or you might as well be hitting someone with a tooled up obulus.
  3. So my friend was selling his mortician team, I always wanted to try them. So UK Nationals just got really interesting. First run out with them on Sunday, going to use Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, oGraves, Ghast and Minx. Very excited! Will keep you all updated.
  4. All aboard the ghost train

    Nope.. I didn't play Scalpel once, totally betrayed her. Obulus for all 6 games.
  5. I was and I played on the stream table round 4. It was a amazing weekend and I did not expect to do anywhere near as well as I did. I watched my stream back, the guys were pretty harsh on me but I did make some mistakes. The Obulus goal however was 100% not a good idea.
  6. Scalpel... Again

    I used Scalpel for my first 7 games with morts, and Obulus for the last 9. I really enjoyed playing Scalpel, actually goinmg 5-2 with her. With Obulus I am 7-2. Scalpel has a good toolbox open to her, she can reposition enemy players like crazy (which sets up for a easy-ish Casket Time). She's incredibly fast, being a credible goal threat in her self. She can put solid damage out, a tooled up scalpel does 12 without trying and on 3-1 targets 18 is a much more likely number. She is pretty punishing if you played poorly (found this out by doing it my self). Counter attacks are incredibly scary (Any TAC6 model with a double push on 2, or a push if you can't get B2B) can negate her. As people have said you have to pick your targets with her, but this can limit her. A team with a lot of 2" can cause her trouble as well, though she can plex into a nice scoring team if you run Scalpel, Mist, B&M and Bonesaw in one team. Obulus I find has no limits, I've yet to play a game where I felt I had no options. Every single one has been a game I lost due to mistakes. Puppet master is incredible, he's legendary forces your opponent into doing things. He can score goals, he can kill people. I'm LOVING Morticians but from my limited expereince I feel Obulus is the better captain, but Scalpel really can do a lot of work. There is 100% match ups you have to avoid with Scalpel though.
  7. This errata didn't target anyone from the Mortician team no, but I don't think that is Steamforged saying "We think ever Mortician player is perfectly fine". The models that did get changes were ones that people were VERY vocal about (Shark, A&G, Sirens, Midas, Vitriol, Harry, A&G) constantly came up as above the curve and standout players. Similarly Hunters were a constant talking point as the one team significantly below the curve. I feel this mid season update was to target the things the large majority were vocal about. My personal view is that vGraves, Vileswarm, Scalpel and MAYBE Bonesaw, still undecicded on him but the latter for sure could do with some tweaking. vGraves having to compete with oGraves and everything he brings is also very tough. I think the models that are VERY slightly below the curve will eventually get lifted up but this errata was for removing the "NPE's" from the pitch and bring some of the very under powered models up a bit.
  8. All aboard the ghost train

    So I took the spooks to the British champs. In a wild, unexpected and craxy turn of events I won the first 4, lost the 5th and won the 6th. I placed 3rd AND got best in guild. Blown away!
  9. How can the Labrats Refute the Exile?

    This is 100% the roughest match up I my self have found for the Alchemists. I can't seem to find the brawling power to win it, or have the tools to get the ball of Corsair AND score, which as you said if you don't is a complete waste with the likes of oSiren & Corsair about. The times I have won the match up the Fishermen have missed a goal, etc.
  10. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    Killing the ball post, again? I think at this point it's clear killing the ball is a necessary act against Football intensive teams in a act to let brawler teams somewhat compete. That's how it currently sits. Really the only discussion that matters is do SFG acknowledge this as part of the game (I know Mr Hart doesn't like it at all) or is something they will change in a upcoming errata.
  11. All aboard the ghost train

    First 3 games under my belt! For the first 2 I used Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Ghast, Graves & Minx. For the 3rd I used Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Ghast & Mist Game 1 v Filet, Princess, Boiler, oBrisket, Meathook & Harry. I received, did some kicking and Scalpel dragged Harry into Cosset range. She used her free Second Wind and was primed to score, Cosset killed Harry. We got a goal and filet killed cosset. Ball went out to brisket who got a goal, we killed filet and then got the 2nd goal. Was a 12-6 win. Game 2 v same line up. I kicked, Brisket got her goal and scalpel dragged boiler to his death. Scalpel went on a goal run which rolled awfully and poor old scalpel died. Butchers got another goal, I got a goal with minx but Filet cleaned another player up to go to 12. 12-6 loss. Game 3 v Theron, Fahad, Jeacar, oHearne, Chaska & Minx We received, we dragged Chaska in and got a goal with mist. Hearne returned with a goal back. Kicked the ball out and it landed next to scalpel, Scalpel killed chaska and mist made a snapshot. 10-4, cosset was killed by oHearne as she was on 8 due to a boombox and minx knocks in a goal. Mist goals for the goal run but fluffs her attacks, dies so it's 10-10, best I can do now is try and win momentum and try and kill theron. I get Scalpel to therron and kill Fahad, 11-10. Not realizing oHearne was in goal threat range due to a forest I went with Ghast first to set the kill up, oHearne knocked in a goal and game ended 11-14. Really enjoy scalpel, a lot. Having Mist on the team was massive, enjoyed her in place of Minx. I can see my self replacing Ghast with Casket for the next game as damn people are easy to drag into there death. I both love and hate Cossset, she's the definition of the glass cannon. I am thinking of trying B&M in place of her but that does leave me lacking in KDs. Maybe Scalpel, Dirge, oGraves, Casket, Ghast & B&M would work? Though light on influence. I feel like Ghast is key to scalpel if only just for the KDs. Home crowd is really, really rough for Scalpel and means a lot of the time a first activation with her is scary. Enjoying the voodoo queen none the less. The next plan is Scalpel, Dirge, oGraves, Ghast, B&M & Mist.
  12. Hey all. A few months back I set my goal to get my self into the top 16 rankings for the UK with the ultimate goal to qualify for the UK masters. As a bit of background, I've played table top gaming for around 12 years and played games like warmachine and 40k competitively for the last 5-6 years. I feel like I have the knowledge, mechanical skill etc etc to make it and recently I've been playing more and more practice games and I'm lining up the events as much as I can. I have found something, since setting my self this goal however, I am not enjoying games nearly as much. Practice games less so, but tournaments game much more so. I find myself almost turning into a different person when competing. As a rule of thumb I think I am a laid back guy, but I know recently in games I haven't been so laid back. I don't want to be like that and I think this comes from overly worrying about results, every bad dice roll or mistake seems to frustrate me. One thing I do know, the only reason I play tabletop games is to hang out with like minded people and roll some dice. I've found that given my self this goal and overly pushing my self to get good results has made me ONLY fixate on the result of the game. Not on the enjoyable experience, the banter between players and the big oohhhhh ahhhh moments we all enjoy. I'm not saying people can't push them self as hard as they can and still enjoy it, but I have discovered by doing so my self it draws away from the very core reasons I play the game. So, for me it's back to mid table obscurity, all the trash talk I can muster and hopefully a lot more enjoyable experience of the games I play going forward.
  13. On a brighter note, just noticed I've bumped up to ranked 47th in the world. Could be worse I guess. If I manage to get higher? Awesome, but for now it's going to be about bringing the most banter I can to a game.
  14. All aboard the ghost train

    I will no doubt try Casket at one point.
  15. Lists

    Hiya @Ghostwolf156 welcome to the forums. I can't a really in depth on guide to Hunters players, but just so you're aware the current iteration of the OPD requires a 10 man roster my man.
  16. No i won't be actively trying to play worse. Just my mindset going into a event will be much more towards the social side of the game. Throw some banter, meet new people and share some good laughs as opposed to winning is the main priority.
  17. I appreciate your statement, but I'd rather head to a tournament expecting to go 2-2, rather then head to a tournament saying anything less then a 4-0 is a waste you know? Might just be my own mindset.
  18. Not so much just dice though, I feel frustrated and annoyed if I lose game. If I make a mistake it really tilts my mindset, as well as dice as my ultimate goal is only about winning. I don't want that to be the case, my ultimate goal is to enjoy games and meet new people. Winning should always be a secondary bonus.
  19. We are the champions of the World! :)

    I totally disagree with that statement. Obulus at LEAST needs tooled up for the set up, and only reliably kills 14 health players who are 4/1, maybe a bit better if they're 3/1. Thresher needs 0 to set up, to delete anyone.
  20. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Yeah... stories like this & what I've seen of him is what leads me to think he may be a BIT too good.
  21. Captains and Influence

    Totally agree on other peoples. Vary rarely does Midas get 6, unless hes activating first, getting the ball and a goal. Smoke never gets 6 unless she's going goal run turn 1/2 and wants to give out some condition love. Captains like Filet, Pin Vice, Corsair, Obulus do typically get a max stack. I think knowing that you have to play around it accordingly. Spreading your influence, allocating it where it will get use etc are all parts of the game that you have to use when playing against those captains. As strong as it, it can often act as a detriment to the captain if you're able to punish the heavy allocation.
  22. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    I think there is space for both, but I see singe captain pin Vice ALOT more then I see both captains and I'm yet to see single captain Ballista.
  23. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Yeah +1 to this. From what I've seen / experienced of him... I'd say he's the best captain the game has seen so far.
  24. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Thresher is sometimes a little bit stupid.
  25. State of the game?

    So in regards to state of the game balance wise I think it's okay. Alchs are above the curve, everything else seems fine. This may be just me but I find as much as I love the game, the nature of the 1 scenario and each game ultimately having the same goal, in the same way can sometimes leave me feeling flat after a tournament. I played a 5 round event saturday and I feel like I won't play this week, as It's all a bit samey. The turn 1 goal, the following activation's etc.