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  1. Hi guys. My names Aaron Wilson, I'm not a bad player and I've played table top games for about 11 years now. Once Vengeance is added to the rankings I should be placed around 50-60th on Black Orifice. I wanted any advice you can give a player who is fairly average wanting to become one of the better in the game, how to get there? Is it just raw practice or is there some things which you've found personally have really helped.
  2. Really solid advice so far, thanks all. Keep it coming!
  3. I use little yellow glass beads, mega clear how many you have. I don't mind those wooden dials.. but man I have 0 idea how many VPs/MPs my opponent is on without staring at it very close.
  4. I have a event planned for June, July, 2 in september and UK Nationals in August.. let's keep this ball rolling.
  5. http://rtoahb.blogspot.co.uk/…/git-gud-well-im-going-to-try… Get Gid? Well I'm going to try to! Check out the latest article on RTOAHB where I talk about my goals and aspirations for this year of Guildball.
  6. After speaking to my local gang I've decided to add in Crucible in place of Flask.
  7. I suppose I could plop in Venin for Flask, I was being greedy and I'm not a massive fan of Venin my self. I could see Venin being somewhat useful with his 4/2 and good chance at retrieving the ball in some situation useful though. Thanks guys.
  8. Couldn't agree with Henry more. I think another has to be said about the nature of the game - I turned up Vengeance with Engineers, Dan turned up with fish. The day before I nearly coined flip into playing Alchemists or Fish, Dan went with morts. I spoke to a loooot of people who coined fliped and changed there team last minute.
  9. I don't understand that point though. I can still play Alchemists and win best in guild for that limited edition model? Are you proposing that only some guilds have best in guilds, or the less popular guilds have better prizes?
  10. Vengeance has prizes for best in guild.
  11. Agree with this. If you isolate the month post Winters of the herald moon release Hunters look to be in a solid spot. Chris makes good points about people still adjusting to Skatha which is fair also. I agree with both that the ream really needs a little more time post WOTHM release to really see where they sit. In regards to Alchemists I agree it's much more of a team problem, then it is a Midas problem. Midas facilitates a lot, he's hard to kill, he scores like a monster, can enable killy players to kill and brings a bunch of momentum each turn. He is probably above the curve, but the dream team of Midas, Naja, Compound, Vitriol, oKat & Harry as a cohesive unit feel like the best 6 players you can physically play.
  12. These guys are my 3rd guild. 0 questions asked.
  13. I tend to prefer receiving but last weekend when I did choose to receive (the 2 times I got to) after scoring my first goal the ball was killed, and made it very hard to get it back.
  14. I don't get the whole Jordan Nach thing, trying to look at balance from one player seems odd. Anyhow, the age old balance of player skill / teams being good seems to be thrown in a lot here. At what point does a team become too good that a skilled player does too well with it, or at what point does a skilled player become so skilled he can do well with any team.
  15. One thing I had not thought about the whole "no points cost" element of the game. It certainly does make the choices more definite, as it stands there is 0 reason not to take Vitriol for example, as when compared to a player like Mercury, etc she has just much more to bring for no other cost. From whoever I speak to Alchemists are perceived as the top team, with fish, engineers and union in the could happily take a 128 player tournament win bracket. The rest seems to be just good, with Hunters still perceived in the lower tier. I personally think we will see a change to Midas (The heroic giving armor, as well as his crazy good toolkit he brings may just be too much) to maybe reduce to from his current "I don't care if I have to pick my captain first because it's Midas"
  16. My 2 cents. I don't think anyone can say that this date PROVES anything, simply follows the trend of the current thinking that Alchemists are above the curve and the Hunters below it. Is there cause with a correlation? I think you'd need something like 5 more Vengeance size events to really have cause. As a player who maybe plays 1-2 games a week (sometimes more) and attends maybe 1-2 events a month I think that as stated above Alchemists are slightly above the curve and there may be some small holes in the hunters matchups, but when GB is compared to other game systems that I could play for the same experience I think the curve is a lot closer then said games and I think SFG with the staff they have, have the right mindset and work ethic to change things when they do need changing.
  17. http://rtoahb.blogspot.co.uk/ RTOAHB is back! Today I breakdown how Vengeance went for my self. From the event it's self to what I took from the games, check it out! Spoiler Alert; Vengeance was incredible, so roll on next year.
  18. http://rtoahb.blogspot.co.uk/ RTOAHB is back! Today I breakdown how Vengeance went for my self. From the event it's self to what I took from the games, check it out! Spoiler Alert; Vengeance was incredible, so roll on next year.
  19. Midas, Naja, Compound, Vitriol, oKat & Harry. We all know it, we all love it. What matchups do you swap players in / out for and if ever when do you think Smoke is better?
  20. Clock, 1000000%. It's the only way.
  21. I could seee that. Midas, Naja, Flask, Calculus, Compound, Crucible, oKat, vKat, Vitriol & Harry certainly feels like one of the best captains in the game backed by a bunch of utility and power picks.
  22. I am certainly in the camp that's need a bunch more practice with him, he probably under performs due to lack of proper application and player skill more then anything.
  23. I mean I have tried her, In my yes she's contends with Compound as a battery player. With playeres like oKat, midas, smoke, Vitriol, harry... she doesn't contend hard enough for Influence to be considered for it every turn. I could maybe see her slot into something like Midas, Naja, Crucible, Vitriol, oKay & Harry against line ups where Compounds rush keeper may not be relavent.. even so how much does she affect the game while requiring 1 INF to stay alive? Neat design, but like Venin & Mercury and some degree Calculus the alchemist roster is currently stacked full of goodies, so it's hard to jump into the mix.
  24. Eya S_A_T_S My current 10 is Midas, Naja, Smoke, Flask, Crucilble, Compound, Calculus, Vitriol, oKat & Harry. In your case, I'd reccomend Crucible or Flask, Oops, looks like you picked the little robot in the end anyway. Top choice!
  25. My current 10 looks like Midas, Smoke, Naja, Compound, Crucible, Vitriol, Calculus, oKat, vKat & Harry. If I'm honest I'm tempted to drop vKat for Flask, as I find he is a real boon for her.