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  1. So I really could not decide what to play for a Shark tank of a event this weekend (I think like... 8 of the UK top 20 are there). I made a twitter poll (The only good way to decide anything, right?). The three options were Alchemists - Recently done well with them winning a 28 man event / coming 2nd at a 16 player. Second option was morts, came 3rd at U.K champs with them but haven't played them in a month or two now. Last option was Engineers - Haven't played these since Vengeance where I went 4-2 with them but I haven't played in a good 4-5 months now. The Twitter poll, of course has Engineers well in the lead (I mentioned how much practice I have with each guild in the poll). So, with that in mind I have 2 practice games this week before I head to the event up in Warwickshire (UK). I'm going to take Ballista, Pin Vice, Mother, oVelocty, Hoist, Ratchet, Colossus, vVelocity, Salvo & Compound. I've got the first practice game tonight against Farmers I believe, I'll probably throw down Pin Vice for that. I'm then playing Morts Thursday which I'll probably use Ballista, I'll keep you guys updated!
  2. First Theron list

    This is a solid line up. Jaecar, Minx & Zarola can work well as Psuedo strikers, but typically need a turn to get into range (Though Jaecar can reliably charge, get a >> and kick, so that's 17" range at least, minx can do similar). oHearne is always a fantastic goal threat and you have the damage to take players out. Go ahead and hunt buddy!
  3. Yeah I would love this. If I dont make it to the WTC it'd be baller to play at that level before it anyway. I can round up a team or two from the south of the U.K
  4. Power creep

    You really can't use 40k power creep in relation to a new guild being released. I think people are totally overlooking the fact that having 6 players, instead of 5 and a mascot is a big drawback as it is a bonus. They do have super synergies, totally agree with @EpicChris on that point, but that does somewhat broadcast their actions. If Slegde gets 3 and Anvil gets 5, you can expect the 1/2 from those players. You can use that knowledge to play on other areas of the board, disrupt the 1/2 or straight up ignore it. Not only that but apprentices are hugely squishy and while Masters aren't bad, they're very much the set up for the strike. Removing apprentices drastically removes the effectiveness of a team (Maybe Ferrite excluded, as she's just a monster). I think Disarm could take a look at, as having it on 1 result as a momentous is a bit obnoxious. Lastly - we haven't seen all the team, yet, we have no data and it's just TOO early to call anything like power creep, or the new "OP" team. Give it a few months, if they come out with a 90% win rate and we see them all over the big cons / national events then we can debate. TL;DR - Totally too early to call power creep / new "OP" team.
  5. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Boooooooooooooom! World Champ Qualifier & Britsh Champ Qualifier. Let's gooooooooo!
  6. So what are people currently not a fan of seeing across the table? Blackheart stresses me out, his 2" and ability to murder people I find tricky, as well as his total ability to score / enable a team to score if required. I always find playing against Shark stressful, but that's every team!
  7. Why change what's not broken.

    Hey guys! This is more of jotting down my own ramblings more then a "SFG you're doing it wrong". I speak a lot about Guildball on various media, I play it a lot and I travel to a lot of events. Everyone I speak to as of late is so positive about the game, everyone says the game is the closest it's ever been. The list of models that people think need tweaking in both ways is something like 12, and people I know who play the game are currently loving it. My only worry is with the GICS/Pitch Formations, I understand the idea behind but why force change when no one has asked for it? I love Guildball, very dearly. I probably play 5 games a week on average and I have met the most amazing group of friends / people through it. I'd hate to see it go all Warmachine Mark 3. I Guess my thoughts are just, if the game is in such a good spot right now (which seems to be the overriding feeling towards it) why try and change it such drastic ways?
  8. Match ups, what's currently not good for Alchemists.

    Good to know it's not just me who hates playing against Corsair, at least!
  9. Match ups, what's currently not good for Alchemists.

    So Corsair Fish / Ballista Engineers is a recurring theme. Totally agree with both of those cases.
  10. Match ups, what's currently not good for Alchemists.

    Yeah, Agree on Corsair, he's really rough and one of the few matches I prefer Midas over Smoke. Ballista is a pain indeed, but I tend to find Smoke does well enough into him but it's certainly one of the tougher ones. Corsair is one of the games before the game even starts, I know it's going to be tough one.
  11. Match ups, what's currently not good for Alchemists.

    Ben.. you know this is on the Alchemist Guild forum right? I appreciate your response, but I was more looking to discuss what currently what the Alchemists don't want to see across the table. Agree a competent opponent is worse then any guild, but 99% players I play are all competent players.
  12. Anti Morticians Tactics

    I think as a rule of thumb Hunters have a quite a good match up into Obulus. The ability to kill from range, or have oHearne murder him is huge. That paired with a lot of low health pools from the side of the Morticians means it's a comfortable match up for Hunters.
  13. UK Masters Weekend - 23rd-25th Feb 2018

    I'll be here for the weekend. Problem with making it guild masters is you kick people in the nuts for playing multi guilds, but it's thematic to get the best "ranked" players from each guild in I guess.
  14. Using Crucible

    My issue with her is the execution of her design. Totally dig what she is meant to be doing. Psuedo Striker is neat, Slip By allows for some sneaky goals, 3/6 kick is solid and she is pretty fast. The problem I have with her is to make use of her ability to force the opponent to pay extra to clear momentum you have to be within 4". She's 4/0, 5/0 with nimble, so okay ideally you run her last activation or second to last and end with something that spreads conditions to people within 4" of her. Then, in the dream world you get first activation, put up nimble and go "Nerr nerr you have to pay 2" momentum. Here is your problem now - She's within 4" of people, 5/0 and no armor. You've just given the opponent a person to kill, which doesn't require much work. Secondly, it's a terrible first activation and almost gives up the reason for taking the initiative. So say you don't do that and want to use her a pseudo striker? Well Decimate, Mist, Vitriol, or even Venin just do that roll better. (Mist is a pure striker, to be fair) but when you only get 6 players on a team I really, really struggle to find a place for her.
  15. An Issue with Morticians

    Cosset has Furios, which is a pretty important thing to keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that Morticians can play 14 influence teams and very strong 14 influence teams. Lastly, a lot of the reason Morticians plays cost a lot of influence is because they're heavily dependant on controlling the game. You can't have the team that brings the most influence & control also be the most influence efficient. I think Morticians are in a perfectly fine spot with balance, literally Vileswarm needs some love.
  16. Using Crucible

    I'll let others answer this, as I tried her a lot and I really didn't make her work.
  17. New player: How do I "Midas" post-errata?

    I still play a similiar style with Midas, He's about them goals, them goals, them goals.
  18. Current alchemist 10, it's tough!

    So, I'm dablling around with my current Alchemist 10 and It's tricky. It's really hard who not to choose. Crucible is the only model I dont genuinely think is worth the slot, I love her design I just think the execution of her fell a little short. Anyway, that's not the point of the thread. I've really been trying who to slot out of total ten to get everything I want in there and I've settled on the below 10 now. Both Captains, Smoke and Midas. Both fantastic, both bring different things and I think having both in the draft process is just important full stop. Newest addition is both Mascot, Flask just does a load for Smoke and his Sic Em's as at the top of turn 2 following a smoke end of turn 1 can be explosive. Naja is a fantastic bull holder against teams that must have that ball, provides a 2" reach and UM keeps her safe. Both Katalysts, oKatalyst in match ups where he has the freedom and vKat for matchups where oKat gets bullied a lot. That leaves me 4 spaces. Calculus/Mercury go straight in. Love these 2 guys with Smoke, while not super reliable a charge fron of these guys can free up vKat to do his thing. Vitriol then gets the 9th slot, as I still think she's a fantastic striker. Tackle on 1, Push dodge on 2 and kick 4/8, still a big fan. Not too hard to proc I've been burnt before with the likes oKat around, or Smoke. Last slot is really tough, I don't dislike Venin but he's competing with Union AND Compound for the last slot, so sadly he doesn't make the cut. So it's really Compound or a Union slot. It's realllyyy tough, but I've decided to slot in decimate for the last slot. i think her pseudo striker / pseudo damage is fantastic for the guild, she is such reliable momentum and ideal for finishing off a softened up target. That leaves my 10 looking like Smoke, Midas, Naja, Flask, oKat, vKat, Mercury, Calculus, Vitriol, Decimate. I'm heading up to leeds this Saturday for a 5 man event where I'll be using my new 10. What are your guys current thought processes when making your 10 man roster?
  19. Harry the Hat!

    Yeah he's really not a brawler. As Dilly stated, he's a missile for 4 VPs.
  20. How do i play Smoke well?

    vKat is something that has eluded me, it's probably due to lack of table time as after first 5-6 games of having him being a huge hindrance to me I've left him on the bench, never getting any better with him. I have him in my 10, as I find the opponent knowing I have vKat can change their decisions. The games I played him he got tied up by models (Mist going B2B, Dirge going B2B, etc) abused by character plays (Goad, Blind, Harpoons etc) my opponents would do there best to constantly stay out of threat, which was made easier by the controlling character plays and very lastly when I did commit he would sometimes fall short and of course be huge a detriment to my team, again. I know people have success with him is frustrating to me as he really does elude any success with me (for the above reasons). I've seen some people play a bunker style game, with a team like Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Harry and vKat. Using the ranged character plays and playing very deep in there own half, forcing layers to come into vKat range. This is probably the best way to make him work and something I'm yet to try.
  21. Current alchemist 10, it's tough!

    Totally agree with you all on Venin/Crucible. Compound v Second mascot is nail bitingly close. Compound is without doubt the best goalie in the game, I just find against teams I want to drop a goalie (Fish, Engineers, Masons, Trisket) etc, they simply to have the tools to negate compound. They have dogdes, or they simply take the kick in melee with him, etc. The argument obviously is that by taking him you force that decision, which is valuable in itself. Is it more valuable than having the option to slot in Naja, who doesn't defend a primary goal but is VERY good at holding / killing the ball once the initial goal has gone if necessary. I suppose that sort of decision comes to down to each player, when each road has it's own merits / cons.
  22. So I don't like "Power rankings" or "strict tiers" of guilds and I find it a pointless title. I do LOVE however hearing peoples current perception of the guilds and their current state. I find it offers differs from meta to meta, country to country etc. Since we've recently had a shake up with the errata and we've had a healthy amount of time to digest it I'd love to hear people's perceptions of the state of all the guilds right now. Currently for me, the current balance of the guilds is in a pretty sweet spot. Above the curve there may only be 3 models that come to mind (oKat, Thresher and Corsair) that could do with a look at to bring them down from there peak of the curve. There is a few more on the list that I think need love (Vileswarm, Kraken, Fangtooth, Zarola playbook, Ulfr) but as a general feeling I'd say balance is the best it's been for a long while. I honestly think any guild could win any event right now in the hands of a practiced, experienced player. What are your guys current thoughts on the state of the guilds/overall balance?
  23. How did you choose your Guild?

    Started with Alchemists. Coming from Circle Orboros in Warmachine & Hordes they're green, and I love green. From that point I've tried every guild, I've settled on Alchemists, Engineers, Hunters and Morticians.
  24. Harry the hard hat

    Yeah I am on the fence, and I'd like a solid 2" beater on both teams so I can't decide!
  25. How to Graves

    Use tooled up, go engage someone for Ganging Up, profit.